Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Real Estate Standard Operating Procedure Samples

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)There’s a reason at REVAS we require step-by-step Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to work with our Virtual Assistants:

While people come & go, a process remains, which is why we always work Process-Based, Not People-Based™.

A systematic, step-by-step Standard Operating Procedure for each repetitive task in your business forms the foundation of your day-to-day operations.

“What gets measured, gets managed.” Whatever goes unmeasured is prone to slipping through the cracks & creating waste.

That’s why we require a “REVAS-Style SOP” for each task you plan to delegate to our Virtual Assistants.

REVAS-Style SOP Examples

(Snippets Only, For Full SOP Samples, Request More Info.)

To give you a tangible example of what we mean by a “REVAS-Style SOP,” check out these real-world examples of SOPs that have been approved by our Training Manager.

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These are only a small variety of samples and include only snippets of the full (often 20+ page) PDF Standard Operating Procedure documents.

If you’d like to get access to full versions of these SOP Templates, as well as many of our Real Estate Telemarketing Script Templates, Request More Info here.

How To Benefit From Our Proven Real Estate SOPs

We at Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services take a continuous improvement / kaizen / Six Sigma approach to system optimization.

Our #3 Core Value is “Be efficient.”

It’s our business to stay focused on identifying, tracking, and eliminating waste.

As a company that sees behind-the-scenes for a lot of real estate businesses just like yours, one thing’s for certain: a lot of the industry is still very wasteful & inefficient.

However, the tide’s already turning. Real estate professionals are constantly being asked to provide more, for less.

That’s where Standardized Operating Procedures come in.

We’d love to be able to provide universal SOPs that will work for everyone, and you can see from the examples above that many processes share many details in common, but ultimately:

Every business is unique, as is every single process!

No matter how similar it is to other real estate companies, your business is unique. You have your own specific ways of doing certain activities that are slightly different from everyone else.

This means to truly measure & manage what’s going on, and operate Process-Based, not People-Based, you’ll need SOPs custom-tailored to your own existing procedures.

Our goal is to get you started off on the right foot, as well as provide a ‘Done For You’ option so you barely have to lift a finger to get SOPs that map out every single detail.

Because, while your business is unique, in several fundamental and basic ways, every real estate company is the same.

Real estate transactions & management take on certain similar characteristics the world over.

There are finite lead generation channels, few major tech tools, list brokers, service providers, and untapped deals out there.

This is where working with real estate virtual assistant service providers who already have a variety of mature, systematized, and proven Standard Operating Procedures can make your life a lot easier.

Working With REVAS Will Make Your Life Easier

We’re in the business of taking a Process-Based, Not People-Based approach to solve your problems & help you succeed.

Thanks to implementing hundreds of SOPs for dozens of companies over years of experience, we have developed a pretty clear idea of what does (and does not) work.

One thing we know for certain is that without systematic processes, outsourcing is uncertain at best, disastrous at worst.

That’s why:

For every new task, we always require a systematic, REVAS-Style, step-by-step Standard Operating Procedure.

We provide ‘Done For You’ Process Development Services, or assist real estate business people like yourself on creating & submitting your own SOPs for approval by our Training Manager.

We’re also constantly working on our own internal SOPs as a template to make the process for you easy, efficient, and dependable. We have everything from proven real estate telemarketing scripts, to social media action plans, to pre-built databases of leads integrated with existing SOPs, and now you can get access to this same level of systematization in your own back-office.

As you can imagine, we have built up quite the database of Real Estate Standard Operating Procedures, so have a pretty good idea of how to create one that works.

Our greatest strength is in our ability to provide you low-cost, reliable Human Resources working Process-Based, Not People-Based™ off an ever-evolving arsenal of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

By working with some of the most successful brands & franchises in the world, we are always learning new and better ways to run our operations that can be easily turned to benefit your own real estate business.

Real Estate VA Division of Labor

Real Estate Virtual Assistant Division of LaborThrough a systematic division of labor in our back-office, you’ll get access to Real Estate Virtual Assistants who spend all day every day working on tasks similar to those you are likely to require in your real estate company. By removing complexity from our operations as much as possible, we remove the guesswork from your hiring & managing process.

By ensuring all our VAs spend their time on repetitive, predictable tasks, we provide you with a scalable back office with assembly-line efficiency.

That’s why – as much as possible – our Real Estate Virtual Assistants don’t “wear multiple hats”. Our VAs become specialists in one, two, or three common real estate tasks, and spend all day every day mastering them. We carefully monitor our VAs both for performance, and for happiness with their job, until we find a specific role where they can truly thrive.

Some tasks are more brutal and grueling than others (eg: outbound cold calling), so VAs who start getting burnt out might rotate to another similar task (eg: inbound call answering) until they recuperate. Then, it’s back into the fray at the primary task at which they are in the process of becoming experts.