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Real Estate Brokerage CRM Software Manager

Dedicated Overseas Virtual Assistant(s) to Manage Your Company's CRM Software

Real Estate CRM Manager


The goal of a CRM Software Manager is similar to any low-level CRM Data Entry Virtual Assistant, except their responsibilities are of greater importance and a wider variety.

A CRM Software Manager is a Virtual Assistant who’s entire focus will be on making sure your real estate CRM for your Brokerage stays completely updated across the board.

Their job is essentially to help out everyone else using the CRM.

Their main focus will be checking in on each Salesperson’s recent:

  • Contacts,
  • Notes,
  • Tags, and
  • Tasks…

… in order to make sure everyone is recording their information correctly and managing their Leads & Opportunities according to the documented procedures that you’ve created.

Your CRM Manger Virtual Assistant is a combination of a Back-Office Admin Assistant and an Accountability Monitor, making sure everything is functioning smoothly AND your Salespeople are using the software as prescribed.

Your CRM Manager Assistant will go deep into your CRM:

  • checking every last detail,
  • following a detailed, step-by-step Standard Operating Procedure (SOP),
  • keeping your team members accountable, and
  • making sure everything stays systematic, clean, and up-to-date.

How It Works:

The most important part of a CRM Manager Virtual Assistant’s role is defining their day to day Tasks & responsibilities as clearly as possible.

This is done by creating at least one to three detailed, step-by-step Standard Operating Procedures that will outline the goals & expectations for the CRM Manager’s position.

It will include every step of every Workflow that the CRM Manager is responsible for, including:

  • when they need to be doing it,
  • how often they need to handle each Task, and
  • how they should be reporting their work (as well as any other KPIs you want them to extract from the CRM).

This way you can have an easy, at-a-glance way to look into your CRM and check how everyone’s doing:

Who’s falling short? What areas need improvement? What areas are working the best?

Getting this process set up initially will add a lot of value to your Sales Pipeline overall, because it will essentially force you to systematize the way you use your CRM (and hence your sales process more generally).

This can help expose potential issues like only tracking superficial details in the CRM, or not tracking things in real-time effectively enough (leaving stats out-of-date, or running your business on trailing indicators).

Therefore, the CRM Manager VA can actually boost your entire Sales Pipeline’s ROI, 

This will ensure that you’re tracking what is going on, on a day-to-day basis, from initial Lead Capture all the way through to Post-Closing Follow Up.

A good CRM Manager will make it easy for you to gain insights like:

  • What Lead Source or channels are converting the best?
  • What Ad Creative or specific Campaigns are your biggest winners?
  • Where should you be moving money around to improve the Return On Investment for your overall Ad Spend?


The biggest benefit of getting a proper CRM Manager in place can be summed up with three letters:


Return On Investment.

Specifically, a CRM Manager is going to help you boost ROI on all the following:

  • Better ROI on the cost of your CRM.
  • Better ROI on your Salepeople’s time & effort.
  • Better ROI on your Ad Spend (via better visibility into Campaign performance).
  • Better ROI on your broader strategic vision (via new access to powerful real-time data).

With the right SOPs and a fully trained CRM Management Virtual Assistant, you can rest assured that your CRM is being used to its full capacity and staying fully up-to-date for all Leads and all User Accounts.

Another hidden benefit of a CRM Manager Virtual Assistant is that now you’ll have a better idea of where you’re generating the greatest ROI, as well as where certain Marketing & Sales efforts might be falling short.

This will allow you to better allocate your budget for the best possible outcomes.

This applies just as much to your Agents & other Salespeople as well.

The Virtual Assistant can serve as Accountability Monitors, watching out for:

  • What Agents are sticking to their tasks,
  • Who’s on top of their Follow Up activities,
  • Who has the best Closing Ratios,
  • and what Agents are under-performing (including why they might be falling short).

This will help you easily discover what tactics or strategies could be used to improve Salesperson performance (without doing extensive one-off investigations).

After finding these key data points in your CRM, and using them as coaching moments, you can…

  1. Improve those lower-performing Agents’ motivation & ability, or
  2. Realize who needs to get cut from the Team (and take action).


The biggest downside of implementing a CRM Manager Virtual Assistant are:

  • The complex & lengthy setup + training process, and
  • Defining & managing the role systematically enough to maximize the value you receive.

The good news is that — regardless of the complexity of your CRM Workflows — this is the type of work that can be completely handled by an Overseas Virtual Assistant,

Therefore, fortunately, you’ll never be spending too much per hour to have a CRM Virtual Assistant.

The bad news is the larger your team gets, the more work this task can keep creating. Each additional Agent or Salesperson will be creating new work for your CRM Manager, which might eventually surpass one full-time person and turn into a Back-Office Admin Team!

To mitigate waste & ensure you’re minimizing exposure to inefficient work, you’ll need to carefully define:

  • How do you track & monitor your CRM Virtual Assistant, to be certain they are effectively using their time, and
  • How can you keep your CRM Virtual Assistant focused on what matters most (without any key data slipping through the cracks).

Work Estimate:

Depending on how complex of a workload you want to assign your CRM Manager, some simple back-of-the-napkin math looks like this:

For every 1 full-time Agent or Salesperson

… Your CRM Management Virtual Assistant will need about 30 Minutes to 1 Work Hour Per Day (or approximately 10 to 20 Work Hours Per Month).

That means Per Agent, a CRM Manager Virtual Assistant might spend anywhere from 30 minutes – to 1 hour per workday:

  • keeping everything up to date,
  • checking in on Tasks and Appointments,
  • making sure everyone is following along and doing what they’re supposed to do,
  • and finally, make sure that everything is getting reported in the CRM according to your Standard Operating Procedures.

While there are definitely economies of scale as this type of responsibility grows, as your Team approaches 10 – 20 Agents, you’re going to likely need more than 1 full-time CRM Management Virtual Assistant.

It’s going to be difficult to predict exactly what workload to assign your CRM Virtual Assistant in the early stages. That’s why it’s important you budget extra time to monitor & adjust their Workflows for the first 2 – 4 months.

Eventually you’ll be able to settle in to a sweet spot with the Virtual Assistant where you’re:

  • Getting the greatest bang for your buck by leveraging the CRM Manager’s time,
  • Keeping everything up-to-date in the CRM without your Salespeople wasting time on menial Admin Tasks,
  • But also not wasting a ton of the Virtual Assistant’s time on repetitive Tasks that could otherwise be automated using the software tools themselves.

Once you can find this optimal, most profitable combination of Tasks for your Virtual Assistant, you’ll have a scalable back-office system that can run on autopilot (and easily be replicated with new Virtual Assistants should you ever need to expand or replace the CRM Manager role).


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