Real Estate Investor Telemarketing

Real Estate Investor Telemarketing

Real Estate Investor Lead Generation – Telemarketing For Real Estate Investors

IMPORTANT: 3 months x 40 work hours per month minimum.
Due to the exhaustive nature of launching a new real estate investor telemarketing campaign:
We require a minimum commitment of 3 months @ 40 hrs / month to begin.
One or two months is not enough time for proper testing & refinement to know whether your Telemarketing campaign will be profitable for the long-term.

Real Estate Investor Telemarketing


To cold call homeowners & real estate investors for hot off-market property leads and cold call potential investors to raise capital for your firm.

How It Works:

Real Estate Investor Telemarketing is one of our most straightforward, dependable, and predictable telemarketing campaigns. We have proven scripts for nearly every task imaginable, and processes to implement a campaign with ease. As such, it’s not as much a question of whether or not it will work, but whether or not it makes sense for your business in your situation.

One of the first things to consider, before committing to a real estate investor telemarketing campaign is the economics of this type of campaign. Specifically, here are several questions to ask yourself (or go over with one of our Outsourcing Consultants):

  • How much do you typically earn per successful deal?
  • How many deals can you do per month / per quarter with your available capital?
  • Do you have external costs (list building from a 3rd party, other marketing/lead generation, etc)?
  • What Cost Per Lead (CPL) do you need for this campaign to be profitable?
  • What is your available budget for this campaign, assuming a long delay before your first sale closes?

Telemarketing is a numbers game. You need to understand & be prepared to manage by the numbers, not on a day-to-day, lead-to-lead basis.

Most of our real estate telemarketing clients will get appointments & leads within the first 24 hours of dialing on a campaign. Sometimes they’ll get 5 hot leads one day and 0 for the next 5 days in a row. However, just because people want to talk to you about selling their property or investing with your firm doesn’t mean that’s actually going to result in a profitable deal for you!

This is why it’s important to keep your economics in mind before you even get started. Do the math, consider the potential costs & benefits, and make sure you have the processes in place to profitably close the leads your telemarketing team will generate. Also, make sure you have access to quality telemarketing lists. If not, our Real Estate Investor Assistants can help you build a list ASAP.

We’re primarily interested in long-term real estate investor telemarketing campaigns, which is why it’s so important for us that you are in a position to see consistent positive ROI. These campaigns are only worth it for us if it is profitable for you.