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Single Property Websites

Market Your High Value Listings With a Website All Their Own, at a URL Like 123Address.com

Single Property Websites


The goal and value of a Real Estate Single Property Website are creating an easy-to-market URL where potential buyers can scope out your listing as easily as possible.

If you get it right, all you need to do is tell them the address.

You don’t need to send them an email, and you don’t need to get them to go to your website and search for it.

You send them the property address (ex. 123MainStreet.com)…

…and your buyers can see the most well-framed, elegant version of your listing that you’ve put together anywhere.

Also, you can share that website not only over the internet but in-person too.

A Single Property Website should great on a mobile device or tablet, so you can even use it as part of your Listing Presentation…

… especially when presenting a high-end Listing to your Buyer-Clients.

How It Works:

One of the best parts about this type of Web Development is that it’s something that you can buy almost completely out of the box with very little effort on your end.

Since there are great Website Templates you can use for a Single Property Website, you basically just need a Web Design Virtual Assistant to help you choose & install the right template!

From there, the biggest details you’ll need to provide to the Virtual Assistant are things like:

  • your Logo and any other Brand Guidelines,
  • your personal images and headshots, and
  • as many high-quality photos and videos of the listing as possible.

From there, your Virtual Assistant can “fill in the blanks” on one of the many proven, pre-built Single Property Website Templates.

You just need to get it set up on the right Domain and Hosting, and you’re good to go!

Your Seller Clients will immediately see the extra value of having their property sold on a website all its own…

… And it will be much easier to market a Single Property Website to any Buyer, since it is the easiest possible URL to share!


This is hands down the most elegant and high-end way to present your best Listings.

A luxury listing, a commercial listing, or any high-value property that you have for sale is appropriate to market via a single property website.

It’s always easiest to simply share the address of a property as a domain so that your potential buyers can check it out as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

Plus, your Single Property Website should be design for Lead Capture, so you can get actual Leads just by sending people to the site.

If someone’s interested, they’ll not only get a chance to view a beautiful pre-listing presentation and markup of the property…

…they’ll also have a chance to request a showing then and there, from right on the website.


The biggest downside of offering a single property website as part of your listing marketing package is that it isn’t cheap.

You’re looking at anywhere from $300 – $600+ to get a Single Property Website set up…

… and that’s not including what you already needed to spend on the photography and all the other marketing you’re doing for that property.

So it really only makes sense on higher-end listings where you know your commission is going to be at least $7k – $10k+ (ideally quite a bit more).

In that case, a Single Property Website almost always makes sense, if you have a smooth workflow to get them implemented.

But on lower cost Listings, a Single Property Website is almost never worthwhile.

Work Estimate:

Building a Single Property Website is mostly about finding the right Web Design Virtual Assistant, and choosing the right Template.

It is almost a solution you can buy “off the shelf” just by searching the web for a few Template design options.

With the right Virtual Assistant, they should be able to set up almost everything for you on autopilot, all in less than 10 – 20 Work Hours (depending on the amount of content you need on the site).

The key items you need to provide for your Virtual Assistant to be successful will be things like:

  • photos,
  • logos,
  • listing info,
  • domain name & hosting login,
  • CRM or Drip Email login, and
  • anything else you want them to include.

From there, a competent Assistant with low-level Web Design experience should be able to get this implemented for you in a matter of hours.

You can expect the right Virtual Assistant to cost quite a bit more than a typical Admin VA, since they need to have some experience with Web Development…

… But since it’s a relatively straightforward & simple task (a) you don’t need a high level Web Developer, and (b) once you’ve built a few Single Property Website from the same Template(s), they will become much easier & cheaper to replicate.


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