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Real Estate CRM Manager Assistant

CRM Virtual Assistant for Real Estate Brokerages & Teams


The goal of a CRM Manager is similar to a CRM Virtual Assistant in general, except their responsibilities are of greater importance & a wider variety.

Namely, a CRM Manager is a Virtual Assistant whose entire focus will be on making sure your real estate CRM for your brokerage or team stays completely updated across the board, checking in on each team member’s recent:

  • contacts,
  • notes,
  • tags, and
  • tasks

to make sure everyone is recording their information correctly & managing their leads according to the outline procedures that you’ve created.

Your CRM Manager Assistant will go deep into your CRM, checking every last detail, following a detailed step-by-step Standard Operating Procedure to make sure everything stays systematic, clean, & up-to-date.

How It Works:

The most important part of a CRM Manager Virtual Assistant is defining their role specifically.

This is done by creating at least one to three detailed step-by-step Standard Operating Procedures that will outline the goals of the CRM Manager’s position. It will include every step of every workflow that the CRM Manager is responsible to handle, including:

  • when they need to be doing it,
  • how often they need to handle each task &
  • how they can be checking up on not only the main admin CRM account, but all the individual agents and salespersons that are also using the software.

This way you can have an easy at-a-glance way to look into your CRM and check how everyone’s doing, if anyone’s falling short, what areas need improvement & what areas are working the best.

This is also a really valuable setup process because it will help make sure you’re not only tracking superficial details in the CRM, but you’re actually using all of its tracking & reporting details to their full extent to make sure that you’re not only tracking what is going on on a day-to-day basis with tasks and appointments, but also that you’re tracking what is going on from a bigger picture perspective:

  • what leads are converting the best,
  • what advertising & lead sources are the most valuable, &
  • where you should be moving money around to get a better Return On Investment on your marketing & ad dollars in general.


The pros of hiring a CRM Manager Virtual Assistant are multiple. The most important of all is that once your systems & processes are set up and your Virtual Assistant is fully trained, now you can rest assured that your CRM is being used to its full capacity and staying with all up to date information across the board for all user accounts.

Another hidden benefit of a CRM Manager Virtual Assistant is that now you’ll have a better idea of where you’re generating the greatest ROI and what marketing & advertising methods might not be working out the best.

This applies at least as much to your agents as well. What agents are sticking to their tasks, making sure they’re always on top of their followup & getting the best closing percentage on the leads you’re providing them versus what agents might be underperforming and how they are missing out, what tactics or strategies are they neglecting.

You can find these in the CRM and use that as a coaching moment, as a teaching moment to improve those lower performing agents’ overall performance, or to realize who needs to get cut from the team ultimately.


The biggest cons of your CRM Manager Virtual Assistant’s role are:

  • getting it set up &
  • defining it clearly enough that you’re going to get the greatest value out of their work hours.

The good news is this is the type of task that can be completely handled by an Overseas Virtual Assistant, so you’re never going to spend too much per hour to have them working.

The bad news is the larger your team gets, the more work this task can keep creating so that you need to be clear on:

  • how systematic & efficient your Virtual Assistant is managing their role &
  • where the areas of greatest importance that your CRM Manager needs to stay focused on are.

That’s because as your team approaches 10, 20, or even 50 – 100+ agents, you’re going to start needing potentially even more than one full-time Virtual Assistant just to keep up with everything, so it’s important to set things up well, monitor your CRM Manager’s role for at least the first 3 – 6 months, continuously adjusting their workload until you find that sweet spot where you’re getting the greatest bang for your buck having a manager, keeping all the important details up to date, but also not wasting a ton of their time doing admin duties that could otherwise be automated using the software tools themselves.

Work Estimate:

Depending on how complex of a workload you want to give to your CRM Manager, you can imagine it’s going to take them anywhere from 10 – 20 work hours per agent per month to keep everything fully up-to-date with all the information well managed and centralized.

That means per agent, a CRM Manager Virtual Assistant might spend anywhere from 30 minutes – 1 hour per workday:

  • keeping everything up to date,
  • checking in on tasks and appointments, making sure everyone is following along & doing what they’re supposed to do, and finally
  • making sure that everything is getting reported in the CRM according to your Standard Operating Procedures.

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