Real Estate Investor Marketing

Real Estate Investor Marketing

Real Estate Investor Lead Generation – Real Estate Property Acquisition Assistants

Real Estate Investor Marketing


To efficiently help you find off-market property deals, pre-qualify acquisition leads, build your buyers’ lists, attract new investors, and sell or lease your existing properties.

How It Works:

Real Estate Investor Marketing is one of our in-house favorites, as many of the processes were actually developed in our co-founder, Mr. Hatfield’s own real estate investment firm. Basically, all our investor marketing services will be focused on three distinct objectives: (i) acquisitions, (ii) capital, and (iii) sales/leasing.

In other words, we can either help you on the buy-side: finding deals, following up with leads, pre-qualifying sellers, even handling basic price negotiations. Or, we can help you on the funding side: communicating with banks, private lenders, and other real estate investors. Finally, we can help you market your existing properties, either to get them sold or leased as efficiently as possible.

Some specific tasks your Real Estate Investor Marketing Virtual Assistants might help with include:

  • Property list building (Probates, FSBOs, Foreclosures, etc)
  • Investor list building (active real estate investors, high net worth individuals, etc)
  • Online marketing & lead generation (SEO, PPC ads, etc)
  • Buyers list nurturing (email newsletters, blogging, white papers, etc)
  • Acquisition lead pre-qualification / seller fact-finding
  • Marketing your for-sale & for-lease properties (ad posting, followup, MLS management if you’re licensed, etc)
  • Investor telemarketing (so important, has its own page)

Again, if you simply keep in mind the 3 distinct objectives a Real Estate Investor Marketing Assistant is here to help with, we can practically do anything. However, these suggestions listed above serve as an excellent foundation from which to modify & customize to suit your own unique criteria.

After determining your most important objective(s) (acquisitions, capital, sales/leasing), the pieces will fall into place conveniently to help you do more deals, more profitably, without exerting more effort.