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Real Estate Transaction Coordinator


To seamlessly manage & monitor all transaction documents and contract-to-close procedures so you can focus on growing your business & closing more deals.

How It Works:

A Transaction Coordinator (or “TC”) is a specially trained real estate virtual assistant who is 100% dedicated to managing the transactional portion of your real estate business. This includes tasks like:

  • Gathering important signatures
  • Keeping track of critical documents
  • Managing your transaction software (Paperless Pipeline, EZ Coordinator, Reesio, etc.)
  • Interfacing with title, escrow, and property management companies
  • Scheduling & confirming inspections
  • Working with you to track down missing docs
  • Final transaction audits

Your Real Estate Transaction Coordinator Virtual Assistant is there with you from the moment your contract’s getting signed, till the moment escrow closes & your commission clears. The Transaction Coordinator’s goal is to make sure everything moves smoothly from contract to close so you can focus on attracting & closing more deals. This means they’ll not only follow your procedures religiously, they’ll also work closely with you to become a seamlessly integrated part of your systems.

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