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Insider Secrets Based on 326k+ Virtual Assistant Work Hours and 519+ Standard Operating Procedures... Distilled Into 2 Step-by-Step Systems.

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  • What we learned analyzing 9+ years of Real Estate Virtual Assistant Campaigns from 439+ different businesses.
  • Why wasted Leads are an epidemic in Real Estate… and how to 10x your marketing ROI by fixing it.
  • How to avoid the 3 deadly retirement-destroying mistakes most Real Estate Business Owners make.
  • The $2.7 million “We Buy Houses” Telemarketing Script we distilled from millions of Cold Calls & Cold Texts.
  • The step-by-step approach we use to build Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that makes it 100x easier to manage Overseas Virtual Assistants.
REVAS Founder, Marshall Hatfield
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About Your Instructor

Marshall Hatfield is the Founder & Chairman of REVAS.

Since founding REVAS back in 2013, he’s also enjoyed opportunities like:

  • Head of Growth at Shark Team, Business Brokerage of Kevin Harrington from TV’s Shark Tank.
  • Head of Deal Sourcing & Employee #1 at the VC-backed Fintech Hedge Fund, Equi.
  • Building a Private Equity Deal Sourcing business to buy multifamily during Covid (Ordo Group).
  • Launching, growing, and selling a Hard Money Lending business (Glassridge).

Today, he is primarily focused on his work as a Business Broker & Head of Growth at Shark Team… but not before spending 6 months and over 1,000+ hours in 2022 reinventing the entire concept of Real Estate Virtual Assistants.

During the 67 minute Masterclass, Hatfield will bring you along on the journey that took REVAS from providing hours to outcomes (dropping delivering dozens of actionable insights you can use in your business right away).

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  • A sneak preview of our upcoming Guaranteed Revenue Growth™ and 2X Time Freedom™ Systems built to run all our companies.
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  • The $2.7 million “We Buy Houses” Telemarketing Script we distilled from millions of Cold Calls & Cold Texts.
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