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Real Estate Investor Virtual Personal Assistant

Generalist Virtual Assistants to Help Run Your Investment Business & Handle Menial Tasks

Real Estate Investor Personal Virtual Assistant


The goal for a Virtual Personal Assistant in your Real Estate Investing Business is to delegate your day-to-day menial Tasks.

This will help you achieve some of the most common goals you would aim for with any Virtual Assistants:

  • Saving Money (compared to the cost of doing these Tasks locally, or worse yet, doing them yourself personally)
  • Freeing Time (so you can work ON your business instead of IN your business, and focus on revenue-generating activities).

How It Works:

As with any Virtual Personal Assistant, a Real Estate Investor Virtual Personal Assistant is a generalist, there to help out with anything you need (that doesn’t require their physical presence).

Fortunately, for Real Estate Investors, most of the Tasks you’d be delegating can most likely be handled by Overseas VAs… so it will almost always be a cost savings compared to having it done locally, or worse yet, doing it yourself personally).

Regardless of whether you’re investing in New York, Texas, Indiana, or Sydney, Australia, the type of Tasks you’d be delegating to a Virtual Personal Assistant are going to all be pretty similar.

Here is just a brief list of some of the types of Workflows you might outsource to a Virtual Personal Assistant for your Investing Business:

  • Property Lead List Building (Probates, FSBOs, Foreclosures, Multi-family, Commercial, etc.)
  • Investor & Banker List Building (REIs, High Net Worth Individuals, small Banks & Credit Unions, Hard Money Lenders, etc)
  • Property Research & Comps Reports
  • Lead Follow Up, Appointment Setting, and Calendar Management
  • CRM Software Administration & Support
  • Website & Social Media Posting
  • Data Entry & basic Admin Tasks

Think of your Virtual Personal Assistant just like you would a local assistant (except that they can’t do in-person Tasks).

Still, you want to hire the type of person that will be ready to study & master the repetitive, menial duties required for you to make more money.

Like any Virtual Assistant, they can excel especially well when focused on systematic, repetitive Tasks following detailed, step-by-step Standard Operating Procedures (what we refer to as “Process-Based, Not People-Based“).

However, the power of having a more multi-capable, generalist Virtual Personal Assistant is that they can also be ready on-demand if you need them to quickly make a call, look something up, or schedule an appointment. They can do “one-off” Tasks in real-time, as needed.


Since again, almost all Workflows you would delegate to a Virtual Personal Assistant are relatively straightforward & menial, you can almost definitely outsource them to an Overseas VA. Therefore, this type of work is almost always a source of significant cost savings when contrasted with doing the work locally.

Plus, as you build a relationship with the right Virtual Personal Assistant, over time they will improve their ability to handle a wider variety of Tasks, and generally understand your business.

This means with the right VA, you’ll see greater & greater value over time, while hardly increasing in cost at all (unless you decide to give them raises and bonuses thanks to their great performance).


As with any Personal Assistant, who is working closely with you directly, it’s very important to find the right person for the job!

This is not just a back-office Admin Assistant who has their nose to the grindstone, working on repetitive Tasks, and rarely interacting with the rest of the Team.

You will most likely be interacting with your Virtual Personal Assistant every single day… so it’s important that they’re not only skillful for the job itself, but that you have a good rapport with them.

If you don’t get along, it is probably a deal breaker.

Also, since their workload will include a wide variety of Tasks, you might find yourself regularly needing to invest time coaching & training your Virtual Personal Assistant (since their role can become quite complicated as you add more work to their plate).

Work Estimate:

The Work Estimate for a Virtual Personal Assistant in your Real Estate Investing Business will largely depend on how you plan to use the VA:

TYPE 1: Clearly defined, repetitive Tasks ONLY.

This would require a more basic Admin Assistant, not as dynamic of a generalist.

It can function entirely process-based, running off detailed, step-by-step SOPs.

Plus, it can probably completed any time of day (in most cases), in a predictable daily time block (e.g. 2 Work Hours Per Day).

This type of work is valuable to outsource to a VA, even on a very flexible & part-time basis. 

TYPE 2: Repetitive Tasks AND One-Off Tasks.

In case you need a combination of both menial Admin Tasks handled, as well as unexpected one-off Tasks and other work that requires thinking on the fly…

… what you are really doing is adding a new, dedicated Team Member.

It’s important to treat them as such, ideally bringing on your Virtual Personal Assistant full-time, so that they are 100% focused on your business for their livelihood.

A full-time Virtual Personal Assistant is going to get to know you better, build a deeper understanding of your business faster, and not get distracted because they will be working for another Client (perhaps in an entirely different niche) within hours of working for you.


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