Real Estate Telemarketing Services

Real Estate Telemarketing Services

IMPORTANT: 3 months x 40 work hours per month minimum.
Due to the exhaustive nature of launching a new real estate telemarketing campaign:
We require a minimum commitment of 3 months @ 40 hrs / month to begin.
One or two months is not enough time for proper testing & refinement to know whether your Telemarketing campaign will be profitable for the long-term.

Real Estate Telemarketing Services

Real Estate Telemarketing Services: US-based & Overseas Telemarketers

Every Real Estate Business Lives & Dies on Lead Generation

Your business thrives (or dies) based on your Real Estate Lead Generation ability. Real Estate Telemarketing is a major component of that.

No leads = no one to sell to = no money = you’re on your way to the poor house.

So how can you generate new real estate business quickly?

REVAS Real Estate Telemarketing Services are one of the fastest ways to start generating Leads.

For some Campaigns, we can have a trained Telemarketer on a proven Script generating leads for you within 1 – 2 business days!

But is Telemarketing the right choice at this time, for your Real Estate Lead Generation Mix?

Keep reading to find out.

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Table of Contents: Real Estate Telemarketing

  1. The Biggest Problems With Real Estate Telemarketing
  2. How REVAS Solves Your Telemarketing Problems Once & For All
  3. Why You Need a Unique LIST, a Unique SCRIPT, Or Both.
  4. Understanding the Pros & Cons of Real Estate Telemarketing
  5. Key Metrics: Real Estate Telemarketing by the Numbers
  6. Click Here to Get Started: REVAS Telemarketing Services

The Biggest Problems With Real Estate Telemarketing…

… And the Proven REVAS Approach to Make Sure You Never Suffer From Them Again.

While Real Estate Telemarketing is one of the fastest methods to generate new leads…

… To see the most growth in your real estate income, you need a constant flow of Real Estate Buyer and Real Estate Seller Leads.

If you don’t beat your competition to those Buyers & Sellers, you lost the race before it began.

Worse yet, the Real Estate Sales Cycle can range from 6 – 24+ months, from first inquiry to final closing, and you need to stay in front of those Buyers & Sellers for the duration.

Real Estate Telemarketing can definitely funnel leads into your pipeline, but…

No matter how you slice it, Real Estate Lead Generation is a marathon and not a sprint.

PROBLEM #1: Time.

The first big problem with Real Estate Telemarketing is one we’ve seen first-hand … even in some of the most sophisticated Brokerages and Investment Firms:

When it comes down to it, your business doesn’t have time to do it right.

You need to focus on doing what you do best, like:

  • Getting new listings,
  • Marketing properties,
  • Showings & Open Houses,
  • Managing your Team (if you have one),
  • In-person meetings & presentations, and
  • actual Closings — when you get paid!

On the other hand …

… successfully running a Telemarketing campaign requires attention-to-detail on technical components like:

  • Getting quality Telemarketing Lists with accurate Phone Contact Info,
  • Building and refining an effective Telemarketing Script (including strong Rebuttals & FAQs),
  • Setting up an efficient Dialer system,
  • Hiring & managing your Telemarketer(s),
  • Creating a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for entering & tracking leads,
  • Implementing bi-weekly or weekly training calls with your Telemarketer(s),
  • And more!

If you read that list and started thinking that managing a Real Estate Telemarketing campaign sounds a bit like another full-time job… you’d be correct!

REVAS has multiple full-time Managers overseeing our many full-time Telemarketing Virtual Assistants.

Do you really want to take on another full-time job, just so you can micro-manage your own Telemarketing campaign?

Can you afford to drop the ball on doing what you do best, just to learn how to set-up your own Call Center?

REVAS offers another, easier, Done-For-You option:

Providing both US-based and Overseas Telemarketers, in a fully managed solution to launch, oversee, and manage your ongoing Telemarketing Campaigns…

… We make it so that all you have to do is pay the bill & collect your leads.

Ready to learn more & get started? Book a no-cost Consultation to set-up your Telemarketing Campaign.

Telemarketing: The Most Obvious Method of Real Estate Lead Generation

PROBLEM #2: Competition.

Many of us at REVAS have, had, or are getting our Real Estate licenses.

Want to know something every Real Estate School we’ve encountered shares in common?

EVERYONE recommends Telemarketing!

From major Real Estate Colleges, to practically every nationwide Brokerage, everyone is telling Agents to make cold calls.

