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Skip Tracing to Find Accurate Phone Numbers (and Some Emails) for Your Lead Lists!

REVAS is a Real Estate List Building expert. Real Estate Skip Tracing Services are a big part of that.

On the surface, Skip Tracing is simple:

You provide a List of Addresses, Owner Names, or even Business Entities…

… REVAS will add Owner Contact Info, capturing 80% – 95% of Owner Phone Numbers and 30% – 65% of Owner Emails (approximately).

We have 2 systematic approaches to Real Estate Skip Tracing:

A purely Automated Skip Tracing approach, using internal proprietary technology, providing 24 – 48 hour turn-around at rock-bottom rates…

… Plus a Manual Deep-Dive Skip Tracing, where a trained Overseas Virtual Assistant will dig deep into multiple data sources to find Contact Info for even the most hard-to-reach Contacts.

Ready to get a Custom Quote on your Real Estate Skip Tracing needs? Get started here with a no-cost Opportunity Analysis Consultation.

Table Of Contents: Real Estate Skip Tracing

  1. What Exactly Is Real Estate Skip Tracing?
  2. Why Is Skip Tracing So Important?
  3. The Easiest Way to Add Accurate Phone Numbers to Your Lead Lists
  4. The REVAS Difference: Faster, More Accurate, and More Complete Lists
  5. The Two Distinct Methods of REVAS Real Estate Skip Tracing
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What Exactly Is Real Estate Skip Tracing?

“Skip Tracing” is a term that originated in the Collections Industry:

Tracing someone who Skipped out on a debt or other obligation.

Ultimately the goal of Real Estate Skip Tracing is to add Contact Information to a Lead List so you can get in touch with Leads via Phone, Email, and/or SMS Text.

There are a lot of ways to perform a Skip Trace, but in practice, it’s very simple:

You provide a list of Names and/or Addresses to us at REVAS, and we find the Contact Info:

  • Phone Numbers, and
  • even some Emails!

Real Estate Skip Tracing is an excellent way to combine Direct Mail with Telemarketing, by connecting the missing Owner Phone Numbers to your mailing lists.

A Brief Overview of the Skip Tracing Industry

Skip Tracing has been a B2B Service since long before the internet, sold in the form of paper Mailing Lists.

As mentioned above, the term “Skip Tracing” originated in the Collections industry.

Specifically, it was developed as a tool to Trace people who had Skipped out on a debt, finding where they are & how to reach them. Skip Tracing can even be used to track down address history and family connections.

As you can imagine, it wasn’t just the big Credit Reporting Bureaus that got into the game:

Everyone from Real Estate Investors to Private Investigators to Ad Agencies loved the concept as well.

In today’s complex Big Data Marketplace, a wide variety of Skip Tracing tools & methods are available, all with their own “special sauces.”

These range from multi-billion dollar companies known as “Tier 1” Data Brokers like Experian, Transunion, LexisNexis, and more… down to a range of excellent but much simpler services like Intelius, Pipl, USSearch, and far too many more to list.

“How does this apply to my Real Estate Business?”

Real Estate Skip Tracing, in particular, is all about:

Looking up the Contact Information for a prospect based on:

(i) their Address (Property Info), and/or

(ii) their Name + General Location (City / State).

In other words, Real Estate Skip Tracing is the process of finding Phone Numbers and Emails based on Owner Names and Addresses.

Whether you need to track down specific individuals, based on their name and general location (City + State is enough, sometimes even less), or…

… Whether you need to add thousands of Owner Phone Numbers and Owner Emails to a large mailing list so you can start Telemarketing to them…

Real Estate Skip Tracing is the tool to accomplish your goals!

Why Is Skip Tracing So Important?

Your Direct Marketing Is Only As Good As Your Contact Info

There’s a reason several multi-billion dollar companies are built around selling Business and Consumer Data:

You can only succeed in Direct Marketing if you have accurate Contact Info for your Leads!

Even Inbound Leads — people who came to you via your website or online advertising — can still include bogus wrong numbers.

Note: We work with several Brokerages on all the Leads that come in each day with bad numbers, to see if we can Skip Trace for their real Phone Numbers.

When it comes to larger data sets, there are plenty of sources you might be able to start at for free:

Of the ~3,007 counties in the United States, at least half have online Assessor / Auditor / Valuation / Property Search websites where you can find all types of records online, things like:

  • Absentee Owners,
  • Probates,
  • Tax Delinquents,
  • Pre-Foreclosures,
  • And more…

Or, on the paid side, maybe you already work with a Data Broker like ListSource or InfoUSA, who provide Addresses… but no Phone Numbers!

