Real Estate Broker Assistant

Real Estate Broker Assistant

Real Estate Broker Virtual Assistant – Real Estate Brokerage Administrative Assistant

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Real Estate Broker Assistant


To help you grow your brokerage, streamline your processes, and create a more automated, scalable business model that nets you significant ROI on your investment into Virtual Assistant services.

How It Works:

A Real Estate Broker Assistant is a specialized VA focused on a task-list uniquely catering to the needs of real estate brokers & brokerage managers. Not only can we provide a modular, scalable HR solution to effortlessly handle certain basic day-to-day brokerage tasks… we can also help you package & custom tailor this solution so you can easily offer it to your agents & salespeople.

While the Real Estate Broker Virtual Assistant task list can really include almost any service we offer, there are a few unique to brokers that we can help with, like:

The main objectives of any real estate broker assistant will be freeing your time, saving you money, and growing your sales pipeline. They are best used for simple, menial, and repetitive tasks. Think of it this way: the average entry-level salary for real estate agents calculates out to as much as $18.82 / hr[1] every hour they spend doing something a VA could do is not only wasting $8 – $12, it’s an opportunity cost of your agents’ time that could have been spent building relationships & closing sales.

Therefore, the best way to consider your real estate broker assistant is to focus on utilizing their time to plug the holes in your existing processes where your agents’ time is being under-utilized (and over-paid). This is our expertise, we can help.