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Real Estate Lead Management Virtual Assistants

Lead Tracking Virtual Assistants – Overseas Admin & Data Entry VAs


This is it part of our Real Estate Lead Management bundle in general & works excellent when you pair it with a virtual ISA, or virtual Inside Sales Agent.

Also, it can be really similar to using a CRM Data Entry Virtual Assistant, and – put in simple terms – the biggest value that you’re going to get from having a Real Estate Lead Management Virtual Assistant is greater conversion ratio.

You’re going to take more of your leads from simply entering into your sales funnel to actually becoming a listing or a buyer at a closing for you.

You’re going to close more transactions by getting more out of your existing leads and your Sphere Of Influence by using Lead Management Virtual Assistants to better manage and optimize your sales process.

How It Works:

Lead Management Virtual Assistants are there to help you out with all processes that are repetitive & the menial duties in your sales funnel.

That means making sure:

  • that your CRM is up to date,
  • that those follow-up tasks were handled by your Agents or ISAs,
  • that your notes are getting entered where they need to,
  • that your tags are up to date on your prospects and clients,
  • that your direct mail follow-up and text message followup is getting sent out the right people when it’s supposed to be, &
  • generally making sure that all of the data from your sales funnel is getting tracked from initial Lead Generation to closing ROI and Sphere Of Influence.


The biggest pro is that it’s going to help take your brain power to focus back on:

  • generating revenue,
  • closing more deals,
  • coaching your team and agents, &
  • building your real estate business.

Also, it’s going to help make sure that you are using your Lead Management tools to their greatest capabilities as possible so that they’re keeping track of all of your leads and your Sphere of Influence and generating high-conversion ratios, repeat business, and providing an overall excellent customer service and nurturing experience.


The biggest challenge of Lead Management Virtual Assistance is knowing what tasks to assign and what workflows to outsource and delegate to a Virtual Assistant.

Generally, it’s best to focus on these Lead Management tasks as something for an Overseas Virtual Assistant. That means they need to be highly streamlined and systematic. They need to follow a detailed step-by-step Standard Operating Procedure, and they need to be very clearly defined.

With that in mind, it can be easy to spin your wheels and invest in workflows to be handled by a Lead Management Virtual Assistant that are going to add little to no value to your business.

Therefore, it’s very important to carefully define the role of your Lead Management Virtual Assistant, what Standard Operating Procedures they’re working off of, and ultimately what goals are their responsibility to achieve.

If this fails in any way, you can easily waste a lot of money on Lead Management Virtual Assistants who aren’t really adding much ROI.

Work Estimate:

The good news is once you get your workflows assigned & you know what Standard Operating Procedures your Virtual Assistant is going to follow, a Lead Management Virtual Assistant doesn’t need that many work hours & this is a task that’s billed hourly.

It should be handled by an Overseas Virtual Assistant and if you’re lucky, you can get away with less than 20 hours per agent per month with the Overseas VA. Sometimes even a lot less than that.

If they’re only following up and checking on a few basic details of your sales funnel, you might even be able to have an OverseasVAa adding value, making sure that something is kept up to date or that some details that are tracked that otherwise would have been missed for as little as five hours per Agent per month.

So it can be a really inexpensive, ongoing hourly cost once you set it up in a way that’s actually going to be effective and sustainable, & a positive ROI for your business.

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