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A Customer Avatar is a detailed psychographic, demographic, and psychological profile of your ideal real estate client.

Now, there are probably a few Real Estate Customer Avatars you can use for your business. These are the archetype of your ideal client.

Let’s break it down.

Customer Avatar Creation is all about deeply researching your business, to intimately understand your primary (and ideal) Client Types.

Who are currently your best Clients? Customer Avatar Creation is designed to create profiles of these Client archetypes to focus all your future marketing & lead generation targeting.

The service focuses on interviewing your top sales-peoples and managers to understand what the characteristics are of those ideal clients for your business.

The ultimate goal is a better connection between every marketing material you invest in and the exact client you’re looking to attract.

Customer Avatar Creation gives you a target for all of your marketing materials so that every marketing message you create is…

  • heading in the right direction,
  • aimed towards the profitable goal,
  • and more likely to lead to desired results.

How It Works:

Customer Avatar Creation is primarily a consultative service, so this isn’t something that just any old VA is going to be able to do.

In fact, most of the research will be conducted by REVAS CEO, Marshall Hatfield, and our senior management team personally.

First, we will research your company and your competition, getting an in-depth look at your existing marketing materials.

Then, we interview your top managers and sales-peoples specifically, make sure to dig deep on:

  • who your best clients really are,
  • what their characteristics are,
  • what they have in common,
  • what makes them tick, and
  • what problems you are solving for them.

Once we conduct this research, we will break it down to the specific points and create a Customer Avatar…

showcasing its most important details of what the ideal client looks like for your business.

See below for an example of what is Customer Avatar might look like.


The most valuable thing you will get out of creating a properly-researched Customer Avatar is a better return on investment for every marketing and ad dollar you spend.

In other words, the research makes the return.


Proper research gives you a clear target to aim for with your marketing and sales materials.

So much money is wasted every single year on advertisements that miss the target market.

But YOU will understand specifically what pain points are motivating their decisions. 

Now your marketing material can connect and show them how you’re providing unique solutions to their problems…

solutions that nobody else in the market can give them – ultimately leading to better ROI on every marketing investment you make.


The biggest challenge with Customer Avatar Creation is knowing when to stop.

Just how many different Customer Avatars do you want to break your client base down into?

Of course, one Customer Avatar is probably not enough because you have a few different demographics and client archetypes that are very valuable to you.

And you know you profit most when you’re solving different problems for different clients.

You’ll be shocked at how much you’ll benefit from having a Customer Avatar to describe each of those important archetypes.

On the other hand, if you’re going to have too many details and create too many Customer Avatars…

… you’ll be losing all the benefits of this simplification and research process in the first place.

So you need to break it down into just the right amount of Customer Avatars.

For most real estate companies, even those providing a variety of services like:

  • sales,
  • retails,
  • agents,
  • representation,
  • investment services,
  • property management services, etc,

At most, you probably want to have 3-5 Customer Avatars of all your best clients and their key characteristics.

Anything less than that might be too narrow…anything more than that might get too complicated and lose the benefits that you’re after in the first place.

Work Estimate:

Customer Avatar Creation is primarily a consultative service involving the Senior Managers and Leadership of REVAS directly.

Therefore, the pricing is custom, specifically for your business, based on:

  • the complexity,
  • the importance of Customer Avatar to your business,
  • the amount of research we need to conduct,
  • the amount of senior sales peoples we will be interviewing and, ultimately,
  • the number of actual separate Customer Avatars you intend to create.

Because it’s more work to create multiple Customer Avatars, we can get an economy of scales if we create 3-5 all at once versus separated out by several months and years apart.