Especially cold calling Expireds and FSBOs.

Even for Real Estate Investors, every author, guru, podcaster, and Youtuber recommends including Telemarketing in the mix, for finding off-market deals & motivated sellers.

It seems no matter where you look:

Everybody in the industry recommends investing time and/or money into real estate telemarketing…

But does that make Telemarketing such a great idea?


In fact, you will find so much Competition when it comes to Telemarketing, that differentiation:

  • Figuring out how to stand out from the pack
  • And how to make your campaign unique

… are really the biggest problems all Real Estate Telemarketing campaigns face.

Why Is Competition the Biggest Problem With Real Estate Telemarketing?

Competition is your biggest problem with Real Estate Telemarketing because of the extreme obviousness of Cold Calling.

Since everyone is doing it, you’re going to need to put extra effort to be unique & stand out from the pack.

If you just do what everyone else does when it comes to Real Estate Telemarketing…

… Especially if you delegate the task to an Overseas Telemarketer …

Differentiating yourself & standing out from the pack will make or break your entire campaign’s success.

Picture this:

You’re a Homeowner trying to sell, and your Listing has just Expired.

You’re getting 10 – 20+ calls from other Agents, trying to get you to re-list with them.

Then, some ESL Overseas Virtual Assistant calls you, essentially reading the same Script you’ve heard from 10 of those other Agents — all of whom were at least sitting in town & native English speakers with legit local knowledge!

How’s that going to work out?

And, in fact, it occasionally does work out, just on a pure numbers game…

… relying on what we call the “Blind Squirrel Finding a Nut” effect.

But this is no way to run a successful campaign, and it most likely will NOT be successful (in the majority of cases).

To be successful with Real Estate Telemarketing, due to its extreme obviousness, you need to differentiate yourself!

Everybody else is doing it.

To be successful, you need to stand out from the pack.

That is especially true if you’re using Overseas Real Estate Telemarketers.

How REVAS Solves Your Telemarketing Problems Once & For All:

Completely Done-For-You Real Estate Telemarketing Campaigns That Generate Leads

“Until your business has too many leads to manage, 90% of your entire job is Lead Generation.”

– Marshall Hatfield, REVAS Founder

At REVAS, we’re dialing 1,000+ Work Hours every single week (25+ Full-Time Real Estate Telemarketers, and growing), all working on campaigns just like yours.

We’re consistently generating real estate leads for all types of Clients via Telemarketing, including:

  • Real Estate Agent & Brokerage Telemarketing (especially ideal for generating Seller Leads),
  • Real Estate Investor Telemarketing (to both find off-market Motivated Seller Leads as well as Investor / Cash Buyer Leads),
  • Property Management Telemarketing (to generate new Property Management Client Leads, as well as to target Property Management Acquisitions),
  • And More …

Before we get into the nitty gritty details of what it will take for your Real Estate Telemarketing campaign to be successful & profitable, here is a short-list of perks you’ll get working with REVAS on this.

Perks of REVAS Real Estate Telemarketing Services

Simple, Straightforward Pricing & Billing.

While Real Estate Telemarketing — outbound cold calling — is our only service with a minimum order requirement (3-Month @ 40 Work Hours Per Month) …

… a REVAS Telemarketing Campaign otherwise is billed by the same Virtual Assistant Work Hours Rates of all REVAS services.

Flexible Scheduling for Both US-based and Overseas Telemarketers.

REVAS offers both US-based and Overseas Telemarketers, depending on your campaign & goals. We can even provide English-Spanish bilingual Telemarketers, should your campaign require it!

Plus, we your Telemarketer(s) will always work according to your schedule, regardless of where they are located.

You set the schedule for dialing, and we provide the Telemarketer who’s ready & committed to working at your prescribed times.

Fully-Managed Day-to-Day Consistency.

We not only provide the Virtual Assistant (US-based or Overseas) …

… We also will train, manage, monitor, and — if necessary — replace them! All at no extra charge.

As with any REVAS service, you’re buying a fully-managed solution, not just access to the Virtual Assistant directly.

We have layers of Quality Management & Training Management to ensure your campaign runs smoothly, with as little (or as much) input from you as you’d like.

Free Basic Phone Line & Discounted Power Dialer.

