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Real Estate Data Entry Virtual Assistants

Low Cost Overseas Virtual Assistants for Menial, Repetitive Back-Office Admin Tasks

Real Estate Data Entry Virtual Assistants


The primary goals for Real Estate Data Entry Virtual Assistants are twofold:

#1.) To save time by streamlining & outsourcing your repetitive Admin Workflows, freeing you and your local staff to focus on Client-facing and revenue-generating activities.

#2.) To save money by using a cost-appropriate Overseas Assistant for tasks that are well below the pay grade of anyone on your local Team.

How It Works:

If you are working in the Real Estate Industry, it’s likely that you’re constantly facing a ton of Admin Tasks:

  • Organizing socuments,
  • Chasing signatures, questions, and answers,
  • Cleaning up marketing Lists,
  • Conducting online research,
  • Filling out Spreadsheets, and
  • General record keeping.


Much of your most important Data Entry and record keeping requires your physical presence & local hard copies.

However, in this digital age, more and more Real Estate Documents and Data live online, and can therefore be accessed from anywhere on earth.

At this point, it is likely that 80% or more of your Data Entry and general Back-Office Admin Tasks can be outsourced to a much lower cost Overseas Virtual Assistant.

By systematizing, documenting, and outsourcing your Data Entry Tasks one by one, you can continuously reduce your local overhead, while simultaneously freeing more time of you & your local Teams to focus on what really matters:

  • Client-facing communications, and
  • Revenue generating activities.

Just remember, when it comes to outsourcing your Back-Office Admin Tasks and Real Estate Data Entry:

Always think Process-Based, Not People-Based

… Meaning that each Task and Workflow should always follow a detailed, step-by-step Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to ensure your Virtual Assistant is completing the work to your exact standards.


Outsourcing your Real Estate Data Entry to Overseas Virtual Assistants will obviously allow you to save money by reducing local staff costs.

Plus, it will help you improve & optimize your higher-priced local Team’s output, allowing them to focus strictly on tasks that require their physical presence (and outsourcing the menial, repetitive tasks that do not).

Best of all, when it comes to menial, repetitive Back-Office Admin Tasks like Data Entry, you can pretty much “set it and forget it” once your SOPs are solid & your Virtual Assistant(s) are fully trained. It’s such simple & predictable work, the management burden on you & your local Team should be very low.


Depending on your specific business & situation, you may have very little Data Entry activities that are appropriate for outsourcing.

A single Agent doing average sales volume might have <20 Work Hours Per Month of Data Entry Tasks for this type of Overseas Virtual Assistant.

While that is still worth outsourcing — it could be saving you upwards of 1 hour per day, which as you know, amounts to 200+ Work Hours Per Year! — at the end of the day, you might have more pressing matters to focus on first.

That’s because this type of Data Entry outsourcing can also have a bit of an initial learning curve & set up cost. You might have to painstakingly examine certain repetitive Admin Tasks to optimize the Workflow quite a bit before it’s ready to be documented in a Standard Operating Procedure.

Work Estimate:

The Work Estimate for Real Estate Data Entry obviously depends on the specific Tasks you plan to assign to the Virtual Assistants.

Some of the most common Tasks are listed below with approximate benchmarks, to give you some idea of the output per hour for specific Workflows:

  • Copy & paste / spreadsheet data entry: 12 – 60 records per one (1) work hour
    (depending on complexity)
  • Clean up transcriptions: 10 – 15 minutes audio per one (1) work hour (leveraging AI transcription tools to do the initial pass)
  • Marketing / sales performance analytics & reporting: ~20 – 40+ work hours per month
  • Miscellaneous Data Entry tasks: as little as 10 hours per month

The best approach to outsourcing Real Estate Data Entry Tasks to your Virtual Assistant(s) is to focus on formulaically implementing one specific, repetitive Task at a time.

Once you have found one Task to take off the shoulders of yourself and your local team, it will only get easier to outsource more and more repetitive Back-Office Admin Tasks as you go.


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