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About the Delegate Pillar

The Delegate Pillar at REVAS is all about getting the “grunt work” off your plate, both for yourself, and for your local team members who have more important things to worry about.

Here you’ll find:

Push-Button Real Estate Virtual Assistants

Launch & manage your VA Campaigns faster with less effort. We have fully managed US-based & Overseas VAs ready to work.

List Building & Skip Tracing:

Build high-quality Lists for your Outbound Direct Marketing Campaigns (like Cold Calling, Cold Texting, and Direct Mail) easier & more affordably than ever.

Done-For-You Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs):

Documenting out repetitive Workflows in your business via detailed, step-by-step SOPs helps you run a leaner, more resilient business. Hire us to build them for you on-demand!

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