We also provide a local phone number & VOIP line for your Telemarketer at no added cost…

… plus, we have an exclusive deal with PhoneBurner to provide an optional Power Dialer seat at only $90 per month extra (40% discount vs buying direct).

Done-For-You Real Estate Telemarketing Script Writing.

As an added service, you can purchase completely Done-For-You Telemarketing Scripts, written from scratch (or utilizing your input and/or proven REVAS Templates).

These Done-For-You Scripts are priced exactly the same as our Done-For-You Process Development Services (for creating REVAS-Style Standard Operating Procedures, SOPs). Basically, your Script is the “SOP” for your Telemarketing campaign.

Better yet, if you purchase Done-For-You Telemarketing Script Writing bundled with your Telemarketing Work Hours, you can save up to 50% off our normal rates (limit 3 Scripts per new Client)!

Ready to get started? Book a no-cost Opportunity Analysis Consultation — the first step for ALL new Clients.

The Proven Secret to Profitable Real Estate Telemarketing Campaigns:

Why You Need a Unique LIST, a Unique SCRIPT, Or Both.

We have a motto to help you avoid the most common mistakes when it comes to your Real Estate Telemarketing campaign:

To be successful, every campaign needs to have (i) a unique LIST or (ii) a unique SCRIPT. (Ideally both.)

When it comes right down to it, the List & the Script are really the two main building blocks of any Real Estate Telemarketing campaign.

These 2 key elements are the core components dictating:

  1. Who you call, and
  2. What you say.

Your List and your Script basically are your Telemarketing campaign.

Your Real Estate Telemarketing LIST Is The Most Important Puzzle Piece!

Even the best Real Estate Telemarketing SCRIPT is worthless…

… if you don’t have a proper LIST to call & pitch it to!

When it comes to the in-depth topic of Real Estate List Building, we separately dedicated thousands of words to that discussion.

Indeed, Real Estate Telemarketing List Building is one of our core areas of expertise here at REVAS, having developed our own proprietary in-house List Building & Skip Tracing tools.

Suffice it to say:

You need to start with the right Real Estate Telemarketing List, or your campaign is Dead On Arrival.

This means your list needs to be accurate, targeted, and include enough records to generate the lead volume you require (and to keep your Telemarketer busy).

But how can you select a list that is actually UNIQUE?

This indeed is a challenge. And:

Sometimes … you can’t.

For example, there is real value in Telemarketing to Expired Listings.

But, no matter how you slice it, the Expired Listings List is NEVER going to be unique! (This is one List example where you’ll need to focus on a unique SCRIPT instead.)

However, there are plenty of times, by being a bit creative, and digging a bit deeper, that you can build a veritable gold mine of unique Real Estate Telemarketing Lists to call.

Examples & Ideas for Unique Real Estate Telemarketing Lists

Here are some examples, that might work for Agents, Investors, or even Property Managers:

Delinquent Tax Record Deeds Lists.

Call the owners of properties who are delinquent on their taxes (which is a matter of public record in most US counties), to see if they are motivated to sell.

Probates & Obituaries Lists.

While considered morbid by some, these are also some of the most motivated Sellers (who have inherited a property they don’t want or need), and your services can actually be at their most valued among these prospective sellers.

Repair Order Notice & Code Violations Lists.

Similar to Delinquent Tax Records, Repair Order Notices & Code Violations are often good indicators that an owner might be motivated to sell.

Notice of Default, Lis Pendens, and Pre-Foreclosures.

The good news about NODs or Pre-Foreclosures is that you can bet these Sellers are motivated! The bad news, is you can also bet they’re already experienced at ignoring Direct Mail and Phone Calls … since they’ve probably been hounded by creditors for a while already.

Highly Targeted Neighborhood & Property-Type Lists.

Calling everyone in a Zip Code might be a bit broad, but calling every 3 – 5 Bed, 2+ Bath home w/ 0.5+ acres in that Zip Code, letting them know you have Buyers interested, can be quite effective.

High Equity & Cash Buyer Lists.

People who’ve built up 75%+ or more in equity, completely paid off their mortgage, or bought their property all-cash to begin with, are all potential buyers & sellers, as they’re most likely either high net-worth, investors, or both.

Absentee Owners & Out-Of-State Owners Lists.

Whenever someone is an Absentee Owner, whether they live down the street, or Out-Of-State, there is a high probability that this is not their primary residence!

It’s much easier to sell a house, when you don’t live in it. Plus, these people, again, are most likely high-net worth, real estate investors, or both.

