About REVAS: Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services

Want to Boost Your Real Estate Income, Working Less?

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REVAS (Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services) is a US-based company with headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Founded in 2013 by Marshall Hatfield, the company rapidly evolved from a small private back-office to an international team following an ever-growing number of systematic, field-tested Standard Operating Procedures for practically every outsourceable real estate task.

We focus on processes that are standardized, modular, and systematic. From hiring & onboarding to ongoing training, management, tracking, and optimization, we take a Lean / Kaizen approach to real estate outsourcing.

Our goal is to make it easy and profitable for you to automate & outsource your real estate business.

We offer both US-based and Overseas Real Estate Virtual Assistants specifically trained & ready to perform a variety of common real estate jobs & tasks.

Some Key Benefits Of REVAS Real Estate VA Services

As a Real Estate Virtual Assistant company, our goals are to help you:

  • Cut costs: hire our Overseas VAs for as little as $5.50 / hr.
  • Save time: delegate busy work you hate to focus on your core strengths.
  • Reduce payroll: we handle all onboarding & employee overhead.
  • Improve scalability: use VAs as little as 10 hrs/mo, as much as >50 full-time team members.
  • Legally avoid social security, Medicare, and benefits: we employ the staff on your behalf.
  • Pay a US company: never worry about wiring funds overseas.
  • Downsize your office: delegating more work to virtual teams saves on overhead.

You can think of us as your real estate staffing partner, with technology at our core & quality people following proven processes on our front lines.

We’re ever-evolving to better solve your problems and the problems of your peers in the real estate industry. We want to help!

That’s why we’re also always looking to hear your advice, input, questions, comments, and suggestions. Please feel free to contact us here.