Real Estate List Building

Real Estate List Building

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Real Estate List Building


To build lists of potential clients, potential investment properties, property owner information, high-net-worth individuals, businesses that meet certain criteria, or any other pertinent information you may need for your lead generation & advertising efforts.

How It Works:

We are already members of many of the most popular & extensive data brokerage services, so we have immediate access to Lead List data and contact information for a huge database of businesses & consumers.

We are also familiar with accessing many county & city records websites to compile information from public records, as well as appending additional contact information based on names & addresses.

Ultimately, the biggest crux of the list-building process is your ability to clearly define the criteria for the list that will fulfill your needs. One of the best ways to define a good lead list for your virtual assistants to fulfill is to replicate the defining details of your existing clients, and/or the ideal clients you desire.

Once you can define your list, and if necessary, help train your virtual assistants to any specialized tasks they’ll need to understand to compile it… we can be your automated list building back-office with little to no additional input required from you.