We discuss many of these, and more, in our comprehensive blog article: “23 Real Estate Investor Lead Generation Ideas from the Experts.”

The Key to Real Estate List Building for your Telemarketing Campaigns

The list of potential lists goes on & on.

There are ways to narrow your focus on the Commercial Side too…

… and when it comes to the Residential Distressed Sellers, we’ve even met Real Estate Investors who sub-divide their Telemarketing Lists by cross-referencing property owners who are behind on their water bills!

Obviously not every type of Telemarketing List will be attainable in every local market, due to many of these data points being sourced from public records at the County & City levels (which vary wildly around the country).

The key is:

If you can be unique in your Real Estate Telemarketing LIST

… You can implement a profitable Telemarketing campaign with a relatively simple Script!

That’s because almost no one else is even calling those people.

Merely making the call, then using a courteous, simple Script, can probably generate a profitable flow of Leads.

That is:

IF you’re starting with the right List.

Finding a good, unique Real Estate Telemarketing List can be like finding your own personal gold mine.

But what about the campaigns where you need to call a List that is NOT unique?

What about when you need to call a List that everyone else is also calling?

Some of these valuable Lists, that will almost never be unique, include things like:

  • Expireds,
  • FSBOs,
  • Pre-Foreclosures,
  • even Probates,
  • and more in some cities…

When you need to call a List that is simply not unique…

… This is when it’s time to focus on your unique Real Estate Telemarketing Script.

Building a Real Estate Telemarketing SCRIPT That Is Actually Unique

At REVAS, we have extensive experience developing & testing Real Estate Telemarketing Scripts, and can say with certainty:

Most Real Estate Telemarketing Scripts suck!

They are too generic.

They monologue & don’t let the Prospect speak.

They sound like a Telemarketer!

To be successful, we absolutely must avoid those bad Telemarketing Script mistakes, and bring something powerful & unique that speaks right to the Prospect’s innermost criteria.

Here are some pointers to help make sure your Real Estate Telemarketing Script is unique and persuasive.

Key Concepts for a Powerful & Unique Real Estate Telemarketing SCRIPT [With Examples]

Keep Your Intro Short & Snappy.

The most critical part of any Real Estate Telemarketing Script is the INTRO.

The first 5 – 15 seconds of each call will make or break your entire campaign.

Therefore, keep your intro short & snappy!

Don’t immediately launch into some monologue the moment the person picks up your call. This is the fastest approach to being instantly labeled as a sales call. It’s also the most common mistake we see on prospective Clients’ Scripts.

Instead, use an intro that gets to the point quickly, and immediately get the Prospect talking. Here are a few examples.


“Hello Mr. LASTNAME, this is MYNAME and I’m calling from COMPANYNAME.

I saw your house recently became an Expired Listing and I wanted to let you know that we are CITYNAME’s best Brokerage, and will get that house sold for you ASAP.”




Hi FIRSTNAME, I’m calling about your house on 123 Main Street there.

Are you still planning on selling it?

{continues into the Script, depending on how they respond.}

Keep your intro as normal & natural as possible, and you’ll generally see much greater response rates.

Making it past this all-important first few seconds of the call will be the first hurdle you need to overcome for your Real Estate Telemarketing Script to be successful.

Use a Natural Greeting.

As mentioned above, you’ll want to use a short & snappy intro.

This also means you should probably stick to a natural greeting.

In other words, when a Prospect answers your call, don’t start talking to them like you’re a robot following a Script…

… And don’t write your Script as if it was written by (bad) used car salesman!

Write your Real Estate Telemarketing Script’s greeting as if you were making the call to an old friend or trusted colleague.



I know I’m calling out of the blue here, but I wanted to know:

Would you consider selling that house at 123 Main Street?

I’m in the market to buy in that neighborhood, and wanted to know if you’d be willing to sell.”

Don’t Lead With Your Company Name.*

*Some exceptions apply.

When you call your friends & family, you don’t start the call by announcing your full name or job title.

This should be the same in your Real Estate Telemarketing Scripts, especially if you’re calling private individuals (B2C) and not other companies (B2B).

If you want to avoid being instantly labeled as just another solicitor, then speak to your Prospects naturally and personally, as if you actually know & care about them!

