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Yellow Letter Marketing is a specialized type of Direct Mail for Real Estate Investors to generate off-market motivated seller leads.

Now, there’s one very unique thing about these letters:

They’re designed to appear as if they’re hand-written by an actual person commenting on the seller’s specific property.

And typically, you want these to include details about how they can get in touch to get a no-obligation cash offer from you as the investor.

How It Works:

We work in collaboration with

They’re owned by fellow Real Estate Investors, focused strictly on providing Direct Mail Yellow Letter Marketing for Real Estate Investors, by Real Estate Investors.

We also have a variety of templates, along with (highly recommend) writers with the ability to create your Yellow Letter Direct Mail content from scratch.

These are specialized, U.S.-based copywriters who can write the Yellow Letter Marketing content for you.

And we have the proven templates that other Real Estate Investors have used (highly successfully) with Yellow Letter Marketing to generate tons of off-market seller leads.

NOTE: For direct mail, you want to reach a client 7 – 12 times before they will take action based on your messages.

Once we have the direct mail sequence, we can help you print, send, and track them.

To avoid the same person receiving the same content over & over again, we’ll help you create a sequence of Yellow Letters – as many as 12 – to get the best results in your Direct Mail Yellow Letter campaign.


The pros and cons of Yellow Letter Marketing are pretty similar to Real Estate Direct Mail in general.

The biggest difference, of course, is this a specialized type of campaign…

One that’s already been proven effective in action on the front lines of a real estate business, especially for investors.

So, the biggest “pro” of this Fully Managed VA Solution is that it’s going to help you generate motivated off-market seller leads, ESPECIALLY if you’re targeting people who are in some type of a distressing situation on their property and need to sell fast and/or need to sell in as-is condition.

The best thing about that situation is that you can send this type of direct mail marketing to any Real Estate Owner list.

  1. You don’t need their phone number.
  2. You don’t need their email address.
  3. You can always get the addresses.

So this is something that you can send out to your entire target list…

And it’s one of the broadest and most proven ways to generate off-market seller leads for investors.


The biggest downfall of Yellow Letter Marketing is that it’s expensive.

You see, you’re probably going to want to have your yellow letter inside an envelope (it’s not just a postcard).

We do send some yellow letters or postcards which are slightly cheaper, but they look like business mail.

If you want it to appear as it came from a real person, you want a printed piece of mail inside an active envelope with a live stamp on it.

So you’re basically looking at practically a dollar per piece printed and mailed.

This is obviously a weak point because your Cost Per Lead on Yellow Letter Marketing tends to be a bit higher than things like Real Estate Telemarketing or online advertising.

However, it still is a very targeted method of generating leads and (more often than not) can still create a great ROI in spite of its high cost.

Work Estimate:

The main components of the Yellow Letter Marketing, similar to any other direct mail, are going to be your List and your Ad Creative (the actual messages on the letters that you’re sending).

The only way to be successful will be with a good List and a good Mail Sequence.

Fortunately, we have proven templates that you can use for the messages to get the best ROI, but we recommend at least a little bit of customization, so that

  • your brand,
  • your unique selling proposition,
  • and your track record…

… all your own business’s strong points can shine through.

To prepare your campaign ready and get your 7 – 12 mail pieces ready, you’re probably talking about 20 to 40 work hours with a US-based Virtual Assistant (Copywriter).

And that’s just to customize everything to your business & make sure it’s pristine content.

(After all, you want everything to be tip-top since you’re spending about a dollar per piece to print and mail it — perhaps even a little bit more.)

You can expect that many Work Hours using a US-based Virtual Assistant, plus the cost of printing and mailing the letters…

… and then of course you’re going to need some type of list.

REVAS offers Real Estate List Building Services, and there are also plenty of other options we can help guide you through to try and find a list right off the shelf.