Prospective Tenant Screening

Prospective Tenant Screening

Tenant Screening Virtual Assistants – Background Checks & Credit Checks


The goal of Prospective Tenant Screening services from REVAS is to outsource and streamline your process of screening prospective tenants, including:

  • basic interaction,
  • background checks,
  • credit checks, and
  • any other screening processes,

that you do systematically and repetitively for all new prospective tenants for your property management business or for your own rental properties.

How It Works:

Prospective Tenant Screening is pretty simple.

You probably already have a process that works for you, so the first thing we’ll do is build a Standard Operating Procedure for your Virtual Assistant to follow.

This will be based on your existing workflow and will include detailed step-by-step guides for the Virtual Assistant to replicate what’s already working for you.

Then we’ll make sure we have a simple hand-off process so whenever you have a prospective tenant who needs to go through the screening process…

…you can easily send it over to your Virtual Assistant who will turn it around within as little as an hour, or at most within a day.


The greatest value of using a Virtual Assistant for your Prospective Tenant Screening is your time!

Now you and your onsite staff never have to waste another moment on this simple, menial admin duty.

You can outsource these tasks to Overseas Virtual Assistants.

As long as you have a simple, detailed, Standard Operating Procedure for them to follow…

…you’ll get the same results you’d get having this task implemented in-house for less than half the cost.


The trickiest part about outsourcing your Prospective Tenant Screening is when you need the Virtual Assistant to be using paid third-party services.

This occurs when perform things like credit and background checks…

…simply because some of these services have particular terms that make it difficult for an Overseas Virtual Assistant to access them.

When you’re getting started, feel free to discuss this on your Opportunity Analysis Consultation, and leave it to us to get you set up on the right path.

Another downside is the necessary setup on the front end of this process.

However, you’ll see on your consultation call that we will handle a majority of the work…

which ensures your Virtual Assistant will be over-prepared to dive into your workflow.

Work Estimate:

As mentioned above, the biggest challenge with Prospective Tenant Screening is not the screening process itself…

…but rather the cost of any third-party services you need to utilize.

Typically a Prospective Tenant process won’t take an Overseas Virtual Assistant more than 15 – 45 minutes at the most…

…depending on the details and complexity of your particular screening process.

Therefore (at our rates for Overseas Virtual Assistant work hours) the largest cost of this service will still be whatever you need to pay to the company providing the credit check or background check.

Unfortunately, this is something that REVAS is not authorized to necessarily provide for you at no additional charge.

Therefore, we recommend working with third-parties like Intelius, Pipl, Accurint, Instant Checkmate, Truthfinder, etc.