This includes skipping the long intro monologue where you introduce your company name, backstory, and qualifications …

… And jumping straight into the conversation, assuming rapport by your tonality & mirroring of the Prospect’s style of speech.

*The biggest exception here, is when you’re calling other businesses … in which case there are certain scenarios where using your company name can actually boost response rates!

Boosting response rates by leading right in with your company is definitely the exception, not the rule, and even on B2B campaigns is rarely the right choice.

Include your Unique Selling Proposition (U.S.P.) early.

One of the strongest marketing & sales tools is a U.S.P.:

Unique Selling Proposition

(Also known as a Unique Sales Proposition, or a Unique Value Proposition, a U.V.P.)

By having this established ahead of time, you can include it in the Script to stand out from the pack.

The key is presenting something that is actually unique … not just something that you feel differentiates your business, but others could claim the same thing.

A Unique Selling Proposition is something that — genuinely — no one else can claim.

To help provide context, here are some theoretical U.S.P.s that a Real Estate Company could use (and include in a Telemarketing Script):

  • We’re the number Probate property experts in CITYNAME.
  • We have a proven system that has helped over 500 homeowners avoid foreclosure & stay in their homes.
  • We guarantee your home sells in 30 days or less, or we’ll buy it ourselves.
  • We hold the record for highest average sales price in NEIGHBORHOOD.

Creating your Unique Selling Proposition will take some time & heavy mental-lifting.

But, this addition to your Telemarketing Script (and really any marketing material) can boost results immediately, and will continue to do so on an ongoing basis.

A strong Unique Selling Proposition will pay dividends on more than just your Telemarketing Campaign.

REVAS offers Done-For-You U.S.P. Development Services. This service needs to be guided, hands-on, by our CEO, who personally interviews multiple senior leaders & top Clients at your firm, all as part of building a powerful U.S.P.

Use the “A or B” Closing Method.

The “A or B” Closing Method is a classical & time-tested sales tactic, where rather than leaving a question open-ended to your Prospect …

… Your limit their choices by providing 2 simple options.

The most common scenario we see this successfully used in Real Estate Telemarketing Scripts, is when scheduling a follow-up call or in-person appointment (two of the most common goals when it comes to Real Estate Telemarketing in general).

In these scenarios, it’s easy to be lazy, and simply leave the question open ended to your Prospect, but we’ve almost always seen better results using the “A or B” Closing Method.

See these examples for a clearer explanation:


“That’s great to hear FIRSTNAME!

I’d love to schedule a time for my boss to come & meet with you in-person at the property.

When would be a good time for us to do that?”


“That’s great to hear FIRSTNAME!

I’d love to schedule a time for my boss to come & meet with you in-person at the property.

Would this time tomorrow work for you…

… Or would 4pm on Thursday work better?”

While it’s a subtle difference, and you definitely can succeed in your Real Estate Telemarketing campaign without the “A or B” Closing Method …

… It is definitely a great way to help ensure your Telemarketers actually book the appointment, and get the Prospect’s commitment in advance (before sending the lead up the chain, to you or your more senior sales closers).

Consider a Two-Pronged Lead Capture Approach.

Coming from a similar strategic place as the “A or B” Closing, a Two-Pronged Lead Capture Approach is designed to squeeze the most value out of every possible warm lead.

The idea is simple:

While you have them on the phone, going for your main Lead Capture objective (e.g. “Set the Appointment” or “Schedule a Follow Up Call”) …

… You’ll also pivot to a secondary Lead Capture objective, something smaller & simple, but still valuable (e.g. “Get Email Address to Send Follow Up” or “Confirm Address for Future Direct Mailings”).

There’s really no reason to ever run a campaign without a Two-Pronged Lead Capture.

You’ll get more for your money, with zero down-side! A true no-brainer.

Want to implement a Telemarketing Campaign with all-of-the-above Best Practices? Start with a free Consultation to discuss the process.

How to Guarantee Your Real Estate Telemarketing Campaign is a Winner

Understanding the Pros & Cons of Real Estate Telemarketing

Real Estate Telemarketing is a great addition to almost any Real Estate Marketing Mix…

… But Telemarketing is NOT a one-size-fits-all solution!

Sometimes it’s the best possible solution, and other times it will simply fail.

That’s why the first step for all new REVAS Clients — especially when using our Real Estate Telemarketing Services — is a no-cost Opportunity Analysis Consultation [O.A.C.] where we can help troubleshoot your campaign & devise the best possible options (based on our experience with hundreds of thousands of cold calls).

