Title Company Virtual Assistant

Title Company Virtual Assistant

Real Estate Virtual Assistants for Title Companies


To work closely with your Title Company and help delegate, outsource and manage the menial repetitive tasks in your business.

Whether on the administrative side with paperwork, document handling and online file entry and updates…

… or on the lead management and sales side, communicating with your clients, building referral relationships with agents and brokerages and keeping track of all your Open Opportunities and Prospective Client Leads.

How It Works

While REVAS primarily works with brokers, agents, investors and property managers… we have also worked with Title Companies, Mortgage Lenders, and Real Estate Attorneys.

That means we’re very familiar with the nuances of the sensitive information you have to handle at your Title Company (as well as with the importance of correct document management).

When it comes to using Virtual Assistants to outsource parts of your business, there are a few key considerations that we can help make sure you make the right choice on:


What tasks to delegate and outsource in the first place can be chosen in our proven Opportunity Analysis Consultation System.

This is the first step for all our clients since it can help you choose the right tasks to outsource based on a detailed assessment of your business and your current situation.


The next major consideration is whether and where to use US based and/or Overseas Virtual Assistants.

Obviously, a great priority will be using Overseas Virtual Assistants for menial, repetitive, and simple tasks that can follow a detailed, Step-by-Step Standard Operating Procedure.


Because Overseas VA’s are as much as HALF the cost or less compared to US Based VA’s, so wherever you can save the money, it’s a NO BRAINER!

On the other hand, (due to the sensitive nature and importance of getting things in the title business)…

Sometimes it’s necessary to use a US Based Virtual Assistant to make sure everything is handled to a higher skill level and capacity.

Now, we can also help you determine the right mix of US Based and Overseas Virtual Assistants for your title company during your Opportunity Analysis Consultation!


The greatest values of using Virtual Assistants for your Title Company are two-fold.

The first is in the form of costs savings, which is especially relevant when you delegate tasks to Overseas Virtual Assistants.

You see, the more components of your business you can outsource and automate using systematic procedures delegated to Overseas Virtual Assistants…

…the more money you’ll save, the greater operating margins you’ll generate.

The next crucial benefit of working with Virtual Assistants is freeing up time for you and your local staff.

Even if you’re using a US Based Virtual Assistant (where the cost is a bit higher than an Overseas Assistant)…

… you can still receive great benefits by outsourcing and automating parts of your business off your plate and off this workflow of your local US Based team.

THAT frees up your time AND your team’s time to focus on closing more transactions:

…going through transactions faster to generate a higher profit per transaction and building new client relationships while generating referral and repeat business!


The biggest challenges of getting started with Virtual Assistants for your Title Company will be figuring out which tasks to outsource.

Like I said before, there are many obvious choices, mostly related to the document management process, wherever it can be handled online, as well as some of the research process (depending on the countys you’re working in.)

The other biggest challenge: choosing the right mix of US Based and Overseas Virtual Assistants.

With the right mix, you’ll get great results, save money and free up more time!

….With the wrong mix. You’ll overpay and get similar or worse quality than you would have had doing it in-house, all while saving little to no money.

Work Estimate

Your Title Company could benefit from having a Virtual Assistant for as little as only one or two hours per day with an Overseas VA.

You could also delegate major components of your business and ultimately have a team of overseas AND US based VAs trained to perform  a wide variety of tasks and workflows in your business…

…Creating a more Virtual Title Company, with fewer in-house employees and overhead, and more of your business being able to be managed remotely while you’re on the go! 

The biggest challenges will be making sure you’re outsourcing the RIGHT tasks and making sure they follow detailed, step-by-step Standard Operating Procedures that will ensure similar or equal quality to what you will get locally.

The ideal situation is to have a good mix of overseas VA’s to handle the simple admin tasks in as little as three to five hours per day.

On top of that, you get a US based Overseer to be sure they’re doing everything correctly and to step in when the tasks are a little bit more complicated…

THEN you can receive excellent ROI while freeing up time and cutting overall costs and local overhead with an easier-to-manage, remotely-accessible business!