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Real Estate Agent Niche Analysis™

Better understand your target market at a hyper-local level.

Real Estate Customer Avatar Creation

Target ideal Client personas, archetypes, and opportunities.

Real Estate Data Appending

Add missing Contact Information to existing Leads & Lists.

Neighborhood Deep-Dive Market Research

Build a complete picture of your Brokerage’s market opportunities.

Real Estate USP Development

Define compelling USPs for your company or specific campaign(s).

Web Research & Data Scraping

Capture any online data w/ manual and/or automated methods.

Real Estate List Building

Create from-scratch Lists to target with your Direct Marketing.

Real Estate Skip Tracing

Add Owner Contact Info, including 80% – 95%+ of Owner Phone Numbers.

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Real Estate Agent Niche Analysis™

Real Estate Administrative Virtual Assistant Services

Hyper-Local Market Research & Competition Tracking for Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agent Niche Analysis™ uses REVAS proprietary system & processes to create a detailed Niche Analysis Report that includes 7 Key Data Points to help you better identify your Target Niche and predict Marketing ROI potential.

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Customer Avatar Creation

Client Relationship Management Services

Customer Persona Creation Services: Precision Marketing Targeting

A Customer Avatar is a detailed psychographic, demographic, and psychological profile of your ideal real estate client. Customer Avatar Creation is designed to create profiles of these Client archetypes to focus all your future marketing & lead generation targeting.

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Real Estate Data Appending

Real Estate Marketing Virtual Assistants

Add More Data to Your Existing Lead Lists (like Phone Numbers, Emails, & Social Media Info)

The goal of Real Estate Data Appending is simple: to add the missing contact information to your existing lead lists. Data Appending is most often used to append harder-to-find data, like phone numbers, emails & social media.

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Neighborhood Deep-Dive Market Research

Lead Generation & Lead Nurturing Virtual Assistants

Building a Complete Picture of Your Market Opportunities & What It Will Cost to Win Them

By utilizing our Neighborhood Deep-Dive Market Research Services, we will build a complete picture of your market opportunities, defining what’s going on in your target markets, which will determine where the best ROI can be had for your marketing dollars.

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Unique Selling Proposition [USP] Development

Real Estate Virtual Receptionist & Secretarial Services

Real Estate Unique Selling Proposition (USP) – Stand-Out From Competitors for Ideal Clients

A well-defined, properly articulated Real Estate Unique Selling Proposition (or USP) is an offer, process, or guarantee that sets your business apart & should instantly convey unique competitive advantages in a way that absolutely no one else can claim.

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Web Research & Data Scraping

Customized Real Estate Outsourcing Solutions

Real Estate Online Research Assistant – Real Estate Data Scraping Services

With our Web Research & Data Scraping Services, we can acquire any information or data you require via online resources, like property information, news & local trends, and other real estate related data you might need.

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Real Estate List Building

Customized Real Estate Outsourcing Solutions

Real Estate Lead List Research – Real Estate Mailing Lists – Telemarketing Lists

We will build lists of your potential clients, potential investment properties, property owner information, high-net-worth individuals, businesses that meet certain criteria, or any other pertinent information you may need for your lead generation & advertising. efforts.

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Real Estate Skip Tracing

Customized Real Estate Outsourcing Solutions

Skip Tracing to Find Accurate Phone Numbers (and Some Emails) for Your Lead Lists!

Skip Tracing is simple: you provide a List of Addresses, or Owner Names, or even Business Entities, & REVAS will add Owner Contact Info, capturing 80% – 95% of Owner Phone Numbers and 30% – 65% of Owner Emails (approximately).

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