GUIDE: Real Estate Cold Call Telemarketing


The 4 Main Components of Every Telemarketing Campaign

#1. The LIST.

Your List is the target. Without a clear & accurate picture of the target, it'll be impossible to actually hit your objective! Therefore, a good Cold Call Telemarketing List is a crucial foundation.

Lists sold separately:
See List Building & Skip Tracing Services here.

#2. The SCRIPT.

The Script is your Recipe for a successful cold call.

If you don't already have a proven Script, or you'd like to make edits to the Scripts you've been using...

... REVAS Clients get access to a variety of Telemarketing Scripts, including our famous "We Buy Houses" Script (to generate Motivated Seller Leads) that has over 50,000+ Hours on Live Calls!

We can discuss your Script situation during the Onboarding Call once you complete the Launch Process below.


The Phone System is your Telemarketer's primary Tool: this is what they use to get their job done! It's important to choose the right tool for the job.

We recommend any of the following (all are good):

MOJO Dialer
Call Tools
(formerly Xencall)

If you don't already have a Dialer / Phone System in place, we can help you make the right choice during the Onboarding Process.


Your Telemarketer is out there in the wild, on the front-lines, piloting your Cold Calls. And, fortunately, this is the one piece that REVAS handles for you completely:

We'll provide a pre-trained, fully-managed US-based or Overseas Telemarketer...

... Already experienced & familiar with Real Estate Cold Calling Campaigns.

Real Estate Cold Call Telemarketing is one of the most common Campaigns for us, so nearly all our Telemarketers will have experience with your exact type of work requirements.


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