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REVAS Founder, Marshall Hatfield

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"From Work HOURS to Work OUTCOMES"

9+ Years & 326k+ Virtual Assistant Work Hours, Distilled Into TWO Outcome-Based Systems for Revenue Growth & Time Freedom.

REVAS Founder, Marshall Hatfield
REVAS Founder, Marshall Hatfield

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From the Desk of
Marshall Hatfield
REVAS Founder & Chairman
Cincinnati, OH

Dear Fellow Real Estate Professional,

If you’ve ever hired a Virtual Assistant, you were probably like the rest of us:

Looking to make money, save money, or free time to do what you love.

I’m right there with you.

As an Investor and Agent, I’ve used Virtual Assistants since 2009.

More importantly:

At REVAS, we’ve spent the last decade providing “fully managed” Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services. We sold 300k+ Work Hours and custom-built 500+ Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), a la carte, cafeteria-style… leaving it up to our Clients to actually implement a winning Campaign.

If a Client was successful, it was thanks to their own ingenuity or luck.

We were providing a commodity; it was up to the Client to get results.

And it did work!

Over that time, we helped 439+ Real Estate Business Owners implement all types of Campaigns, from high-level US-based Telemarketing, to menial Overseas Admin Tasks.

We still have Clients today from way back in 2013 when the company launched.

BUT for a long while, I knew the model was flawed.

For years, I knew something was wrong.

However, it wasn’t until Q3 2022 that we (finally) discovered the solution.

The Revelation That Changed Everything

Seeing Things Through the Eyes of an “Outsider”

In 2021, I took leave as CEO at REVAS to help launch my friends’ startup Hedge Fund (Equi).

Thanks to the great REVAS Leadership Team and our Process-Based, Not People-Based™ approach, I was fortunate enough to see our business grow & thrive, even without me. (A revelation in itself!)

This gave me a chance, in late 2022, to revisit REVAS and for the first time ever see the company I built 9 years earlier … through the eyes of an “outsider.”

It gave me a major revelation:

Everything we ever did here could be boiled down to two universal goals our Clients were looking to achieve:

More Money: growth, leads, conversions, savings,


More Time: delegation, automation, efficiency.

Of course:

Realizing that was not even half the battle.

The question was obvious.

How do we transform REVAS:

From a “hit-or-miss” Hours-Based Free-For-All

To a dependable, scalable Outcome-Based System?

Answering this question for our Clients became our #1 goal.

The solution would release massive untapped potential.

Now what?

Innovation - by Bruno Scramgnon (Pexels)

It Became Quickly Clear Why No One Else Had Ever Done This Before

Systematizing literal lifetimes of experience into step-by-step, outcome-based blueprints is extremely difficult!

And that is exactly what we had in front of us: literal lifetimes of experience in the form of…

… 300k+ Virtual Assistant Work Hours…

… 136+ full-time working years…

… plus 500+ Real Estate SOPs from every niche & corner of the industry.

Being First to Solve a Hard Problem = PAIN

When we set out to shift REVAS from hours-based to outcome-based:

There was no comparable solution in the market!

There was nobody we could just “copy.”

Sure, there are Coaches, Consultants, and a variety of Real Estate Lead Generation providers.

There are tools, technologies, and templates.

But everything is siloed.

Everything lives in a bubble.

Systems don’t integrate.

Tools don’t talk to each other.

The tech overwhelm in Real Estate is OUTRAGEOUS!

And nobody (except the “End User” … you) is left to really care about what matters most:

The Outcome!

The final result!

None of these so-called service providers cared.

Zillow doesn’t really care if a Realtor closes the sale.

Appfolio doesn’t really care if a Property Manager grows or declines.

PropStream doesn’t really care if your Investment Company succeeds or fails.

Because these siloed providers are not invested in the outcomes!

Don’t get me wrong: I use all the above… But I never forget what business they’re in (and what business they’re not).

As a commission-based Real Estate Professional all my life, this has always been a source of frustration.

It’s standard practice:

Nearly all Real Estate Professionals get paid for delivering an outcome.

Like you, I’m used to getting paid at Closing (and not getting paid at all otherwise).

So why aren’t these service providers doing the same?

(I think the answer should be obvious, but it’s a serious question.)

Opportunity - George Despiris (Pexels)

My Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

The Chance to Dedicate Every Waking Hour to Solving ONE Problem, With No Interruptions

The question was established:

How was I going to transform REVAS… from a “hit-or-miss” Hours-Based Free-For-Allto a dependable, scalable Outcome-Based System?

Really, I’d known this was an issue for years.

I knew everything was locked in siloes.

I knew the “Virtual Assistant” model was broken.

