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Real Estate Customer Avatar Creation

Utilize Virtual Assistants to Help Research & Target Your Ideal Customer Avatars


A Customer Avatar is a detailed psychographic, demographic, and psychological profile of your ideal real estate client.

Therefore, the most important goal of Real Estate Customer Avatar Creation is to better understand your ideal Real Estate Client, so you can target the right Leads more effectively in your Marketing and Sales efforts.

Most likely, there is more than one Real Estate Customer Avatar you can use for your business. These are the “archetypes” of your ideal Clients.

By working with a specialist Virtual Assistant to deeply research your business, especially your current & past Clients, you’ll be able better understand how to replicate your biggest successes.

Who are your best Clients?

What makes them such a perfect fit?

Customer Avatar Creation is designed to create profiles of these personas, so you can better focus in on servicing the best possible Clients for your business.

Utilizing a Virtual Assistant for this deep dive research means you’ll want to hire a specialist (probably US-based).

Your goal with the Virtual Assistant will be having them interview your top sales-peoples and managers to understand what the characteristics are of those ideal clients for your business.

The ultimate goal is a better connection between every marketing material you invest in and the exact client you’re looking to attract.

Customer Avatar Creation gives you a target for all of your marketing materials so that every marketing message you create is…

  • heading in the right direction,
  • aimed towards the profitable goal,
  • and more likely to lead to desired results.

How It Works:

Customer Avatar Creation is a deeply consultative service, so this isn’t something that just any old VA is going to be able to do.

Therefore, keep that in mind when interviewing & hiring potential VAs for this type of Task.

Ideally you can find someone who has done something similar in the past (and the good news is, there are a lot of Customer Avatar Templates online you can use to reduce the guesswork).

First, you will need work with the Virtual Assistant to research your company and your competition, getting an in-depth look at your existing marketing materials.

Then, you & your specialist Virtual Assistant interview your top managers and salespeople, making sure to dig deep on:

  • who your best clients really are,
  • what are their characteristics,
  • what they have in common,
  • what problems you’re solving for them, and
  • what painpoints they have (what “keeps them up at night”).

Once you conduct this research, you’ll want to break it down to the specific points and create a Customer Avatar Diagram, showcasing the Avatar in a way that makes it easy for everyone on your Team to understand & think about.

See below for a few examples of Customer Avatar Diagrams.

Customer Avatar Diagram Example
Customer Avatar Example


The ultimate objective behind building out proper Customer Avatar Profiles is a better Return On Investment for every Marketing and Sales effort going forward!

By building out clear targets to aim for with your Marketing and Sales efforts, you’ll have greater peace of mind & clarity whenever approaching a new revenue-generating opportunity.

So much money is wasted every single year on Marketing Campaigns that miss the mark.

By properly honing in on our ideal Customer Avatars, you will be much more likely to succeed when investing into Marketing and Advertising.

You can more directly connect to your Prospect, and rapidly demonstrate how you’re uniquely qualified to help solve their greatest pain points.

This is why properly researching & targeting the right Customer Avatars can lead to better ROI on every Marketing dollar you spend.


Customer Avatar Creation is a very high-level & strategic activity.

It’s not something you can simply outsource to a 3rd party and let them take care of everything. Even a genius-level Ad Agency will still need to work closely with you & your Salespeople to build out Avatars properly.

Therefore, you’ll need to be very careful about hiring the right Virtual Assistant (probably US-based, with a proven track record in this type of Marketing Task).

The right type of VA for this Task will also be much more expensive than most other VAs. If a normal US-based VA costs $18 per hour, expect to pay $25 – $40+ per hour for this type of higher-level work.

The other big difficulty with this type of work is knowing where exactly to stop. Yes: you want to ideally research all your Avatars in one single project (to get the best economies of scale).

However, how many Customer Avatars is too many? 

One Customer Avatar is probably not enough, unless you have a very narrow focus in your business and only serve one very particular type of Client.

On the other hand, once you start hitting 5, 6, or 7+ Customer Avatars, you can expect your Salespeople and Marketing Teams to start forgetting which one is which & losing track of the Avatars in general.

So you need to break it down into just the right amount of Customer Avatars.

For most real estate companies, even those providing a variety of services like:

  • sales,
  • rentals,
  • agents,
  • representation,
  • investment services,
  • property management services, etc,

You can probably get away with 3 – 5 Customer Avatars, max… which is a silver lining on this complex research Task, in that your final end products are still relatively small & straightforward (reducing the total amount of expensive VA Work Hours you’ll be purchasing).

Work Estimate:

Customer Avatar Creation is a more consultative service than most Virtual Assistant Tasks.

That’s why we recommend using a specialist VA for this type of work, most likely someone US-based (or at least who has significant marketing experience working on USA-based Campaigns).

Therefore, the pricing is difficult to predict for your business, because it will be effected by variables like:

  • the complexity of your business,
  • the number of different Customer Avatars you’ll be researching,
  • the amount of in-depth fact finding that needs to be conducted,
  • the amount of senior sales peoples your Virtual Assistant (and you yourself) will be interviewing and, ultimately,
  • the number of actual separate Customer Avatar Templates you intend to fully flesh out.

There are some economies of scale here, so if you are planning to build 2 – 4+ Customer Avatars, we recommend doing it all under the umbrella of one single research project.

Therefore, you’ll need to carefully plan out the main Avatars you plan to construct, and then put your Questionnaire(s) together which you’ll be using to interview your sales & marketing team(s).

From there, it might only take 3 – 5 hours to build out multiple Customer Avatars… so the good news is if you take your time on the planning, the implementation should be pretty quick.


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