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Real Estate Telemarketing

Lead Generation via Outbound Cold Calling Using US-based or Overseas Virtual Assistants

Real Estate Telemarketing


The #1 goal of Real Estate Telemarketing is to generate Leads!

Generating new Leads via outbound Cold Call Telemarketing is one of the most tried & true approaches for Real Estate Agents, Investors, and Lenders.

How It Works:

Telemarketing is one of the most sought after & straightforward Real Estate Virtual Assistant Tasks.

While it is one of the most dependable avenues for Lead Generation, it can also be one of the most expensive ways to fill your pipeline (often second only to Direct Mail).

The key to success is in leveraging Telemarketing Virtual Assistants only where & when it is most profitable. You need to be able to afford a high Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), which means you need a high Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and / or Average Transaction Value (ATV).

In addition to the Virtual Assistant, there are 2 main components to your Real Estate Telemarketing Campaigns:

#1. The Telemarketing SCRIPT,


#2. The Telemarketing LIST.

You will need a winning version of both to be successful. Plus, times change, and so do your Prospects’ motivations…

… which means you’ll need to frequently test different Script and List variations to ensure you’re maximizing Campaign ROI.

Once your Telemarketing Virtual Assistant is trained on your Script and processes, we recommend maxing out their efficiency with a Power Dialer System (Mojo, Call Tools, PhoneBurner, etc).


In most sales processes, there are times when nothing beats a phone call.

By having a trained Telemarketing team, as well as the Scripts & processes to guide their efforts, you have a scalable lead generation machine that can grow (or scale back) at a moment’s notice.

Plus, Telemarketing can allow you to reach many consumers & business that would be difficult (if not impossible) to effectively reach via any other medium.

In spite of its generally high Cost Per Lead, Real Estate Telemarketing is also consistently one of the most successful & profitable Lead Generation channels for the entire Real Estate Industry.


Outbound Cold Call Telemarketing can be prohibitively expensive in terms of the Cost Per Lead (CPL) and / or Customer Acquisition Cost.

Telemarketing has a steep & costly learning curve if you have never used it before, during which time you will need to be closely monitoring your team(s) and refining your Scripts.

Ultimately, this is one of the more expensive ways to generate high-quality sales Opportunities… but it’s also one of the most powerful.

Therefore, it will be crucial that you invest the time & energy necessary to build a profitable Campaign (or risk wasting your investment).

Work Estimate:

While the amount of time for your campaign can vary, a good rule of thumb is to imagine that your telemarketer can complete 6 – 10 connected calls per one (1) work hour.

That is actual connected calls, where the telemarketer speaks to a Decision Maker (DM) and get either a Yes, No, or Maybe response.

Additionally, it is important to understand that for statistically valid results (i.e. – to determine if the script & list are going to be viable or not), you’ll need to budget for at least 400 – 500 work hours, or, in other words, to connect a minimum of about 2500 calls if you don’t already have proven Scripts & Lists.

For a Campaign that has reached maturity, we typically expect to see 1 Lead “captured” for every 2 – 4 Work Hours dialing.


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