Property Management Assistant

Property Management Assistant

Property Management Virtual Assistant – Property Management Admin Support

Property Management Assistant


To streamline your day-to-day operations and save significant money on the cost of certain menial, repetitive tasks.

How It Works:

A Property Management Assistant is our “catch-all” term for the type of non-marketing tasks common among every property managers the world over. Namely, this includes tasks like:

  • Collecting rent (and reminding people to pay their rent)
  • Running credit & background checks
  • Receiving service requests (via phone, email, and/or web chat)
  • Dispatching workers / contractors
  • Making followup calls to verify work
  • Managing your property management software (Propertyware, RenTec, Appfolio, etc)
  • Helping with data entry & research tasks

Using a property management virtual assistant for literally any of the above tasks is an excellent idea, because you will get basically the same quality of work as you would getting the same tasks done locally.

While there are certain tasks that make sense to keep in-house (like in-person showings, closing sales), there are also several tasks in your property management business that will basically guarantee savings by outsourcing to a real estate virtual assistant.

Think of it this way: if you or your local team — who is probably making at the very least $12 – $15 / hr — spend time on any task that can be described by a step-by-step task list and takes place over the phone or web, you are overpaying by a minimum of $5 – $9 per hour! Even if you’re only spending 3 – 4 hours per week dealing with these types of tasks (property management software updates, rent follow-up calls, service requests, etc)… you are easily burning $1,700 a year that could go right back in your pocket by delegating these menial tasks to a competent Virtual Assistant.