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Real Estate Postcard Marketing

Use Virtual Assistants to Help Design & Send Your Postcard Marketing Campaigns

Real Estate Postcard Marketing


To make your real estate postcard marketing campaigns a nearly effortless, profitable experience, from List Building, to Design & Layout, to Printing & Mailing.

How It Works:

While Direct Mail has fallen out of favor in many circles, the postcard is still one of the most cost-effective & reliable tools for Real Estate Lead Generation.

It is typically the single cheapest way to send mail to your target market.

And with the right message, layout, and design, it can be a highly profitable channel for Lead Generation.

Our real estate virtual assistants can work with your existing marketing collateral, or develop new, affordable postcard marketing ideas based on our existing templates. We can help you build your postcard marketing mailing list, or use your existing lists (even if it means we need to research & append missing or inaccurate mailing addresses). We can even coordinate with your preferred direct mail & printing house (or ours) to ensure your postcards are getting printed & mailed in a timely and professional manner, all at a very reasonable price.


Sometimes, all you can get is an address, leaving you with only one choice to reach a potential customer: Direct Mail.

The Postcard is the single cheapest piece of mail you can send.

With the right message to market match, it is a proven lead generation tool with excellent ROI.


Just like any Direct Mail:

Real Estate Postcard Marketing is expensive.

Even the simplest Campaign is going to run you into the thousands when you count everything from creative, to printing, to postage, to tracking & follow-up.

Keep in mind, you should expect to “touch” a Prospect with 7 – 10+ messages before getting a response. Therefore, you shouldn’t look at your Campaign as the cost of sending just one Postcard to your target List… but as the cost of sending at least 7 Postcards to everyone on the List!

Especially if you are just starting out, there’s risk of a mailing “bombing” (getting little to no response), meaning a potential for sunk costs always exists.

Even with good response rates (1% – 2% or more), the Cost Per Lead is often higher than other Lead Generation methods (like Telemarketing or Online Ads).

Depending on the Campaign, these leads can also be very unqualified (requiring additional pre-qualification followup efforts).

Work Estimate:

Real Estate Postcard Marketing is pretty simple.

That’s because a Postcard has a defined size (at most, 11″ x 8½”), and when it comes to sending them for Real Estate Lead Generation, there’s only so many different messages & formats anyone has come up with yet.

The good news is, several of these formats are proven lead generators, which is why we are still recommending Postcard Marketing as a viable channel.

Some rough ballpark prices associated with postcard marketing (in the USA only) are as follows:

  • Postcard creative (writing, design, layout, editing): 20 – 40 work hours*
    *Only required once, can be re-used again & again
  • Postcard campaign management & tracking: 40 – 80 work hours / month
  • Price mailed (standard class postage, depending on quantity) for different sized postcards:
    • Standard Size 5½” x 4¼”: $0.60 – $0.70
    • Jumbo Size 8½” x 5½”: $0.70 – $0.80
    • Panoramic Size 11″ x 5½”: $0.80 – $0.90
    • Mega Size 11″ x 8½”: $1.25 – $1.35


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