Real Estate Telemarketing Script Writing

Real Estate Telemarketing Script Writing

Real Estate Outbound & Inbound Phone Scripts – Real Estate Sales Script Writing

Real Estate Telemarketing Script WritingYour real estate telemarketing script is the backbone of all outbound & inbound telephone lead generation.

At REVAS, we consider your comprehensive & detailed real estate telemarketing script as the equivalent of your real estate telemarketing SOP (Standard Operating Procedure).

Second in importance only to your real estate telemarketing lists, real estate telemarketing script writing is one of the most critical steps to determining if your campaign succeeds or fails.

The script is what determines the flow of your telemarketers’ calls.

Even if it is not read word for word on every call, it will be the guiding foundation of what to say when, how your offer is presented, your specific calls to action, frequently asked questions, and overcoming objections.

A comprehensive real estate telemarketing script must have all of the above, and be captivating, persuasive, and to-the-point.

There’s a reason we require this type of script to be submitted & approved before you can work with our trained Real Estate Telemarketing Virtual Assistants:

The right script, paired with the right list, works.

The REVAS Telemarketing Script Writing System

Since long before REVAS merged with sister company REVAS, the most popular Virtual Assistant Service we offered was always, by far:

Real Estate Telemarketing.

We’ve had peak periods where our US-based and Overseas Telemarketing VAs were dialing over 100 hours per day! That is over 12 full-time shifts of 100% telephone lead generation, every single day, strictly calling on popular real estate campaigns like:

  • Expireds & FSBOs for Listing Leads.
  • Probates, Distressed Assets, and more to find Off-Market Property Leads.
  • Real Estate Cash Buyers & Multi-Family Investors for Property Management Leads.
  • Real Estate Agents to identify potential Mortgage Lender Referral Partners.
  • Too many more to list…

If you can think of some crazy campaign for real estate telemarketing, chances are someone has hired us to do just that.

Plus, as the vendor who is actually managing the call center team directly, we’re here where the rubber meets the road.

We don’t get the luxury of selling puffed up scripts using falsified stats, or scripts that might (or might not) work, only in the hands of expert genius salespeople, only in some local markets.

No, when we are hired for real estate telemarketing, we need to produce results, or you will quit the service. Simple.

And there’s a huge elephant in the room with real estate telemarketing we’ve learned first-hand over nearly a decade working with hundreds of companies:

Most real estate telemarketing fails!

There are a wide variety of reasons for this, including that most real estate telemarketing campaigns:

  • Don’t achieve the necessary message-to-market match to generate enough quality leads.
  • Try to make impossibly large leaps down the sales funnel, in too few steps, over too short a time.
  • Focus the wrong offers to the wrong lists.
  • Are not adequately funded.
  • Operate on unrealistical assumptions and projections.
  • Do not invest enough in ongoing monitoring, management, training, and adaptation.
  • Do not generate a positive ROI, and ultimately are abandoned.

If you’ve spent time, energy, and money on failed Real Estate Telemarketing Campaigns, you’re not alone.

In some ways, you may also be experiencing a first glimpse into the future.

REVAS CEO, Marshall Hatfield, predicts:

By 2025, “traditional” old school & simplistic real estate telemarketing will no longer be viable.

With so many Agents & Investors chasing the same leads, following the same scripts, the future of real estate telemarketing will be ultra competitive and require major innovations to remain profitable.

We’ve seen first-hand many of the most popular real estate telemarketing campaign types, like calling Expired Listings or FSBOs, are consistently generating less and less quality leads, while the few leads generated tend to be non-serious tire kickers & flakes.

What Makes The REVAS Approach Different?

The first and most important difference of the REVAS approach to real estate telemarketing script writing is this one simple focus question:

What is your goal on the call?

Most reading this will instantly leap to thinking the goal is generating a “lead” or a listing appointment or whatever.

In today’s changing market, you would be wrong. And tomorrow it’ll only get worse.

If you think the goal of your outsourced cold calls to a complete stranger is generating a listing appointment or ‘hot lead,’ you’re dreaming.

Sure, it will happen in a tiny percentage of calls… but that’s the exact same thing the last guy tried to do, along with the last 10 (or 50+ in a big city) real estate telemarketers who called them.

Without a hard hitting Unique Selling Proposition (USP) or Extra Value Proposition (EVP) that near-instantly distinguishes you as different from everyone else, your call is dead in the water.

You’re a totally replaceable commodity.

And if you’re hoping that after this one cold call, that lead is going to be ready to take action, you’re going to be missing 90% of your potential customers waiting on that one easy one.

The real goal of successful real estate telemarketing for the future is:

To get someone’s permission to continue marketing to them!

Get their email for a drip sequence, their mailing address for your newsletter, and their social media accounts to connect, follow, and share.

Show them you’re not just another desperate chump by demonstrating your value in a low pressure sequential sale across multiple media channels.

Telemarketing is a way to start the conversation, but don’t assume a cold call is just one or two steps away from a sales meeting & closing table.

The more you try to force an overly ambitious outcome from your telemarketing campaign, the less real results you’ll see.

Benefits Of Hiring Us For Real Estate Telemarketing Script Writing Services

Hiring REVAS to handle your real estate telemarketing script development is a weight off your shoulders at a bargain price.

Our Real Estate Telemarketing Scripts aren’t written by some guru in their ivory tower, prescribing actions from on-high with no consequences whether you succeed or fail.

Our Real Estate Telemarketing Scripts aren’t written in stone by some franchise founder or copywriter 10 – 15+ years ago and shoveled down the throats of franchisees & salespeople with no updates or improvements.

REVAS Telemarketing Scripts: Proven In Action Daily.

Our Real Estate Telemarketing Scripts are up-to-date to the minute, based on what we see working every single day in real estate companies like yours.

Our Real Estate Telemarketing Virtual Assistants are dialing 100+ hours daily, on scripts ranging from Expireds & Neighborhood Farming, to ‘We Buy Houses’ & Short Sales.

We’re working on the front-lines of Real Estate Telemarketing every single day; what we do has to work.

That same type of battle-tested, action-proven script writing is what you’re getting when you hire us to write or update your own Real Estate Telemarketing scripts.

  • The REVAS Telemarketing Script Writers all will be able to pull from dozens of scripts that are working on live calls right now.
  • Plus, we’re experts at personalizing scripts based on your own Unique Selling Points & Unique Value Propositions (USPs & UVPs).
  • Finally, every REVAS-style Telemarketing Script will automatically include comprehensive FAQs and quick rebuttals for Overcoming Objections.

Hire REVAS for all your Real Estate Telemarketing Script Writing requirements, and rest assured your campaigns are built on solid foundations of proven formulas & ingredients.