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Fully Managed US-based and Overseas Real Estate Virtual Assistants Following Launchable Push-Button Campaigns

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Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services

Fully Managed US-based + Overseas Virtual Assistants, Organized by "Push-Button Campaigns" for Agents, Investors, Landlords, & Lenders

REVAS began as “Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services” back in 2013 (hence the acronym, REVAS).

Today, we’ve distilled 19 of the most common Virtual Assistant Tasks into ready-to-launch “Push Button” Campaigns.

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Competitive Pricing for High Quality VAs

Our experienced, trained, fully-managed Virtual Assistant pricing is some of the best in the industry:

Overseas VAs from $6.50 - $12 Per Work Hour.

US-based VAs from $18 - $24 Per Work Hour.

Ready-to-Launch "Push-Button" Campaigns

We took the most common Virtual Assistant Workflows after 9+ years and 300k+ Work Hours, and systematized them into ready-to-launch Campaigns you can start at the push of a button.

Fully Managed US-based & Overseas Real Estate VAs

Hire pre-trained REVAS Virtual Assistants for your Push-Button Campaigns, and get access to our COO & Training Managers to help onboard, train, and manage your Virtual Assistants.

Month-to-Month, No Long-Term Commitments

Launch your Virtual Assistant Campaign from within your Launchpad at the push of a button, and cancel it anytime just as easily. We make it effortless to build a flexible Virtual Assistant Back-Office.

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