Either way, if you don’t have a Phone Number — an accurate Phone Number that reaches the correct targeted Prospect — your Telemarketing will fail.

And that is unfortunate, because:

Real Estate Telemarketing is a proven Direct Response Lead Generation tactic for Agents & Brokerages, Investors, and Property Managers alike.

Based on our ever-growing experience, Telemarketing is also one of the best ROI lead sources available…

If you start with the right List!

Of course:

If you don’t have accurate Phone Numbers, your Telemarketing Campaigns, and even your Lead Follow Up (on the Phone at least), are dead in the water.

Missing out on accurate Phone Numbers for your Leads is leaving money on the table.

The Easiest Way To Add Phone Numbers to Your Lead Lists

How REVAS Was Forced to Become an Industry Leader in Real Estate Skip Tracing

At REVAS, we’ve specifically developed our Skip Tracing capabilities because we spend so much time Telemarketing!

We’ve used data from practically every source in the industry. We know who costs what, and whose data is legit (vs. whose data is … not so good).

Heck, even some data sources are banned by REVAS, because they are so terrible that they always cause the Telemarketing Campaigns to fail!

That’s the important part:

We need to be sure your Lists have consistently accurate Phone Numbers…

… because we’re often the ones actually dialing them (via REVAS Telemarketing Services)!

That’s why we have honed our systems & process for Real Estate Skip Tracing based on whatever will get you the best possible results.

To that end, we’ve developed two distinct methods of Skip Tracing:

  • Automated Skip Tracing (using our in-house proprietary software), and
  • Manual Deep-Dive Skip Tracing (using Overseas VA Work Hours & a plethora of paid 3rd party data sources).

We’ll be exploring more details and basic pricing of both REVAS Real Estate Skip Tracing methods below.

Providing Faster Turnaround on More Accurate and More Complete Lead Lists

Our Real Estate Skip Tracing Service can provide you with the fastest turnaround, the most accurate phone numbers, and the most complete lists.

Great!… but what does that mean, exactly?

  • It means less than a week after your list is turned in, you get phone numbers.
  • It means that these phone numbers are actually going to work. 
  • It means that 80-95% of your leads on that list will get a phone number.

But WHY does REVAS have access to this kind of technology?

Well, to be completely honest with you…

We’re selfish.

Yeah, I said it. The only reason we can provide this service for you is that we needed it ourselves. 

You see, REVAS provides a high-quality Telemarketing Service. (You can check it out in this link if you’re lacking in this area (insert link)).

For years, REVAS shopped around for the best sources of data, grappling with lists that had inaccurate phone numbers and inefficient list-building times.

We quickly realized something that most good business people know:

If you want something done right, you’ve gotta do it yourself.

So, we ultimately created our own Proprietary Software since it was always gonna be an issue for us.

Now it’s no longer an issue for YOU.

Our “Secret Sauce” 2-Pronged Approach to Real Estate Skip Tracing

Method #1: Automated Skip Tracing

I’ll cut to the chase. You don’t have the time or the resources to do Automated Skip Tracing on your own.

By “Automated Skip Tracing”, I mean using Computer Software to search through thousands of records at a time and place the missing info into your list.

To try and replicate a software like this, software that:

  1. pulls data from multiple tier 1 sources
  2. is designed specifically to aid Real Estate Telemarketing campaigns
  3. guarantees the most accurate phone numbers
  4. can run multiple lists at once for quick turnaround times,

Is simply not a feasible investment for a Real Estate business.

As I said, we did the work because it was in our best interest.

So now, you can let us do the work for you.

Method #2: Manual Deep-Dive Skip Tracing

Even the manual method is much easier when you let us do it. Here’s why:

First of all, it only needs to be used on rare occasions (like when you only need a few specific phone numbers but the contact info is lacking).

Your next step to Manual Skip Tracing involves searching Tier 2 and 3 Brokerage Databases for that contact info.

These are databases such as:

  • intelius
  • pipl
  • ussearch
  • peoplesmart
  • peoplefinders

(Oh, I forgot to mention these databases require paid memberships also).

Not to worry, as usual, REVAS has done the work for you ahead of time.

We’ve got paid memberships to all of these databases in place already, so feel free to let our Virtual Assistants handle any of your Manual Skip Tracing needs.

I know, I know, we’re far too good to you, but that’s only because you’re worth it!

Unique Benefits & Perks of REVAS Real Estate Skip Tracing Services

Your Back-Office Lead Data Partners… Who Stand Behind Our Data By Actually Using It!


The REVAS Skip Tracing Software is the most effective in the business because it draws information from the most effective sources.

