23 Real Estate Investor Lead Generation Ideas from the Experts

Real Estate Investor Lead Generation Ideas From The Experts Real Estate Investor Lead Generation When it comes to real estate investor lead generation, whether you're a full-time or part-time investor, at the heart of your success or failure is always going to be: Generating a steady flow of real estate investor leads... Motivated Seller Leads, and Cash Buyer Leads. For a stable, growing real estate investment business, you need to generate these motivated seller leads and real estate investor / cash buyer leads, consistently, all the time. Unfortunately, real estate investor lead generation can be a full-time job in itself... ... And that's before you ever get a chance to: nurture ...Read More
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Your Virtual Assistant doesn’t care about your business like you do.

Animated Laptop With People Let's face it: Nobody cares about your business like you do. Your employees don't care whether you're getting rich or poor, so long as they're getting paid. Your Virtual Assistant doesn't have a business mind like you do. They simply cannot comprehend the big picture to understand or care like you do. That's why you better not build your business in a way that's dependent on other people caring! The obvious solution, that I've hopefully drilled into your brain by now, is the switch to thinking: Process-Based, Not People-Based™ If you're already suffering from trying to use People, instead of Processes, ...Read More
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What if you outsource just 1 work hour per day?

Stopwatch If you work 5 days per week, that is going to come out to about 250 work days per year. 1 work hour per day x 250 work days per year = 250 work hours saved. Every. Single. Year. That's about an extra full-time month-and-a-half, every year. What will you be doing with your extra 1.5 months this year? Will it be worth a few hours of effort now, to free an extra 6 weeks every year? If your time is worth just $30 per hour, and your VA is only $10 per hour, that's an extra $5,000 per year in your pocket. ...Read More
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Real Estate Marketing Automation Strategies

Social Media And Marketing Automation Graphics Real estate is an industry built on relationships. Real estate is most peoples' largest single purchase. Buying or selling a home is a huge decision. As such, different people approach it differently. One thing's certain: no one takes a major real estate transaction lightly. People save for years, plan & shop for months, view many properties, and still might take 6 months to finally close on their new home. If you're relying on exact timing to get deals the moment someone's ready to buy or sell, you'll be leaving a lot of cash on the table (or creating a lot ...Read More
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The Lies VAs Tell (And How NOT To Fall For Them)

Pinocchio Hiring is one of business' great challenges. Companies who master the art of recruiting and keeping the best people become legendary. Most companies never get better than just ok at it. Many go down in flames due to poor hiring & training practices that result in a dismal company culture. So, how can you do it better? Well, one of the best steps is to spot the lies your applicants tell, and learn to avoid falling for them! In this post, we'll focus on the lies you'll hear specifically from Real Estate Virtual Assistants. Why Do VAs Lie? As a ...Read More
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Hiring Your First Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Scrabble Hiring Banner Outsourcing is difficult. Managing remote teams is tricky. It's easy to fall short of your goals, even if you feel like you're doing everything right. Hiring your first Virtual Assistant (or your next one) is a daunting task... whether or not you realize it yet. I know from personal experience, because I've spent in the 7 figures investing into outsourced projects & campaigns for my own companies. From marketing, to customer service, to administrative tasks and more, if you can outsource it - and even if you can't - I've probably tried it. And I've probably failed at it, at ...Read More
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Real Estate Outsourcing & ROI

Real Estate Outsourcing & ROI Real estate outsourcing & using Virtual Assistants in your company is a no-brainer at this point, going hand-in-hand with using technology to streamline your business. Clients are pressuring real estate professionals to provide more & more value... for less and less money... and this trend is showing no signs of reversing. An effective approach to outsourcing is a prudent cost-cutting measure in today's market. The only real question is exactly how to use real estate VAs. And, I can tell you as someone who does it for a living: this is a tricky question. Not every task is right for ...Read More
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Building A Real Estate Telemarketing List

Classic Telephone At Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services, one of our most popular offerings is Real Estate Telemarketing. No matter what you do, your real estate telemarketing efforts will always involve some semblance of at least two factors: Real Estate Telemarketing SCRIPTS, and Real Estate Telemarketing LISTS. Today, we'll be exploring the latter. And, it's a topic I feel pretty comfortable exploring. That's because more people come to us for real estate telemarketing than any other service. I've seen most imaginable outcomes first hand. Plus, several of our "Investor Telemarketing" scripts were developed in my own personal real estate investing endeavors where ...Read More
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Will The Upcoming FICO Changes Create More Homebuyers?

FICO Changes Fair Isaac Corporation, commonly known as FICO, recently announced significant changes to its metric for determining consumer credit scores. The upcoming FICO changes, brought in by the new “FICO Score 9” is a nuanced way to assess consumer debt information by: Changing the way paid collection accounts are reported, and By differentiating between medical and non-medical collection accounts. Currently, FICO reports collection accounts for seven years even if they have been paid in full. Under the changed model, consumers will see their paid collection accounts removed from their credit reports. The Wall Street Journal reports: Of the 106.5 million consumers ...Read More
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Basics of Real Estate Branding

Company Name Graphic Branding your real estate business is not much different than branding in any other industry, except... There are a few critical aspects that will determine whether your real estate branding gets lost in the crowd or stands out like a giant among pygmies. Here's why: Most people perceive nearly all real estate businesses THE SAME AS ANY OTHER REAL ESTATE BUSINESS. The average house buyer could hardly care less whether hiring Agent A or Agent B and often will make the decision on a few seemingly trivial interactions. The average landlord chooses a property manager in much the same way. ...Read More
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