Property Management Software Assistant

Property Management Software Assistant

Virtual Assistant for Property Management Software


The goal of your Property Management Software Assistant is to help you streamline, outsource, & automate the entire process of keeping all your data up to date, clearly entered all in one place in your preferred property management software.

We work with a variety of property management softwares following our step-by-step Standard Operating Procedures to ensure that all of your client and tenant data is consistently entered in a uniform format into your property management software.

How It Works:

As with all tasks at REVAS, your Property Management Software Assistant will be working process based, not people based.

What this means is that they’ll be following detailed step-by-step, REVAS style, Standard Operating Procedures to be sure that they’re handling all data into your property management software as you would if you were doing it in-house yourself personally.

Usually, this is a task that can be completely handled by Overseas Virtual Assistants, which is why a good, detailed SOP is so important.

Once we have the Standard Operating Procedure to outline the workflows you’ll need for your Virtual Assistant to keep your property management software up to date, your Virtual Assistant can get started & will require little to no oversight, once things are all set up and running.

They can help out with tasks like:

  • entering receipts & expenses into your software,
  • making sure that Invoices are scanned & uploaded,
  • keeping track of all your tenant data, &
  • making sure maintenance reports & repairs are tracked in your property management software.

Ultimately, anything that you need to track in your business, that you’re using any type of property management software to manage, your Virtual Assistant can handle it following a detailed step-by-step Standard Operating Procedure to make sure that they do everything according to plan.


The value proposition of this service is to get this menial, repetitive administrative duty off the plate of you or anyone local.

There’s no reason to pay some us U.S.-based wages when an Overseas Virtual Assistant can handle this task up to the same standard for as little as half the price.

Plus, once this task is outsourced & automated, it will run smoothly with very little time or effort on your part. This will help you free your energy to focus on more important tasks like growing your business and making sure your clients are happy.


The biggest challenge with having a Virtual Assistant to manage your property management software is that you’re going to need a very robust, detailed, step-by-step Standard Operating Procedure for every workflow your Virtual Assistant is expected to do.

Since this task is almost always handled by Overseas Virtual Assistants, you’ll want to be sure your Standard Operating Procedures don’t leave anything to the imagination.

You don’t want your Overseas Virtual Assistant responsible for making decisions or ad-libbing any customer-facing communication.

Rather, you want them working from predefined scripts, templates, & training manuals to be sure that everything they do is according to your existing systems & processes, making sure also then that you will get the greatest value from this service.

Without a proper Standard Operating Procedure, it’s very difficult to assign these types of tasks to your Virtual Assistant.

Work Estimate:

This will depend on how many units you have under management & how many different workflows you want your Virtual Assistant to handle inside your property management software.

This type of a task can range anywhere from only a few hours per month to upwards of multiple full-time Overseas Virtual Assistants handling a variety of workflows in a large management business with over a thousand units under management.

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