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30 - 60+ Outbound Cold Calls Per Hour.

This will largely depend on how you set up your Phone System (with multi-line dialing capabilities).

However, more Calls Per Hour is not necessarily better, since it implies your Virtual Assistant is not actually speaking to anyone.

Redial the Same List 3 - 5+ Times.

While your Telemarketer will be dialing hundreds of numbers during a typical shift… the vast majority of calls will be Voicemails and No Answers.

Since only a small fraction of these people will ever call you back directly, you’ll be able to keep attempting Call Backs at least 3x, possibly much more.

We’ve run Cold Calling Campaigns to Ultra High Value Targets (UHVTs) in the Commercial Real Estate space that we re-dialed 70x!

1 Hour Dialing = 10+ Fresh Contacts.

Based on the above math, factoring in Voicemails, No Answers, and Redialing the same List multiple times, the simple back-of-the-napkin math we’ve found works best for budgeting your “List Records Per Hour” is:

More Precisely…

1 Hour Dialing = 10 – 15 Fresh Contacts

That means 10 to 15 Contacts you actually spoke to & got some type of a Disposition (even if it was just a “Wrong Number” or “Not Interested”).

Those are Contacts you no longer need to call back.

The simplest back-of-the-napkin math (which tends to be pretty accurate) for a full-time Telemarketer looks like:

160 Work Hours Dialing Per Month

x 10 Fresh Contact Records Per Hour

= 1,600+ Fresh Contacts Per Month

This 10 Contacts Per 1 Hour ratio should be looked at as the minimum. With that in mind, it’s a great ballpark metric for planning your Campaigns.

1 Lead Captured Every 3 - 5 Hours Dialing.

This number is the most abstract, since the definition of a “Lead” is different for every Campaign.

However, in nearly all Campaigns, from Seller Lead Generation to Neighborhood Farming to Commercial Real Estate, you can almost always ballpark it at:

1 Lead Per ~4 Hours Dialing

On the extreme fringes, we’ve run successful Campaigns that required 10+ Hours Dialing just to generate 1 Lead (1 very valuable Lead)…

… And we’ve seen top performing Campaigns maintain a pace of 1 Lead Per 2 Hours Dialing.

Therefore, using the ballpark metric of 1 Lead Per ~4 Hours Dialing is almost always a good starting point for running your Campaign Planning calculations.

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