These sources are the original data sources, guaranteed to be most accurate and most complete:

  1. County Tax Records
  2. County Property Records
  3. Credit Reporting Agencies

Using a combination of these sources, the REVAS Skip Tracing Software is a Technological Lead Appending Solution that powers our Telemarketing Campaigns.

Now it can power yours.

But why should you trust us to get these phone numbers? It’s 2018, there must be other options on the market (even if you may have never heard of them).


That being said, I guess now would be a good time to layout exactly why you can trust us:

  1. The REVAS Skip Tracing Software will provide 80 to 95% of the missing phone numbers from your list. That’s right; 80% is the minimum. 90-95% completion is far more typical, and we’ve even seen as high as 98%!
  2. Sometimes, we even get 2 different phone numbers for one lead (could be a spouse, sibling, etc., anyone else living at the address). We guarantee the highest percentage of list completion in the business.
  3. These phone numbers are also HIGHLY accurate and very dependable for quality Telemarketing Campaigns.
  4. This service is also offered at the most competitive rate in the industry. It’s not only the most bang for your buck, it’s the most bang, period.

Simply put, we can get more phone numbers for your list than any other service, because we have the best technical ability and software at our disposal.


A few months ago, a lady came in with a tax form with names on it and the street address, no state names or zip codes, all in the Richmond VA area.

Seems like a bit of an issue based on your experience, right?

Typically, it’s an issue to not have the zip code or state, but we have actually had zip code lookup based on street address/city name to help find more info on these records.

We were able to use this unique, custom-built for Real Estate Skip Tracing Software to find the zip codes and then the phone numbers for nearly all of her list.

No other company has the unique value proposition that REVAS has to offer:

Not only do we have software that can find phone numbers, but we have other software that can find the other information needed to find those phone numbers.


Bottom line: Bring in your list-no matter how incomplete it is- and it will be returned to you with all of the information you need to sell effectively to those leads.

The REVAS Competitive Advantage: Skip Tracing both Manually and via Automated Software

REVAS Skip Tracing offers more advantages than any other similar service-

The Automated Software offers attributes that put it above and beyond others:

  1. most competitive price in the industry
  2. most effective software for finding the most phone numbers
  3. highest quality phone numbers (nearly all of them actually work)
  4. proprietary, in-house software, built specifically for the RE industry
  5. Effective for both residential and commercial RE
  6. incredibly fast, turn around thousands of lists and records
  7. able to get 80-95% of the phone numbers for any list
  8. the highest accuracy in the whole industry for these numbers because this tracer is pulling from multiple tier 1 sources

The automated method is 80% cheaper than the manual method, but certain cases don’t allow for the computers to do their thing.

So, (to continue being insanely helpful to your business in multiple ways) REVAS also offers the Manual Method of Skip Tracing:

With memberships to every quality tier 2 and 3 databases, our Virtual Assistants on staff can find these phone numbers manually.

In the worst-case scenario, a list may only have an owner name and city:

THIS is where we need to go manual. Using discretion and human intelligence, these Virtual Assistants will make sure they track down those hard-to-find contacts.

REVAS Real Estate Skip Tracing Pricing

The Most Competitive Cost Per Lead in the Industry; In As Little As 24 Hour Turnaround


  1. How does the pricing work?
    1. There’s a chart for this, screenshotted into skype, I can make a table or something if I want to, more records you buy its cheaper per record (for the automated, based on a per record type of thing)


The first step of the process is you get something FREE!

(now we’re talkin’, right?)

We start out by taking up to 100 records for you and running them through our Skip Tracing Software 100% Free to see what kind of coverage we will get on your list. 

After this, we’ll know how much coverage the software will have on your list:

Will it get 80% of your list filled in, or 95%?  (No really, it won’t be lower than 80%).

Once we know the Coverage Estimate, we can create a Custom Quote based on your exact number of records and you can securely checkout online.


The entire process should take 3-4 days depending on the list size-

  • About 24 hours for the sample turnaround
  • Custom Quote immediately follows
  • 2-3 business days for the entire list after that

The turnaround time is also dependent on the quality of the initial list: the less information the software needs to find itself, the quicker it will get the phone numbers.

Formatting the list before it goes into the software can take the most time.

(A list with no typos, lots of categories filled out, and all of the addresses, cities, and zip codes with their own columns will make for smooth and quick sailing).

The good news is that our team of Virtual Assistants can clean up a list for you and even plug holes in the list, filling out contact info manually that the software needs.

However, (obviously) the more formatting it needs, the longer the process will take (but not by too much, don’t worry).

The best part is, after formatting, there’s no waiting in line. The software can run multiple lists at once and fill out thousands of records at a time.

Since we personally use this software for other parts of our business, we constantly make upgrades so that the REVAS Skip Tracing Software is the most efficient and accurate.