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There are two main goals for CRM Data Entry Assistants.

The first is simply to keep your CRM up to date, to make sure that all your new leads are entered into your CRM…

…tagged correctly with tasks assigned to the appropriate agent or team member.

The second goal is to help you dig deeper into your CRM so that you use more of its overall features.

We’ve heard from a variety of CRM company founders and CEOs that the average real estate CRM client is using only 15% of their software’s capabilities.

In other words, we’ll help you dig into that other 85% of the feature list of your CRM to make sure you’re getting the greatest bang for your buck.

How It Works:

The way that a CRM Data Entry Virtual Assistant works are really similar to any other Overseas Administrative Virtual Assistant task.

Everything we do is always going to be processed-based, not people-based.

So your CRM Virtual Assistant will be following a detailed, step-by-step Standard Operating Procedure for every single workflow that they’re responsible for inside your CRM.

What that means is they’ll have a document explaining things like:

  • every step of the process for every important responsibility your Virtual Assistant is maintaining in the CRM,
  • a Standard Operating Procedure for new lead entry,
  • a Standard Operating Procedure for checking up on past leads,
  • and making sure your agents are held accountable.

So all of these types of Standard Operating Procedures (or SOPs) are what will guide your Virtual Assistant to essentially work hourly inside your CRM.


Similar to the goals, there are two main pros of using a CRM Virtual Assistant.

First of all, we’ll make sure your CRM is actually kept up to date.

The bigger your team gets, the harder it is to hold everyone accountable and make sure that they’re keeping

  • all of their data,
  • all of their notes,
  • and all of their tasks…

…actually recorded inside the CRM.

And more importantly, it’s also likely that there are components of your CRM that are not even being used.

We will help you track your leads to the fullest extent of whichever CRM you’re using is capable of.


  • initial conversations,
  • closing of deals,
  • returns on investment,
  • client lifetime value…

…All the way to managing your Sphere Of Influence with automated follow-up sequences on an ongoing basis.


By far, the biggest challenge with getting your CRM Data Entry Virtual Assistant working is building out those Standard Operating Procedures.

Even working with REVAS as a done-for-you solution for creating those processes…

…You’ll still have to think through many details in workflows for your CRM in a very detailed fashion (working alongside our Quality Manager).

Your QM will actually be the one drafting your Standard Operating Procedure.

So it might require the most research and digging into the CRM you’ve ever done.

But don’t worry, our Quality Manager will be on the call or the screen-share helping you every step of the way.

Work Estimate:

Here’s the good news.

Even if you have a very complicated brokerage with multiple teams working in multiple different niches or focuses in the real estate business…

… At most, you’ll probably only need 3 – 5 Standard Operating Procedures to guide everything that happens inside your CRM requiring a Virtual Assistant.

Plus, once you have those SOPs, nearly all tasks that involve CRM Data Entry can be handled by an Overseas Virtual Assistant,

which means you can save money through outsourcing.

With that in mind, once you have your Standard Operating Procedures set up and ready to go…

…you can expect about 10 to 20 hours per month per agent at the most that the Virtual Assistant is managing the CRM for.

So no agent is going to need more than maybe 20 or (in an extreme scenario) 30 work hours per month for a Virtual Assistant to keep your CRM squeaky clean and completely up to date with all new details entered.