To give a little preview of what we’ll talk about during your OAC Appointment, here are some of the Pros & Cons of Real Estate Telemarketing.

PROS: Ideal Scenarios for High-ROI Real Estate Telemarketing

Real Estate Telemarketing is especially good for when:

  • You need to reach someone that is otherwise hard to target.
  • You have a big-ticket, high-transaction-value pitch or offer (since one large sale can pay for a year’s worth of Telemarketing!).
  • You need to reach a list of leads that are very specific (eg: Probates, or Pre-Foreclosures, or Commercial Office Building Owners).
  • You need to reach your target prospects fast.
  • You’re already using Direct Mail successfully, and want to boost your results by adding calls.
  • You have a mix of untouched Cold Call leads, as well as Inbound Leads (Zillow, PPC, Bandit Signs, etc) that all need to be called back.
  • You need to do more one-to-one follow-up with your new (and old) leads.
  • You are a Buyer, calling potential Sellers.
  • You have a very strong Unique Selling Proposition or targeted offer.
  • You’re looking for an additional, cheap way to add to your Drip Email subscriber-lists.
  • You already have a successful real estate business, but are not currently using Cold Calls in your Marketing Mix.

There are so many scenarios where Telemarketing is a great solution…

… Because calling people on the phone works!

Even hard-to-reach VIPs can be reached on the phone with enough persistence, hence Telemarketing is so often a good choice.

CONS: What Are the Biggest Drawbacks of Real Estate Telemarketing

However, Real Estate Telemarketing is not perfect:

  • As soon as you stop doing it, the leads stop coming in (similar to Direct Mail or PPC).
  • Many people are filtering calls nowadays, so it’s important to have a good calling system
  • No matter how you slice it, some people will hang up in a Telemarketer’s face!
  • Telemarketing is always going to be a numbers game: you need to make a lot of calls, efficiently.
  • Higher Value Prospects will require US-based attention; Overseas Telemarketers will fall short.
  • A telemarketing campaign is only as good as its List. A bad List = bad results, regardless of how good the Telemarketer or Script are.
  • For certain Lists, finding accurate Phone Numbers can be quite difficult. [Check out REVAS List Building Services for help.]
  • Even the hottest Telemarketing Leads will most likely require ongoing follow up — often for as much as 6 – 12+ months (depending on the type of List).
  • The more hours you dial, the bigger Lists you’ll need to continuously provide. A full-time Telemarketer can go through 1,600 – 2,000+ records per month!

As you can see, Real Estate Telemarketing is not a one-size-fits all solution.

However, it does have its place in your overall Real Estate Marketing Mix.

Once you’ve evaluated the PROS and CONS of Real Estate Telemarketing, and you’ve decided it’s time to move forward… here’s what’s next.

Ready to Begin? What to Expect & What You’ll Need to Get Started

The most important factors for your Real Estate Telemarketing Campaign’s success will be:

+ Your LIST.

+ Your SCRIPT.


When you work with REVAS, we can provide a Done-For-You solution where we take care of all 3 …

… But most of our Clients come to us with a Real Estate Telemarketing LIST already in-hand.

Even if you have nothing, no List, no Script, and no idea where to start, we can help you through the entire process.

Or, if you already have a List … but maybe it’s missing Owner Phone Numbers, we are experts at Real Estate Skip Tracing:

Adding accurate Owner Contact Info to your existing Lists.

When it comes to Skip Tracing, we have some of the highest quality data, and most competitive pricing in the industry … because we make our money on the success of your long-term Telemarketing Campaign (not on the cost of the List)!

We also have proven Telemarketing SCRIPTS for most types of campaigns.

Even if we don’t have a Real Estate Telemarketing Script that is a perfect fit for your campaign, we provide experienced, high-level Telemarketing Script Writing Services (which you can buy at a steep discount when bundled with your Telemarketing Work Hours!).

Once we have your LIST and your SCRIPT sorted, the biggest remaining question will be:

Should you use a US-based Telemarketer…

… or can we get away with a (cheaper) Overseas Telemarketer?

At REVAS, we provide both, and can help you decide on which will be the best choice (based on direct first-hand data from hundreds of similar campaigns).

These are the main topics will be discussing when you schedule a no-cost Opportunity Analysis Consultation.

