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Real Estate Skip Tracing

Add Accurate Decision Maker Phone Numbers for Your Real Estate Lead Lists

Real Estate Skip Tracing


Real Estate Skip Tracing is the term for adding or appending Decision Maker Contact Data (typically Phone Numbers, and sometimes Emails) to an existing Lead List.

The number one priority is gaining the ability to use Cold Call Telemarketing and/or outbound Cold Texting as Direct Marketing channels to reach your Leads.

How It Works:

In most cases Real Estate Skip Tracing is handled by software.

Therefore, you probably won’t be using an actual human Virtual Assistant for the majority of your Skip Tracing use-case scenarios.

However, there are times when you’ll need to have an Overseas Virtual Assistant manually research for the Decision Maker Contact Data, which we refer to as “Manual Deep Dive” Skip Tracing.

If you’re lucky, you won’t have to go that route, since it has a much higher Cost Per Record.

Instead, you can most likely use a Skip Tracing technology, like the one available to REVAS+ Members, as well as solutions like Batch Leads, DataZapp, PropStream, Lead Sherpa, and more.

IMPORTANT: The act of Skip Tracing assumes you already have the existing List (and just need to add Decision Maker Contact Info)! If you are creating a new List from scratch, this is called List Building, which you can read more about here.


Skip Tracing is a crucial process if you want to bridge the gap from Direct Mail to Telemarketing & Cold Texting.

If you’re targeting Homeowners, it is typically a very affordable addition to an existing List, and can be highly accurate.

Plus, if you’re targeting Homeowners, it is most likely a 90%+ automated process, where you simply format & upload your List, then wait a few minutes to a few hours for the full completed List (including the now Skip Traced Phone Numbers).


If you’re targeting any List(s) that are more complicated than Residential Single Family Homeowners, like Commercial Real Estate Owners, or Business Decision Makers, the basic approach to Skip Tracing will likely fall short.

Therefore, for these types of more complicated Lists, you can expect additional hard costs for activities like Entity Unmasking and other types of manual research.

Even for simple Skip Tracing tasks on common use-cases (like Homeowner Lists), there are many options, with wide variance in quality of data. The learning curve can be steep, and mistakes can be costly!

Work Estimate:

For easy Skip Tracing candidates like a Homeowners List…

… where you already have the Subject Property Address, and ideally even the Homeowner’s Full Name…

… Skip Tracing can be a purely automated process, and run you as cheap as $0.03 – $0.06 per record.

On the other hand, if you’re targeting a more complicated List (B2B, Commercial R.E., etc), you might require multiple passes, including the “deep dive manual Skip Tracing” approach we mention above.

In these scenarios, you can see your overall Skip Tracing (as well as Entity Unmasing and Data Appending) costs in ranges upward of $1 – $5+ per record!

At REVAS, we’ve even run Campaigns with extensive Deep Dive Skip Tracing required, that were ultimately profitable at a Cost Per Record of $26!

Therefore, it’s important to keep in mind, it’s not all about the cost of the data, but rather the profitability of a closed sale.


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