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Real Estate Pre-Listing Presentations

Highly Compelling, Customized, Done-For-You Real Estate Pre-Listing Presentation Creation


Pre-listing presentations are what you present to your prospects when you’re trying to get them as a listing contract, so primarily you’re going to be presenting this at your listing appointment with a potential seller.

Pre-listing presentations can also be valuable to share with your buyers, to demonstrate your authority and give them a better idea of the level of service you present, but ultimately, this is the most valuable tool in your entire arsenal to ensure that you’re closing those seller listing contracts at your seller listing appointments.

The biggest goal of your pre-listing presentation is to convert more listing appointments into listing contracts into properties you have for sale.

How It Works:

A pre-listing presentation is going to do a few things.

  • It’s going to highlight your background and your qualifications,
  • it’s going to highlight the brand power of your brokerage, where you stand out in your competitive advantages,
  • it’s going to highlight recent similar sales to whatever you’re looking at for that potential seller,
  • it’s also going to highlight your marketing plan and what you’re going to do to get their home sold better than any other agent on the market, and then finally,
  • it’s going to present a user-friendly proposition on how to move forward, how to get you as their agent representing them.

So what we’re going to do to create this is mostly research on you and on your company. This is where the pre-listing presentation starts.

Then we’re going to organize that in a way using proven pre-listing presentation templates so that we can create a compelling, easy-to-understand, graphically appealing presentation that you can share as a PDF, as a slide show or especially on a tablet live when you’re in person with that prospect at that listing appointment.

Ultimately, we’re going to take research into you and your company and transform that into a visually captivating presentation that you can present in a variety of formats, especially focused on being able to show it on your iPad or Android tablet in person with the prospect scrolling back and forth, looking at the different slides & getting a clear idea of your unique value propositions and why they are should be working with you as an agent.


The biggest value proposition that you’ll get with an improved pre-listing presentation from REVAS is simple: more conversions.

More of your listing appointments are going to turn into listing contracts when you’re listing appointment has this extra compelling marketing material, plus it’s a one-time cost that will continue generating value in your listing appointments going forward.

At most, you might consider updating your pre-listing presentation once or twice a year. And of course, for each appointment you’ll update a simple CMA report to target to that direct audience, but other than that for a one-time-only investment of creating this beautiful report customized to your business & your unique value propositions, you will continue to see a more positive reaction from your prospects and clients at your listing appointments & a higher conversion ratio overall of listing appointments into actual contracts.


There are two main downsides to pre-listing presentations.

Number one is pretty obvious. It’s not cheap. It’s a one time cost, but you’re probably going to be spending in the $1,000 – $2,000+ range to get something that is going to be suitable in all those formats & that’s going to look beautiful on the in-person presentation.

Number two, which is often underestimated, is sometimes agents get carried away with the importance of their pre-listing presentation and forget to actually talk to and engage with the prospect with the potential seller.

So while a pre-listing presentation is a very valuable tool and it’s going to be something that will help you convert a higher percentage of your appointments into closed contracts, you still need to keep in mind the pre-listing presentation can’t do your job for you. You still need to be an empathetic, attuned, attentive salesperson, building a quality high rapport with the prospect and asking targeted questions that create vision and ultimately lead to closing with you on the contract.

Work Estimate:

There are two main components of the pre-listing presentation to actually create for you.

First of all is the research phase. This involves senior management at REVAS that will be interviewing you, your salespeople & other key individuals in your brokerage to learn as much as we can about:

  • who you are,
  • what your story is,
  • what your unique value proposition is and,
  • what your track record is,

so that we can highlight these in the pre-listing presentation.

Once this research phase is complete, it’s a relatively simple process of highlighting important details in a proven template that includes an order of slides & a rough idea of what needs to be covered in your pre-listing presentation.

All of this is handled by a U.S.-based Virtual Assistant, so they’re fully capable of writing content from scratch and handling any basic graphic design requirements of the layout & editing of your pre-listing presentation. You can expect somewhere between $1,000 – $2,000 to get a high-quality pre-listing presentation built from scratch by REVAS.

If you already have a lot of the materials ready to go, you might even be able to get it done cheaper, and if you’re looking to add video or more dynamic animated content to your pre-listing presentation, you can spend quite a bit more than that as well.

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