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Done-For-You SOPs by Expert Consultants to Streamline, Systematize, and Document Your Business

For nearly a decade, everything at REVAS has followed the motto: “Process-Based, Not People-Based.

That means we’re used to building Workflows that follow a step-by-step Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

That’s why we not only provide Done-For-You Real Estate Standard Operating Procedure Development… we also use our own “REVAS-style” SOPs for everything we do!

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Done-For-You Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Detailed, Step-by-Step SOPs Built From Scratch

Our Process Development Experts are masters at picking your brain to systematically streamline, document, and screenshot your Procedures to train your In-House Employees & Virtual Assistants.

Over-Your-Shoulder Recorded Training Calls

As part your SOP Development, we'll get on a video call with you & your relevant Team Members to record an "Over-the-Shoulder" Training Call Video as if you were teaching a new In-House Employee.

Collaborative Editing & Optimization of Your SOPs

With a V1 Draft of your Standard Operating Procedure, based on the Recorded Training Calls and including step-by-step Instructions and Screenshots, we'll work together to streamline & optimize.

Extremely Competitive Pricing Per SOP

The more SOPs you build, the more you can use our Push-Button VAs... so we charge rock bottom prices (from $250 Per Done-For-You SOP). Systematize & document your whole business for <$10k!

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