GUIDE: How to Use Real Estate Admin Virtual Assistants


Admin Workflow Ingredients: Systems, Processes, and People

#1. The SYSTEMS.

The Systems that underpin your Virtual Assistant Workflows are like the frame of a building: without them, you have no structure!

The key Systems you'll need to consider for your Admin Virtual Assistants' include things like:

a.) Software (CRM, MLS, Prop Mgmt Software, Loan Origination Software, etc)
b.) Communications (Email, Phone, Texting, Social, Slack, Skype, etc)
c.) Tracking (Time Tracking, EOS Reporting, KPI Dashboard, etc)

NOTE: When working with a Virtual Assistant Service Provider like REVAS, they should provide (b) and (c) at no additional cost. A good provider should also be happy to work within your existing systems.


Your documented Processes are the maps that guide your VAs through the territories of your Workflows.

At REVAS, we always recommend to work "Process-Based, Not People-Based.™"

This means all Workflows you ever assign to your Virtual Assistants should always follow detailed, step-by-step Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Every Workflow you delegate = 1 more SOP to build.

This approach ensures that all your Campaigns are:

• Systematic,
• Clear,
• Streamlined,
• Repeatable, and
• Trainable (resilient to the "Bus Factor").

Working Process-Based off step-by-step SOPs accomplishes all of the above, plus many more benefits to your underlying company's valuation & scalability.

#3. The PEOPLE.

While it's crucial to always work Process-Based, Not People-Based when delegating to Virtual Assistants...

... It's also important to remember that the People behind the screen are the ones who actually get the work done. The People are the ones on the front-lines.

That's why it's important to build a work culture that includes your Virtual Assistants, whether that means a culture of close interaction, or broad independence.

No matter what, you set the tone, and a good Virtual Assistant Service Provider can help with day-to-day management & strategic planning as well.


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