Real Estate Software Company Assistant

Real Estate Software Company Assistant

Virtual Assistants for Real Estate Software & Technology Companies


If you’re a Real Estate Software and Technology Service Provider, we want to work with you!

You see, REVAS works with over a hundred Real Estate Software and Service Providers through our variety of clients.

Now, if you have a Real Estate CRM, a Real Estate Lead Generation System, or any other types of Real Estate Software and Services…

…we’ve probably used your products at some point on behalf of our clients.

That’s why we love to work with Real Estate Software Companies to provide our clients with highly trained Real Estate Software Virtual Assistants.

Not only to help you, but also to provide greater value to your clients.

Let’s break it down a little:

Just imagine us as a third party, merging in to fill the gaps where your software and technology might not be able to handle it as easily.

We can provide an Overseas or even a US Based Virtual Assistant (depending on your specific needs) who can help fill those gaps.

How It Works

Everything we do at REVAS is PROCESS-Based, not people-based, so no matter which type of Virtual Assistant you choose to work with…

you’ll get the same high-quality training and commitment to excellence. 

That means we can work off of detailed, step-by-step Standard Operating Procedures…

…so any Overseas Virtual Assistants can easily understand the deeper nuances of your system and apply them directly on your behalf or for your clients.

Regardless of what type of tasks you have in your business to delegate to Virtual Assistants, whether it’s:

  • Administrative Duties working within your software for you or for your clients,
  • Lead Generation and sales related to help sell more,
  • Bringing more clients into your software company,
  • or helping generate leads via telemarketing and other forms of direct marketing,

Our Virtual Assistants have all the necessary training to get it done!

On top of those essential activities, our Virtual Assistants will also be able to manage your sales pipeline and keep your CRM up to date….

ALL while making sure tasks and Marketing Automation are scheduled, triggered and keeping track of all your leads.

This even includes their sources and the opportunity values using whatever CRM software you already have.


The number one  reason you should let REVAS provide Virtual Software Assistance to your Real Estate Business is that we already are working with your clients.

You see, we already provide complimentary services to what you’re currently offering in a way to your clients…

who have probably come to us after buying your service to get help managing whatever it is that you offer.

Therefore, we LOVE to be able to provide more value to your clients while also growing your revenue….

adding new income streams and systematizing and automating your Sales and Fulfillment processes.

We’re ON your SIDE!

We want to help you:

  • grow your business,
  • provide a better service,
  • boost client retention,
  • and (ultimately) see higher profit margins across the board.


The greatest challenge to using a Software Company Virtual Assistant to help streamline and automate your business…

or to provide even greater value to your clients in the setup process, is getting it all started.

As mentioned, everything we do at REVAS is process-based, not people-based, which means it follows a detailed, step-by-step Standard Operating Procedure.

Each workflow needs its own SOP, so we’ll have to be very clear about which tasks you’re delegating to the Virtual Assistants and what workflow it follows.

Once this is established, we always recommend starting with one task and then repeating the process over and over…

…until a significant portion of your business has been systematized and outsourced, so you can stop worrying about it completely.

This will help you free up tons more time to focus on Marketing and Revenue Generating Activities as well as to improve your product itself.

But this will ALSO help you save on overhead cost by using Overseas Virtual Assistants wherever feasible and possible.

Work Estimate

Typically (depending on what type of tasks you start with) you could use Overseas Virtual Assistants for as little as a couple hours a day.

That’s for helping with basic, day-to-day admin duties.

OR you could focus on Outbound Marketing using (most likely) US-based Telemarketers…

…calling your prospective clients to give them a demo or help them learn more about your products and offerings!

Realistically, without a very substantial workload, you probably won’t need more than a Part Time Virtual Assistant.

But the main area where you might end up using a lot of Virtual Assistant Work Hours is:

Providing offerings to your existing clients to pair a Virtual Assistant with your existing Software and Technology offerings.

Now THIS is even something that can work with you on a White Label basis…

So YOU can provide Virtual Assistant Services to your own clients at a profit as an integrated and transparently equal part of your business.