What if you outsource just 1 work hour per day?

Outsource 1 Work Hour Per Day

If you work 5 days per week, that is going to come out to about 250 work days per year.

1 work hour per day x 250 work days per year =

250 work hours saved. Every. Single. Year.

That's about an extra full-time month-and-a-half, every year.

What will you be doing with your extra 1.5 months this year?

Will it be worth a few hours of effort now, to free an extra 6 weeks every year?

If your time is worth just $30 per hour, and your VA is only $10 per hour, that's an extra $5,000 per year in your pocket.

Just by outsourcing & automating one daily work hour.

Do you think you could figure out how to outsource just 1 hour per day?

Automating just 1/8 (12.5%) of your daily work load will change your life.

That's why even small change is difficult.

I consistently recommend the incremental approach to our Clients, but do you think most business owners are keen on taking it?


The "New Year's Resolution paradox."

In our way as human beings, especially as business owners & entrepreneurs, we have a tendency toward grand visions.

I call this the "New Year's Resolution paradox" because, by picking too many goals to achieve at once, we end up failing them all.

Instead, pick one goal, your most important goal, and stick to it till it's accomplished!

When it comes to using Real Estate Virtual Assistants, this typically means picking tasks in your business that are:

  • The most menial,
  • The most mundane,
  • The most annoying,
  • The most boring,
  • The most repetitive,
  • The simplest,
  • And the dumbest.

Ultimately anything that doesn't require your physical presence is a candidate for Outsourcing...

Which is why this is so difficult!

Don't focus on many different goals at once.

Pick one simple task to outsource.

Challenge yourself to delegate just 1 hour of work per day, something dumb & mundane.

And watch how just 1/8 of your time freed up can become an extra month and a half per year.

Do you need help deciding on your most important goal?

Schedule a free Opportunity Analysis Consultation.

This first step for all new Clients is specifically designed to help you pick one (or at most two) highest priority tasks to start.

Let our trained Intake Managers, who do this all day every day, help you decide on the best way to start with VAs...

And focus on freeing just one hour per day to guarantee you will be successful.


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