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To systematize, streamline, and delegate your day-to-day Real Estate Brokerage Software admin tasks, so that your Agents are free to focus on closing business, and your in-house office management staff can focus on higher level responsibilities.

How It Works

In addition to our CRM-specific Real Estate Brokerage CRM Manager, there are many other key pieces of software you use to ensure your Real Estate Brokerage is performing its best.

That’s where REVAS aims to help, by providing Real Estate Virtual Assistants dedicated to making sure all your back-office technologies are functioning properly.

That includes admin support with tools like:

  • Transaction Management Software
  • Website & Content Management Systems
  • List Building & Skip Tracing Tools
  • Marketing Automation & Drip Email Tools
  • Power Dialers & VoIP Virtual Phone Systems
  • Middleware Integrations (Zapier, Integromat, etc)
  • Even activities within your actual MLS!

Essentially, if someone can login remotely, and the task follows a repetitive, step-by-step Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), REVAS can help.

We can also provide a wide range of skill levels when it comes to that help:

  • From Overseas VAs strictly focused on low-level Admin & Data Entry,
  • To US-based VAs who can help support your Team at a higher level in the software,
  • To our high level US-based Management Staff, who can help systematize & build custom SOPs.

Our goal is collaboratively working together to ensure you’re getting the best possible ROI on your Real Estate Brokerage software stack.


There are two big benefits of working with REVAS for your Brokerage Software Virtual Assistant requirements:

  1. You’ll boost ROI by (a) maximizing your software stack implementation, and (b) freeing your local staff to focus on higher level in-person requirements.
  2. We can support you at a variety of skill levels, so you have nearly a one-stop-shop for all your Brokerage Software needs.

Plus, since we’ve worked in every real estate software imaginable, we have a lot of perspective to bring to the table when it comes to best practices & ideal tech stacks.

By utilizing the REVAS team to relieve some of your technology “mental overhead,” you can better leverage software without wasting your already-limited time.


The downside of outsourcing & delegating anything related to your Brokerage Software is the setup process!

That’s because, before you can properly delegate these seemingly mundane day-to-day technology tasks, we have to first carefully systematize & document out the Procedures. This is the “Process Development” Stage where we work with you & your team, in a virtual “over the shoulder” training, to make sure we fully understand exactly how you’re using the tool, and what you expect from the Virtual Assistants.

This can be painstaking, as it means carefully thinking through each step in the workflow, to make sure that is (i) the optimal way for that task to be handled, and (ii) appropriate to delegate to a Virtual Assistant.

Fortunately, this is a one-time headache only, and once you’ve built out the processes, they can essentially remain the same (with very minor modifications) for years to come.

Work Estimate

The best way to think about your Work Estimate for a Real Estate Brokerage Software Virtual Assistant will be based on how the software is used.

For software that is being used on a daily or weekly basis by all your Agents (like Marketing Automation, or website updates), the best way you can estimate the work required would be on a per Agent, per month basis.

As an example, let’s say you want a Virtual Assistant to make sure each Agent posts a quick update to their personal site once per day. That might take 10 minutes each. If you have 100 Agents, that is 10 mins x 100 Agents = 1,000 Minutes (or 16 Work Hours) per Day. On a monthly basis, that comes out to about 320 – 350 Work Hours (20 – 22 working days)… the equivalent about 2 full-time VAs.

On the other hand, for software that is used on a transactional basis (like Transaction Management or MLS postings), you can consider the Work Estimate based on a per Transaction hard cost.

For an example, let’s say you have a checklist of listing-related tasks, that need to be completed (a) when a new Listing goes live, (b) when a Listing is updated, e.g. price change, pending, etc, and (c) when a Listing is closed / post-closing.

All combined, you might find this listing-related task list typically takes 3 – 5 hours over the course of each Listing (spread out over 30 – 90+ days). Then, if your Brokerage is taking on 50 new Sides per Month, you can guesstimate that, when everything is at its peak, you’ll probably be somewhere in the ballpark of:

  • 50 new Sides x 2 hours (imagining only 1/2 of the total workload is required in the first month)
  • + 100 sides from prior months x 2 hours (imagining the remaining 1/2 workload is completed for these aged Listings)
  • = 300 Work Hours per Month

Of course, these are very rough ways of calculating Work Estimates for this type of highly variable work!

That’s why, if you’re interested in putting some real world numbers to these example scenarios, the best next step will be getting in touch with someone from REVAS to start planning your Brokerage Software Assistant’s task-list & responsibilities.

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