Real Estate Investor CRM Assistant

Real Estate Investor CRM Assistant

Real Estate Investor CRM Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants to Help Manage & Update Your Real Estate Investor CRM Software

Real Estate Investor CRM Assistant


The Goal of your Real Estate Investor CRM Assistant is to help manage and update your Real Estate Investors CRM software.

How do we do this? We work with Real Estate Investors all around the country who all are using a variety of the popular Investors CRM Software.

The great part about this REVAS Service is that we can help you make sure all your leads are kept up to date in the software…

AS WELL as make sure you’re tracking all the way through from Lead Generation to actually closing on the deal.

And it gets better…

We can even help you manage your Flip Management or Portfolio Management Software!

We’ll make sure that you’re tracking your income expenses and understanding the clear picture of where the revenue and ROI came from!

Tell me what other service can do that for a FRACTION of the cost of local help?

How It Works

Now, Like all REVAS tasks…

Real Estate Investors CRM Assistant is PROCESS BASED, not people based, meaning your workflow will always follow a detailed, step-by-step Standard Operating Procedure describing exactly how you want to keep your CRM updated.

The SOP will outline important key details like

  • what fields to grab from each lead,
  • tagging and categorization systems to use,
  • whether any follow up tasks or marketing automation needs to be triggered,
  • and keeping track of lead sources as well as whenever the lead arrived.

You may think that your business is too complicated to outsource these tasks, but the highly trained REVAS Virtual Assistants have you covered!

With a Standard Operating Procedure describing the elements of keeping your CRM up to date, even an Overseas Virtual Assistant can easily handle this task

keeping track of every single lead, every single opportunity in your pipeline, and even every single Flip or Individual Rental property!


These virtual assistants can help with your whole property Real Estate Investor CRM.

For low hourly wages, and for almost any kind of Real Estate Investment, these VA’s can handle everything you’ll need in only a few hours per day.

Now, if you were to hire a local assistant for only a few hours per day, they would have another job, and your tasks would get put on the back-burner.

Our Virtual Assistants are highly trained, focused, and excellent in whatever tasks they perform. (no matter how many or how few hours they work!)

But the BIGGEST Value Proposition you’ll receive… is the TIME you’ll be saving.

Outsourcing your Real Estate Investor CRM to a REVAS CRM Assistant is freeing yourself up to not have to worry about these menial administrative duties.

Once your CRM is systematized and following detailed, step-by-step standard operating procedures…

your Overseas Virtual Assistant can easily keep track of everything that you’re working on in your CRM, without you lifting a finger! 

Now you’ll be free to focus on generating leads, closing deals, and flipping properties.

ANOTHER benefit of having a virtual assistant handle your Real Estate Investor CRM: An Overseas Virtual Assistant CAN handle this just as well as any U.S. Based Assistant could!

Well, so what what?

Well, not only will you delegate this off your own personal plea

you ALSO won’t need to waste your local, in-house staff’s time or money paying US-based wages for a task that can easily be delegated to REVAS Overseas Virtual Assistants.


So the biggest challenge with outsourcing your Real Estate Investor CRM is actually systematizing your workflows in the first place (which is something you have to do with local staff anyways).

While we can provide a done-for-you Standard Operating Procedure…

development services will still need to work together to figure out all the Ins and Outs, and all the important details that we’ll be tracking with your virtual assistant.

Now, the basics are easy: keeping the contacts in the system, scheduling tasks, or triggering automated followup.

The only tricky part, you see, is  creating those rules and explanations for them so the virtual assistant knows:

  • what to tag each lead as,
  • how to categorize leads and whether any notes,
  • and any followups or assignment that need to be triggered when they enter the lead.

This setup process (though difficult at time) is luckily only a one-time challenge. So once it’s completed, this service is almost always a great value!

Work Estimate

Fortunately, (unless you have a very large real estate investment business with greater than 20 employees…

Chances are good that a single Overseas Virtual Assistant can handle all your CRM updates and maintenance tasks in as little as one to two hours per day, or at most in a full time capacity.

FOR VERY LARGE BUSINESSES: we could potentially have a multiple of Overseas Virtual Assistants helping out to keep everything up to date and managed.

That would be especially likely if the virtual assistant is not only managing the lead flow and sales pipeline…

but ALSO keeping your software up to date with Fix-and-Flip Construction and renovation details.

Now, this range can be wide, but, ultimately this is a very simple task that (depending on the size of your business) should really only take a relatively small amount of time…

ESPECIALLY compared to the actual sales process that it triggers (and to all the extra time and money you’ll be saving).