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Real Estate Newsletter Marketing

Print Isn't Dead! Printed + Mailed Newsletters Build Your Authority & Brand Loyalty

Real Estate Newsletter Marketing


Real Estate Newsletter Marketing is one of the best & often underestimated channels to help you:

  • Build brand recognition,
  • Position yourself as the authority,
  • Nurture your Sphere Of Influence (SOI), and
  • Attract Warm Inbound Leads…

… all while maintaining regular correspondence with the widest range of Prospects at one of the lowest possible price points (for physical mail).

How It Works:

The Print Newsletter is an often overlooked & forgotten tool in your Real Estate Marketing toolbox.

However, it is still one of the most powerful & compelling tools to nurture your database & build authority possible.

While Real Estate Newsletters come in all shapes & sizes, they are generally 1 – 2 pages of local market / industry-specific content.

Ultimately, the objective of ongoing, consistent syndication of your newsletter is to “become” the media.

You become a trusted source of real estate expertise & information via the content and frequency of your newsletter. People trust you because you are consistent.

Ideally, you can guide the newsletter’s content & direction yourself personally, as your expertise & your story are what will magnetize your marketplace and keep them coming back.

However, as always, you can hire Real Estate Virtual Assistants, mostly Copywriting specialists, to draft your newsletters, sometimes preparing content many months in advance.

Then, you just need to ensure your List is staying up-to-date, and your Print & Mail fulfillment is on schedule.


Syndicating a consistently published Real Estate Newsletter will allow you to become a trusted source of real estate information & expertise.

It can be a great medium for making Direct Response offers as well:

Essentially using your Newsletter as a medium to deliver your simple Advertisements / Calls To Action (CTAs).

This way, you’ll build recognition & expert authority, as well as capturing Warm Inbound Leads when a Prospect responds.

Due to their simple print style (similar to a newspaper), Real Estate Newsletter Marketing is one of the cheapest formats for Direct Mail, and it’s practically free if you decide to also syndicate your printed Newsletter via Email and / or your Blog!


Similar to many Content Marketing strategies, your Real Estate Newsletter will require significant ongoing Content Creation.

For best results, you’ll always need to bring at least some direct participation & even some writing (or audio) from your company’s top executives, to ensure your personal Brand is being properly conveyed.

If you are mailing to a large list, the ongoing cost can become substantial.

Work Estimate:

If you need a Virtual Assistant to write the content, you can imagine a single page newsletter edition, which would include 2 – 3 articles (of ~150 – 350 words each), will take approximately 2 – 4 hours. If you want it to be two page (front & back), double that.

In other words, you’ll be looking at about 3 – 6 Work Hours Per Month (from a US-based Copywriting specialist VA).

In addition, you’ll probably want an Overseas VA to quickly clean & “sanitize” your Mailing List at least every couple months, and perhaps to also help ensure Newsletters are getting printed & mailed on the correct schedule. At most, these back-office Admin Tasks might add another 4 – 10 Work Hours Per Month.

Finally, depending on your print style, you can expect each Newsletter to cost from $1 – $3 delivered (including printing & postage).

However, if you do also include some Direct Response Ads in the content each month, this is a proven channel for ROI Lead Nurturing that can significantly boost your Conversion Ratios!


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