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Real Estate Social Media Marketing

Use Virtual Assistants to Grow Your Social Brand & Generate More Warm Inbound Leads

Real Estate Social Media Marketing


Your #1 goal with Real Estate Social Media Marketing should always be to grow your business. Generate more Leads, more Opportunities, and more Closed Sales (profitably).

Another large benefit is establishing yourself as the local subject matter expert. By sharing high-quality content relevant to your ideal target audience, you can build a reputation that gets Clients to come to you!

How It Works:

When it comes to social media, you can utilize Virtual Assistants to manage campaigns from start to finish – or simply fill in the gaps you prefer to outsource.

The most important factor to keep in mind is authenticity.

You do NOT want to try to outsource your personality.

You want to be the ultimate source of your “personal brand,” meaning you still need to direct the Content Creation, and ideally should be writing and / or appearing on videos yourself at least 2 – 4 times per month.

Beyond that, your Real Estate Virtual Assistants should always learning new strategies, working with real estate companies all around the world, meaning the right VA can hopefully provide some insight into planning & implementing an effective Social Media Campaign.

The most important component in your social media activities is always going to be quality content.

This is what will help attract quality traffic to your sales funnels and help you & your company build an online presence as a local market expert.

If this sounds like too much writing for you & your staff to keep up with, remember that when it comes to Copywriting and Content Creation, we always recommend going with US-based, native English speakers who are already familiar with Real Estate.


Real Estate Social Media Marketing is a great way to establish a highly visible online presence as a local market expert.

Depending on your business & current situation, it can also rapidly become a cost-effective, steady source of Warm Inbound Leads.


A bit downside of Real Estate Social Media is the ongoing maintenance & oversight it will require (even when highly automated).

The #1 most common sticking point is the ongoing, steady creation of quality content (blog posts, articles, micro-blog entries, links, bookmarks, etc.). Once you start, it looks bad if you stop, so you need to be ready to commit.

Also, for some business models, social media tends to generate lower quality leads than other mediums, meaning you’d be making a huge commitment for a low financial payoff.

Work Estimate:

As mentioned above, the biggest crux of your social media marketing campaigns will be the ongoing, steady creation of quality content.

By far, the best approach is to actually write and / or film a significant portion of this content yourself … because you are the expert, you are the one with the local market expertise, and your story is your brand.

However, below are some rough ball park estimates of both the work hours required to actively manage your social media presence, as well as to create different types of written content to deploy via the social web:

  • Monthly Social Media Account Management: ~20 – 80+ Work Hours Per Month, Overseas
    • (Includes deployment of blog posts, syndicated articles, status updates, bookmarks, etc.)
  • 30x Monthly Social Media Posts: ~10 – 20 Work Hours Per Month, Overseas
    • (Things like Tweets, Status Updates, etc., w/ unique texts as well as links to other social content)
  • 1x Blog Post / Article for Syndication: ~1 – 3 Work Hours, US-based
    • (Unique content, researched & customized to your suggested topic, of ~500 words)


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