Property Management Lead Generation

Property Management Lead Generation

Lead List Building – Property Management Telemarketing

Property Management Lead Generation


To grow your revenues by generating more investor client leads, and pre-qualifying those leads to maximize your local sales teams’ efficiency.

How It Works:

Property Management Lead Generation focuses on two of the most important parts of the business: real estate & real estate investors. Your Virtual Assistants will help implement a direct-response lead generation campaign starting from either (or both).

For property-based leads, we recommend a campaign similar to what investors themselves would be doing: calling owners of off-market properties & pre-qualifying their motivation to sell. This can help you increase your own portfolio via acquisitions, and easily make a quick profit while flipping these properties to your existing investor clients (increasing your units under management at the same time). We can target anything from single families, multi-families, to commercial, industrial, even land — whatever you or your current clients most want to buy. Obviously, this is mostly a sensible option if you and/or your clients are amply capitalized and actively making acquisitions.

If you want to go after investor-based leads to find new clients, the process is pretty similar. One of the hottest targets is always going to be active real estate investors, as many of them are self-managed and fed up with the responsibility. However, especially if you have deals lined up without buyers, we can help target a demographic like active real estate investors, high net worth individuals, doctors, dentists, lawyers, stock market investors, etc. Then, we can approach them with your offers directly, using email marketing, telemarketing, and/or direct mail. The most important part will be your unique value proposition that differentiates you from competitors. While we can help with this, your expertise in targeting the right audience with the right message will have a significant ROI impact.

To give you some idea of specific property management lead generation tasks your Real Estate Virtual Assistant can help with, here are some examples:

  • Property list building (probates, FSBOs, pre-foreclosure / foreclosure, etc)
  • Investor list building (active real estate investors, high net worth individuals, etc)
  • Property management email marketing
  • Property management telemarketing
  • Lead nurturing & followup (email & phone)
  • Property management direct mail campaign coordination

Property management lead generation is all about getting you more clients & profitably growing your units under management (including your own portfolio).

If you are looking to get your existing properties leased, and keep your vacancy rate close to zero, also remember to check out Property Management Marketing.