Key Metrics: Real Estate Telemarketing By The Numbers

3 Key Figures, Based on 500,000+ Calls, to Provide a Ballpark for Calculating Budget & Potential ROI

Assuming your List is legit (with enough accurate Owner Phone Numbers), your Script is solid & effective, and you have an experienced, well-trained Telemarketer making the calls…

… Here are some of the baseline metrics you can use to predict campaign costs & potential Return On Investment:

Metric #1. Your Telemarketer will go through 40 – 100 Phone Numbers Per Work Hour.*

Most of these will be Voicemails, Gatekeepers, Wrong Numbers, and more. That means we can go back and re-dial many of these numbers, 3 – 5+ times.

*This wide range is mostly dependent on whether you’re using Manual Dialing, or some type of automated Power Dialer.

Metric #2. Your Telemarketer will be having roughly 6 – 12 Live Connected Calls & Conversations Per Work Hour.

These are scenarios where they reached the right person, or at least someone connected to the right person, on a live call.

When we’re doing quick “back-of-the-napkin” calculations, we just call it 10 Calls Per Work Hour…

… Which would mean, for every 1 Work Hour spent dialing, you’re definitely going to need at least 10+ Contacts to Call.

Metric #3. Your Telemarketer should be generating about 1 Lead Per 3 – 8 Work Hours.

In other words, for every 3 – 8 Work Hours spent on Telemarketing, you should be receiving at least one lead.

These numbers have held true in all types of campaigns, ranging from highly targeted Motivated Sellers of Single Family Homes…

… All the way up to high-level Commercial Real Estate Investors on multi-million dollar deals.

If your campaign isn’t generating at least 1 Lead per 3 – 8 Work Hours (or something close to that), you can safely assume there is a major problem with the Script, the List, or the Telemarketer (or all three).

How many leads will it take before you get a deal?

While all the metrics above, like Live Conversations and Leads Per Hour, are entirely under REVAS control…

… the number of leads it will take before you get a deal is hard to predict!

This depends on:

  • Your List,
  • Your Local Market,
  • Your Follow Up,
  • Your Unique Selling Proposition(s) — USPs,
  • And more…

We’ve seen incredibly sophisticated sales teams converting every 3rd Appointment into a Listing. That was incredible, and it didn’t last forever.

We’ve also seen highly selective Investors, who might look at 20+ properties before actually buying one.

The key to boosting your Conversion Ratio on Telemarketing Leads is Follow Up!

Your Telemarketing Campaign should not only be focused on generating one single Appointment or Call-Back.

You need to be thinking of your Telemarketing Leads long-term:

Systematically adding them into a Drip Email, automating Task Lists in your CRM, and ultimately following up with these Hot Leads for upwards of 24+ months (in an ideal world).

That’s because:

The moment you start Telemarketing…

… You will be generating Leads!

Most of our Clients start receiving leads from their Telemarketing Campaign within the first 1 – 2 shifts of dialing.

If you’re ready for that, and are looking to add a fully-managed, Done-For-You Telemarketing Solution to your Marketing Mix…

Click Here to Get Started: REVAS Telemarketing Services

The first step for all new Real Estate Telemarketing Clients is to:

Get Started with a No-Cost Opportunity Analysis Consultation [OAC].

During this no-cost, no-obligation Consultation, we get to know you, your business, and discuss your Real Estate Telemarketing Campaign.

What we do is not right for everyone!

This is especially true for Real Estate Telemarketing Services, since they are one of our only offerings that come with a 3-month, 40 hours per month minimum commitment.

Our #1 Core Value is “Obsess Over Client Success.” We don’t want to work together if we’re not a good fit for your success. Attending your Opportunity Analysis Consultation is NOT a guarantee of future service.

Once we get to know you & your business during the OAC Appointment, we’ll then be able to recommend which REVAS solution will be right for your business.

We’ll help iron out the details on your Telemarketing Campaign before you spend a penny, squaring away the key elements, like:

  • Your List(s),
  • Your Script,
  • Your Phone System,
  • Your CRM (if any),
  • Your Budget,
  • Work Hours Per Month, and
  • Choosing US-based or Overseas VAs.

From there, we’ll send you a secure online checkout link where you can pay for REVAS Telemarketing Services & get started with a Done-For-You, fully managed Telemarketing Campaign.

Ready to begin?

Click here to schedule your No-Cost Opportunity Analysis Consultation [OAC].

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