Property Management Marketing

Property Management Marketing

Rental Property Marketing Assistants – Marketing ‘For Lease’ Properties

Property Management Marketing


To keep your occupancy rates close to 100% through ongoing, consistent, and systematic marketing processes for all your vacant (or soon to be) units.

How It Works:

Property Management Marketing Virtual Assistants are basically focused on two things: advertising and follow-up. You’ve probably already tried plenty of methods for posting classified ads, social media updates, blog articles, and more to get your rental properties out there. Your Virtual Assistant can help with all of that, plus we have our own proven processes & special tricks for many of these tasks. Also remember: all our copywriting is done by US-based native English speaking college graduate level writers. If you need to outsource writing for listings, social media, or blogging, rest assured you’ll never be getting anything written by an ESL overseas worker.

When it comes to property management marketing, there are several main tasks that your Virtual Assistant can help with.

  • Creating ‘for lease’ listings
  • Online ad posting
  • Blogging & social media management
  • Inbound call receiving
  • Scheduling showings
  • Email & phone follow-up

Your property management marketing virtual assistant is basically here to help you with the repetitive, simple tasks… but not the critical sales & closing tasks. We can help generate leads, foster engagement, and prequalify prospects. We can’t physically be there at the properties, gauge people’s body language, and close over a handshake.

Keeping this in mind, you can probably think of several day-to-day marketing tasks in your business that absolutely make sense to delegate to a Virtual Assistant. We can get them done at least as well as anybody you’ll find locally, often at a fraction of the cost.