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To nurture warm inbound leads, and help find buyers & sellers for your properties by communicating with your existing relationships as well as broadcasting emails to existing real estate email marketing lists who have expressed interest in hearing from other brokers, investors, buyers, sellers, etc.

How It Works:

Depending on your focus, real estate email marketing has two main approaches.

The first entails using your own existing email list, which you have gathered via opt-in forms on your website(s), over-the-phone communication, and in-person interaction. We can centralize all the email contact information you have available for existing & past clients, sales leads, and industry contacts, then help you write & schedule broadcasted messages to nurture these relationships on auto-pilot.

The second entails taking your existing deals (for sale properties, clients’ listings, etc) and broadcasting them to a variety of real estate email marketing list services, who already have huge pre-built lists of brokers, agents, property managers, and investors who have expressed an interest in hearing about properties for sale or other real estate opportunities. This can help you get new contacts, as well as close sales faster, by keeping your listings in front of the widest variety of interested parties.

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