Real Estate Investor Virtual Assistant

Real Estate Investor Virtual Assistant

Real Estate Investor Virtual Assistant – Real Estate Investment Admin Support

Real Estate Investor Assistant


To handle all the day-to-day menial tasks in your real estate investment firm, saving you money compared to getting the work done locally, and freeing your time to focus on its highest & best uses (like actually doing deals & raising money).

How It Works:

While a Real Estate Investor Virtual Assistant is really there to help you out with anything you need, there are a lot of tasks in common whether you’re a real estate investor in New York, Texas, Indiana, or Sydney, Australia. Real estate investors around the world are doing pretty similar activities, and your real estate investor virtual assistant can help with a lot of them.

Specifically, here are several investor’s assistant activities we’ve found to be commonly requested:

  • Property lead list building (Probates, FSBOs, Foreclosures, Multi-family, Commercial, etc.)
  • Investor & banker list building (REIs, high net-worth individuals, small banks, private lenders)
  • Property research & comps reports
  • Lead followup, appointment setting, and calendar management
  • CRM software administration & support
  • Website & social media updates
  • Data entry & basic admin assistant tasks

Think of your Real Estate Investor Virtual Assistant as a devoted personal assistant, ready to study & master the repetitive, menial duties required for you to make more money. Like any Virtual Assistant, they can excel especially well when focused on systematic, standardized work procedures. However, they can also be ready on-demand if you need them to quickly make a call, look something up, or schedule an appointment.

Working with a real estate investor assistant is extremely easy & modular. For certain types of work, our turn-around time can be as little as a few days. For other types of work, we can devote a full-time assistant who will be ready & on-call whenever you need someone for low-level duties.