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Real Estate Lead Management Virtual Assistants

Convert More Leads to Closed Sales With Overseas VAs to Help Manage Your Pipeline

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The number one goal of a Lead Management Virtual Assistant is to boost your overall conversion ratio:

Turn more Leads into Closed Sales!

Calling a VA your “Lead Management Virtual Assistant” is a bit of a broad term, since there are many areas of your Sales Pipeline in which a VA can be helpful.

This could be a very specialized scenario, like a CRM Data Entry VA… or it could be a generalist role, where your Overseas VA is following many separate SOPs on a variety of Lead Management workflows.

The most important factor to keep in mind is whether your VA is actually boosting your conversion ratio.

You’re goal should be to close more transactions by getting more out of your existing Leads and your Sphere Of Influence, by correctly using Lead Management Virtual Assistants to better optimize, outsource, and automate your Sales Pipeline.

How It Works:

Lead Management Virtual Assistants are there to help you out with all processes that are repetitive and the menial duties in your Sales Pipeline.

That means making sure that:

  • your CRM is up to date,
  • those follow-up tasks were handled by your Agents or ISAs,
  • your notes are getting entered where they need to be,
  • your tags are up to date on your prospects and clients,
  • your direct mail follow-up and text message follow-up is getting sent out to the right people when it’s supposed to be, and
  • all of the data from your sales funnel is getting tracked from initial Lead Generation to closing ROI and Sphere Of Influence.


The biggest benefit of a properly leveraged Lead Management Virtual Assistant is taking the menial duties off your local team’s plate, so you can keep your primary focus on:

  • generating revenue,
  • closing more deals,
  • coaching your team and agents, and
  • building your real estate business.

Also, it’s going to help make sure that you are leveraging your Lead Management tools to their greatest possible output (by having a VA who is dedicated to keeping everything in there up to date & running smoothly). 

By doing this, you’ll reap a number of supplementary benefits, such as

  • keeping track of all of your Leads,
  • tracking your Sphere of Influence,
  • generating better conversion ratios,
  • garnering repeat business, and
  • providing excellent customer service and nurturing experience.


The biggest challenge of using Lead Management Virtual Assistants is knowing the best Workflows to assign to your VA(s).

Most Lead Management Tasks are likely best handled by an Overseas VA. That means you’ll also need a clear, step-by-step Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for each Workflow you outsource, to ensure a clear & consistent output from the VA(s).

That also means the Tasks you’re assigning will need to be highly streamlined and systematic.

You don’t want to leave important Sales- and Marketing-related decisions up to an Overseas VA… so you should set up their role & function as if you were programming a machine: down to the fine details and step-by-step Workflows.

Therefore, you’ll need to clearly define the role of your Lead Management VA in the early stages, and start building out those step-by-step Workflows in a way that can be easily replicated.

The key decisions you’ll need to make to be successful are:

  1. What Standard Operating Procedures will your VA require to do their work?
  2. How will you measure & track their results?

If you fail at either of the above, it’s easy to waste a lot of money on Lead Management Virtual Assistants who add little to no ROI…

… and worse yet, there’s a chance they’ll cause you to lose some potential Clients due to Leads and Opportunities that might slip through the cracks.

Work Estimate:

The good news is once you get clear on your Workflows and build the appropriate step-by-step Standard Operating Procedures…

… a Lead Management Virtual Assistant role can likely be filled by an Overseas VA, working hourly.

Unless you have a particularly large database & sales organization, they can also probably get by with a pretty low amount of part-time Work Hours.

A typical rule of thumb we’ve seen to apply across most Real Estate Companies would be:

For each Salesperson on your Team, you can get by with about 20 Work Hours Per Month of an Overseas Lead Management Virtual Assistant.

Sometimes even a lot less than that.

We’ve seen & built highly efficient, mostly-automated Lead Management systems where a Residential Real Estate Brokerage was able to add significant value using Lead Management VAs for only five Work Hours per Agent per month (a hard cost of <$50 per Agent per month)!

Still, the key is the Workflows you choose & their quality of documentation (SOPs).

If you build the system carefully, a Lead Management Virtual Assistant can bring major value for very little cost.


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