I knew REVAS could do a lot more for Clients than just selling Work Hours and saying “good luck.”

But it wasn’t until this insanely lucky series of events that I finally had the chance to actually solve these problems.

In 2022, I was able to exit the VC-backed Hedge Fund I helped launch with plenty of cash in the bank, and a 4+ month runway with literally NO work responsibilities.

For the first time in a decade, I had NOTHING to worry about.

No scheduled calls.

No emails to reply to.

No invoices to chase down.

No offers to make.

No inspections or closings to attend.

My time was totally free, and I was financially set for years to come.

So I dove deep!

I spent months, many sleepless nights, and 980+ hours re-building the entire concept of “Real Estate Virtual Assistants” from the ground up.

Fueled by the revelation that everything REVAS had ever done could be boiled down to two very clear goals (more money, more time):

I went to work systematizing EVERYTHING!

From our big-picture, outcome-based Flagship Systems for Guaranteed Revenue Growth and 2X Time Freedom

… To miniscule details like task-by-task Templates and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)…

After distilling all the biggest winners REVAS had ever seen, I standardized & built out documentation for EVERYTHING, organized in 2 step-by-step Systems.

To accomplish that, it took writing 175,068+ words, designing 259+ graphics & diagrams, and recording 1,917 minutes of training materials…

… Allowing us to successfully create the world’s first comprehensive, outcome-based Systems for Real Estate Business Owners & Team Leaders to grow your business and free your time… guaranteed!

This is much more than your favorite franchise offers.

And for a much cheaper price, too.

Finally, when I emerged from my cave in late-2022 with all of these systems & processes built, the REVAS Leadership Team got together to integrate everything into a user-friendly dashboard — the “Digital Launchpad” — making it easier than ever to launch, track, and manage your Real Estate Marketing, Outsourcing, and Automation Campaigns, all in one place.

Time - Jordan Benton (Pexels)

A Narrow Window of Time

We All Must Escape Mediocrity NOW, or Become a Replaceable Commodity FOREVER

It was lucky we rebuilt the business when we did:

By 2021, REVAS was already suffering from a problem faced by most Real Estate Professionals in the post-Covid economy:

Consumers are more picky than ever!

Markets are over-saturated.

People are overwhelmed.

The middle class consumer is financially stretched to the limit.

Now, moving into 2023, a recession is looming.

Interest rates are rising.

Housing markets are shifting.

To be successful in this type of a market, you NEED to stand out!

It’s no longer optional:

You must provide a unique value & high level of service your Clients can’t get anywhere else…

… or your business will be sinking into a black hole of wealth destruction.

Replaceable “commodity” businesses are dying out at an alarming rate.

If you don’t want to go down with them, this might be your last chance.

You need to be clear on your Unique Selling Proposition, precisely define your niche, and dominate it, now… or never.

Fortunately, there is always a winning play, even in the “worst” of times.

It was John D. Rockefeller who said:

“The way to make money is to buy when blood is running in the streets.”

THIS is what motivated us to re-invent “Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services” right now, to elevate the level of value we can provide to our fellow Real Estate Professionals.

We want you to not only survive, but thrive, during these crazy times in the Real Estate Game.

We are here to help! (And to see you coming out the other side wealthier than ever before!)

Secure Your Future NOW: Leverage Our Biggest Winners From 9+ Years & 300k+ Work Hours!

We went from cafeteria-style Work Hours and chaos…

… To neatly organized, integrated solutions to help you Grow Your Real Estate Revenues and 2X Your Time Freedom.

Everything we do falls into one of 3 layers for growth & scalability:

INTEGRATE: DIY Resources including E-Learning, Coaching, Copy + Paste Templates, and the “Cool 3rd Party Services” Club for unique partner offers & discounts.

DELEGATE: Done-For-You “Grunt Work” Services to make your life easier, like List Building, Skip Tracing, Virtual Assistants, and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Creation.

AUTOMATE: Consultative VIP Solutions including custom Pay Per Lead Campaigns, KPI System Setup & Enforcement, and even Custom AI-Powered Automation Development.

We integrated all of this into the REVAS Plus Members-Only Launchpad App, where you can launch all of the above (and more) in the matter of a few simple clicks!

If you’re serious about growing a truly unique, differentiated Real Estate Business, leveraging delegation & automation that frees you to work as much, or as little, as you want (while your business grows & thrives, with, or without you)…

… Then you’re in the right place!

Whether you go the DIY or DFY route… or whether you’d prefer to test out some of our Free options before you pull the trigger, everything you need to take the next steps can be found below.

So please, take action… before it’s too late!

To your continued Real Estate Success,

Marshall Hatfield
Founder & Chairman

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