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Real Estate Telemarketing Script Writing

Create Telemarketing Scripts That Maximize Your ROI With US-based & Overseas VAs


The goal of a perfect Real Estate Telemarketing Script is to codify the ideal conversation your Salespeople can have with potential Prospects for Lead Generation & Lead Pre-Qualification.

How It Works:

While many Telemarketing Scripts are vague, and just include some rough bullet points for a salesperson to follow, the best Telemarketing Scripts map everything out word-for-word.

Highly successful sales organizations build Scripts that are to be utilized exactly as written (or very close to it), and they base the wording off actually successful sale conversations from experienced salespeople.

In essence, a fully fleshed out Telemarketing Script is just like a step-by-step Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), except for a conversational phone call.

To build your perfect Telemarketing Script, you’ll follow a similar process to creating the ideal SOP:

Step 1: Record & Systematize an Expert Salesperson.

Similar to the “Over the Shoulder” Training Call utilized when building a Standard Operating Procedure, the Recording of an Expert Salesperson serves as your foundation based on real-world success.

While it’s not always practical to record a Salesperson on a live call with a Prospect, the next best thing is role playing with another in-house Team Member.

By recording the way an expert Salesperson not only goes through the call, but also how they handle objections & answer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), you’ll be capturing the high-level raw material necessary to build an excellent Telemarketing Script.

Step 2: Document the Telemarketing Script (w/ FAQs & Rebuttals).

As mentioned above, not only do we recommend building Scripts in complete, word-for-word detail:

We also always encourage Real Estate Teams to include detailed Rebuttals to common Objections, as well as Answers to Frequently Asked Questions in their Scripts.

The most important part of your Script to get right will be the intro, especially if it’s going to be used on Cold Call Telemarketing Campaigns.

Carefully hone the first 10 – 20 seconds of your Script to ensure that it is clear, concise, and using as few words as possible. You never want to launch into a monologue at the start of the call & just assume the person on the other end of the line will listen!

A great way to capture quick attention with your Script’s intro is by asking an open-ended question within the first 10 seconds. This could be something like:

“How does that sound to you?” or “What is your plan for that property?”

Step 3: Test the Script Word-for-Word by Role-Playing.

Before you ever deploy your Telemarketing Script on live calls, it’s crucial that you test it via Role-Playing with your Team Members.

Test out many scenarios, with an agreeable & disagreeable counter-party. Have your Team Members throw you unexpected curveballs, and see how your Script holds up.

This can also be a great way to reveal additional FAQs or Rebuttals that need to be added to the Script before going live.

And even after all these 3 Steps are completed, remember that your Script is never finished! View your Telemarketing Scripts are living documents that can constantly be adjusted & improved based on live call feedback.

By systematically tracking your Telemarketing KPIs, as well as having your Sales Manager(s) listen to call recordings to find potential weak points in the Scripting, you can continuously improve your best Telemarketing Scripts until they are powerful tools of guaranteed Lead Generation!


A powerful Telemarketing Script, paired with the right List and the right Telemarketer, can be one of your best investments!

Real Estate Telemarketing doesn’t change that much over time, meaning a winning Script today can still be profitably generating Seller Leads years from now.

Plus, a Telemarketing Script is totally scalable:

Whether you have 1 Telemarketer or 25, they can all be trained on your winning Script(s), and should all be able to get similar results if your Script is word-for-word thorough & you monitor each Telemarketer’s performance accordingly.


Building a winning Telemarketing Script is a long-term, labor intensive process! Just because you’ve put together a good looking & robust Script, doesn’t mean you’ve reached a final state of perfection.

The best Scripts are constantly updated based on real-world feedback from live calls.

This also means you need a mechanism to train all your Telemarketers & Salespeople on the updates… which means the Script itself is not only a living document, but also needs to be a centerpiece for frequent training meetings.

In other words: building the perfect Real Estate Telemarketing Script is not only a hefty initial setup effort, but also an ongoing iterative process of continuous improvement.

Work Estimate:

The time & effort required to build an initial Telemarketing Script will largely depend on your Sales Team’s experience level:

If you have at least one Salesperson who is already an expert at the type of calls you plan on Scripting out, the process will be relatively simple (since you can essentially just record that person’s call technique verbatim).

If you don’t already have highly successful Salespeople on your Team who are experts at the type of call you need scripted, the process will be a bit trickier. The best bet is to speak to coaches you trust, and seek out a variety of other proven Scripts from the marketplace, to see what is already working for what you need.

Either way, once you have a solid foundation (of either a recorded Salesperson’s successful call approach, or that from a Coach or other proven expert), building the Script will probably take about 3 – 5 hours of careful writing.

Then, you should expect another 3 – 5 hours of edits based on live role-playing with your Team Members. A big part of this effort will come from adding in FAQs and Rebuttals you might’ve missed on the first pass:

It’s important to try and think of as many of the common hurdles you’ll encounter in advance, so your Telemarketers aren’t stuck on a call with no idea what to say!

Finally, you can expect at least 1 – 2 hours per month of continuously auditing the Script and its performance on live calls, making small updates & edits as you go to ensure you’ve documented the best possible wording & call flow for maximum repeatable success.


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