Single Property Websites

Single Property Websites

Market Your Real Estate Listings with a High-End, Customized Single Property Website

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The goal and value of a single property website are creating an easy-to-market URL where potential buyers can scope out your listing as easily as possible.

All you need to do is tell them the address.

You don’t need to send them an email, and you don’t need to get them to go to your website and search for it.

You send them the property address (ex.…

…and your buyers can see the most well-framed, elegant version of your listing that you’ve put together anywhere.

Also, you can share that website not only over the internet but in person too.

It looks great on a mobile device or tablet so you can even use it as a pre-listing presentation…

…especially when describing a specific high-end listing to your buyer clients.

How It Works:

One of the best parts about this service is that it’s something that you can buy almost completely out of the box with very little effort on your end.

The biggest details that you’ll need to provide are:

  • your logo and any other branding,
  • your personal images and headshots, and
  • as many high-quality photos and videos of the listing as possible.

From there, we’ve already built a proven-effective, aesthetically impressive website template (which you can see a demo of below for a single property website)…

…that we can help you get set up at any domain name for a set price and only a few days turnarounds.


This is hands down the most elegant and high-end way to present your best listings.

A luxury listing, a commercial listing, or any high-value property that you have for sale is appropriate to market via a single property website.

It’s always easiest to simply share the address of a property as a domain so that your potential buyers can check it out as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

Plus, our single property websites are designed to capture the lead.

If someone’s interested, they’ll not only get a chance to view a beautiful pre-listing presentation and markup of the property…

…they’ll also have a chance to request a showing then and therefrom within the website.


The biggest downside of offering a single property website as part of your listing marketing package is that it isn’t cheap.

You’re looking at anywhere from $300 – $600 to get the single property websites set up…

…and that’s not including what you already needed to spend on the photography and all the other marketing you’re doing for that property.

So it really only makes sense on higher-end listings where you know your commission is going to be several thousands of dollars or even $10,000 to $20,000 and above.

In that case, a single property website always makes sense.

But on lower costs listings, it’s going to be a little too expensive to be a good option.

Work Estimate:

This is a service that we’ve built as a template that you can buy off the shelf.

We’ll set it up for you. Everything is 100% fully managed and done for you.

The only things you need to provide will be your

  • photos,
  • logos,
  • and your listing information.

Everything else will be handled on our end.

We’ll put it all into the website in a way that looks excellent on any size screen, whether it’s a computer, tablet, or a mobile phone…all for one set cost.

We’ll even edit and adjust it according to your priorities and criteria once it’s set up.

That way, you get the best possible exposure and conversion ratio on buyer leads for your listing.