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Systematize, Optimize, and Document Your Business Procedures

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Standard Operating Procedures

Expert Help Creating Detailed Step-by-Step Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Real Estate Process

Systematizing, Standardizing, and Streamlining Your Existing Business Processes

Process Creation for Startups

Launch Your Startup On The Right Foot, With Systematic Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Telemarketing Script Writing & Editing

Build a Complete Script Including FAQs & Overcoming Objections, Written By A Telemarketing Expert

Real Estate Software Setup & Optimization

Hire a Real Estate Tech Guru to Help Setup New Software & Create Software SOPs

Detailed Process Development Services Breakdown

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Development

Real Estate Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Development

‘Done for You’ step-by-step Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), built from the ground up.

Real Estate Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Development will result in a very detailed, 8 – 20+ page, step-by-step, standardized guide for a single workflow in your business. Including pictures, screenshots, and potentially even external links to video & audio training materials, an SOP is a comprehensive manual that anyone can follow to achieve your desired result. Each SOP you hire us to develop is another step toward a more systematic, streamlined, and manageable business.

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Real Estate Process Optimization

Real Estate Virtual Receptionist & Secretarial Services

Systematizing, standardizing, and streamlining your existing business processes into detailed SOPs.

Where Real Estate SOP Development focuses on creating new processes for your business, Real Estate Process Optimization is designed to improve and optimize your existing business processes. The goal is to take what is already working for you, and distill it down into a detailed, step-by-step Standard Operating Procedure or task manual, so that you can more readily track, manage, and improve the workflow continuously, on an ongoing basis.

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Real Estate Process Creation for Startups

Real Estate Process Creation for Startups

Launch your Startup with the help of expert-developed & systematic Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Starting a new real estate business is a risky & expensive undertaking. More than 80% of new real estate businesses fail within the first few years, but not before losing the owners 6 figures (or more). Don’t play guess-and-check when it counts, work with our expert Consultants to systematically design your startup from the ground up with detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for all the most important workflows of your new business.

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Real Estate Telemarketing Script Writing

Lead Generation & Lead Nurturing Virtual Assistants

Build a complete Telemarketing Script, including FAQs & Objections, written by a veteran cold call expert.

Real Estate Telemarketing is one of our most popular, and least successful services. Business owners constantly fail using bonehead scripts that will never work. If you want to skip the wasted campaign dollars, before you hire a real estate telemarketer, start by working with a REVAS expert to create a personalized, comprehensive Telemarketing Script built from effective verbiage & components pulled directly from our hundreds of real-world proven scripts.

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Real Estate Software Setup & Optimization

Real Estate Software Setup & Optimization

Hire a real estate tech guru for ‘Done for You’ set up of new software & optimization of existing tech.

Real Estate Software Setup & Optimization is not something most real estate professionals look forward to. While it might be easy to get online with some popular software, it’s not so easy to integrate it with your day-to-day workflows. If you want to skip the learning curve & setup process, you can simply hire a REVAS techie to handle setting up your new software or optimizing software you’re already using.

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