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Real Estate Ad Posting Assistant

Overseas VAs to Post Online Ads That Help You Sell More Properties & Get More Clients

Real Estate Online Ad Posting Assistant


To cheaply generate new leads via direct response advertising on classified sites, MLS databases, and other online listing sharing sites & communities (Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Postlets, and more).

How It Works:

Ad posting is one of the most straightforward Real Estate Virtual Assistant Tasks possible… at first glance.

There are two main components to this type of Campaign:

#1. Creating the Ad Variations,


#2. Posting the Ads to the Websites.

And when it comes right down to it, coming up with Ads is only a tiny fraction of the battle.

Much of the legwork goes on behind the scenes, on a technical level, or in the form of manual labor (logging in & out of sites, manually pasting ad titles, gathering images, etc.).

This is where your Real Estate Ad Posting Virtual Assistant can help you generate leads by posting & sharing your ads and listings across a wide variety of sites, but that’s not all.

In some cases, perhaps, more importantly, your Virtual Assistant can bring the actual technical expertise required to consistently post on sites in a way that keeps your posts live, getting views, generating traffic, and ultimately resulting in new leads for your business.

This might involve VPNs, proxies, and multiple accounts… so make sure you (or your Virtual Assistant) knows what to do before spending too much money on this type of Campaign!


Real Estate Ad Posting is one of the most obvious tasks to outsource, and it is guaranteed to be a savings over doing the same in-house.

Depending on your type of business & lead generation campaign, leads from online classified ads & real estate marketing sites can be one of the best sources (both in terms of cost & quality).

Even in cases where the lead quality is not so good, you might find Online Ad Posting to be a necessary evil:

Viable due to low Cost Per Lead, but annoying, because you’ll have to filter out a lot of low quality tire kickers.

In either situation, handling this most menial activity in-house is almost guaranteed to be a huge waste of money.

By delegating it to your VA, you can also be sure that they can help you handle all the technical details so you can sit back & collect the leads.


The process of consistent, successful online ad posting is surprisingly technical.

Depending on your location, the number of ads you’re looking to post, the amount of content you’ll need written, and a few other variables, this task can be difficult to keep up with.

Certain geographic areas for certain sites might be completely worthless in terms of lead generation, while other areas on the same site are a gold mine.

Since these elements are always out of your (and your Virtual Assistant’s) control, this type of Campaign is always at risk of changing 3rd party decisions.

Due to some seemingly benign site update, a Campaign you were running that used to be viable, might be instantly ruined overnight (with nothing you can do about it).

Work Estimate:

Depending on the site(s) on which you’d like your ad(s) posted, the number of ads you need posted per month, and the amount of ad copywriting & design / layout you need to do, prices for online ad posting vary widely, and are constantly changing.

The most important factors to keep in mind are:

a.) Your Virtual Assistant has experience with similar work, and understands the technical hurdles.

b.) To keep your Campaign viable, you might need to frequently create new Ad Variations (so don’t underestimate this portion of the work)!

So long as you’re keeping in mind the above 2 factors, you should be able to generate at least some leads via Online Ad Posting with a Virtual Assistant working only 1 – 2 Work Hours Per Day (~20 – 40 Hours Per Month).


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