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Real Estate Website Design

Showcase Your Brand & Capture a Steady Flow of Inbound Leads With a Killer Website


Your number one goal for Real Estate Website Design is to build a site that performs: attracting visitors & capturing Leads!

This can include a wide variety of website functionality, ranging from corporate websites, to personal broker / agent websites, to IDX integrated websites, to single property websites, blogs, and more.

While you might have other objectives, like building your brand & authority… at the end of the day, successful Real Estate Website Design means generating Leads.

How It Works:

These days, having a website that can help attract traffic and capture leads is one of the most important channels for your entire marketing & sales funnel.

That’s because more than 80% of home buyers & sellers begin their search on the internet.

It’s absolutely critical that you are not only appearing in front of these searchers as consistently as possible, but also that you are capturing their attention & contact information in the form of an “opt-in” or conversion once they visit your site.

While there are many different types of websites that real estate companies might consider building, and many different reasons to build a website (or websites) for your business, when it comes to using Virtual Assistants for the web development process, the criteria is simple:

What Real Estate Websites has your Virtual Assistant completed in the past?

If you’re a larger brand, chances are you’re better off going with a dedicated Marketing Agency for your website design.

However, there are plenty of freelancers out there with substantial web development experience, who as an hourly Virtual Assistant can handle everything you’ll need.

Therefore, the key is checking your Virtual Assistant’s background & track record, to decide on the right person or team to build your Real Estate Website.


An effective Real Estate Website that captures & generates quality leads can be one of the most important components in your whole organization.

The real estate business has gone online, and if you can capitalize on the medium in which most real estate queries begin, you will have a chance to generate a consistent, ongoing steady flow of warm inbound leads.

Investing into a high-performance website can be one of your best ROIs.


Not every real estate website is built equal, and most DO NOT generate a positive ROI.

Most barely even generate Leads (if they do at all), because most barely attract any visitors.

Just building a nice website isn’t enough: you also need to use marketing & advertising to drive traffic to your site (which, even in the most frugal cases, still costs money).

It’s very easy to build a website that is little more than a glorified brochure, and sink thousands of dollars into the effort. The risk with Real Estate Website Development is high.

Work Estimate:

Real Estate Website Design varies widely in potential work estimates.

There are custom developed sites that took top-notch programming teams thousands of hours, and there are sites that were auto-generated from a template in minutes.

For the types of real estate websites we typically recommend, and for the simple way most Virtual Assistant would build them (using WordPress, with specialized themes, widgets, and minimized custom programming), you should be able to get a passable Real Estate Website developed affordably.

One of the main factors that will push costs toward the higher end is if you require Content Writing, which will require a whole different specialist than your Web Developer.

Another major cost contributor is special features, like IDX integrations, member areas, and protected content.

When it comes to a variety of popular website concepts, here are a few rough work hour estimates:

  • Single property website: 20 – 40 work hours
  • Real estate corporate website (static, no IDX or listings): 10 – 20 work hours
  • Property listings search website (IDX/MLS integration): 80 – 160 work hours
  • Landing page website: 10 – 20 work hours

Keep in mind that the type of freelancer or Virtual Assistant who would be conducting this work is getting paid much more than your average & typical “Assistant.”

In fact, we recommend shopping for Web Developers in the $20 – $60+ per hour range, minimum, and have devs on our Team that are getting $100+ per hour for highly specialized, technical work.

Therefore, it’s crucial to do your homework, and remember:

Check their track record! Check references!

Nothing is worse than spending a bunch of money with a Real Estate Website Developer who leaves you hanging with unfinished or unusable deliverables.


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