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Add More Data to Your Existing Lead Lists (Like Phone Numbers, Emails, and Social Media Info)

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The goal of Real Estate Data Appending is simple: to add the missing contact information to your existing lead lists.

Let’s say you have a list with names & addresses but you want to telemarket to them.

Or let’s say you want to send email marketing or reach out to Homeowners on social media, you’re going to need to add that information to your existing lists.

It is usually easy to find a Homeowner’s name & a property address from public records.

So, Data Appending is most often used to append harder-to-find data, like:

  • phone numbers,
  • emails &
  • social media.

It’s very similar to our Skip Tracing services.

How It Works:

Similar to our Skip Tracing services, our Data Appending services use a combination of automated technology tools & manual deep-dive research.

The automated tools will run your list through our proprietary software to see if we can look up the phone numbers, social media & emails automatically.

However, sometimes the automated technological method falls short, & we can get better results by having an Overseas Virtual Assistant following our in-house, proven, Standard Operating Procedures to look up this same missing information, using a variety of paid databases to which REVAS is a paying member.


The big pro is that you’ll be able to contact people via different channels than you could before.

If you only have their name & address, you can only send them direct mail.

If you have their phone number, social media & email, you can target them on all of those platforms.

You can use Telemarketing to reach out to them, you can send them personalized email messages, you can even target them with your Facebook or Instagram ads so they display only to those people on your targeted list.


The biggest challenge with Data Appending is that sometimes the information will either be impossible to find or inaccurate.

This largely depends on the locations that you’re targeting, the type of property & property owners that you’re targeting, & other various factors that have to do with the public records & their availability to the mass public at large.

One of the other big challenges of Data Appending can be running into a list of properties that are mostly owned by business entities or trusts.

If your properties are primarily held by LLCs & corporations then we’re going to need to add another step into the mix which is called REVAS Corporate Unmasking.

Work Estimate:

The good news about Data Appending is that first, it can start by using automated tools.

So basically you can expect a price based on the number of records that you’re using Data Appending to add to.

Your price range will be a ballpark somewhere between 20 cents per record on the low end & on the very high end as much as $1 – $1.50 per record, particularly if we’re using manual deep-dive research methods.