Mortgage Virtual Assistant

Mortgage Virtual Assistant

Mortgage Broker Assistant – Mortgage Lead Generation Assistant

Mortgage Virtual Assistant


To save you time & money by delegating menial, repetitive tasks, and grow your client-base by generating & pre-qualifying quality mortgage leads for your business.

How It Works:

A Mortgage Virtual Assistant is a pretty general term, but when it comes down to it nearly any of our “Real Estate” Virtual Assistant tasks can be appropriate with a few minor tweaks. The main differences that makes a mortgage VA unique are the procedural & compliance issues unique to loan origination, processing, and servicing.

Beyond these technical details, the one simple rule to remember is that basically every Virtual Assistant task falls into one of two categories: Administrative, or Voice.

If you can think of any menial, repetitive, low-level task in your business that falls into either one of those categories, and that you or your local teams spend time on… you will definitely benefit by outsourcing these to a Virtual Assistant (who’s per hour cost, including management, office space, phone lines, and more, is still less than US minimum wage).

To give you some ideas of how to use your Mortgage Virtual Assistant more specifically, here are some examples of common requirements:

  • General online marketing (social media, ad posting, etc.)
  • Loan document management from Loan Officer to Processor
  • Mortgage lead generation (FSBOs, new listings, investors, etc.)
  • Mortgage lead follow-up (via phone, email, social media)
  • Loan processing software management (Atlos, GoPaperless, LoanStacker, etc.)
  • CRM / autoresponder software management & support
  • Online research, lead list building, and data entry

As with most Real Estate Virtual Assistant services, a Mortgage Virtual Assistant can be used for pretty much any task that doesn’t require your physical presence. There are certain nuances to compliance in the mortgage industry which will also limit the ways you can use your VAs, but nearly any task that would make sense to outsource in the first place is still applicable.

The most important thing to remember when delegating tasks to your mortgage VA is that the activity is: simple, low-level, repetitive, and standardizable. Our entire approach to managing your outsourced back-office is based around Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and in the mortgage industry this is especially important to ensure we are always in strict compliance with not only federal & local regulations, but also your own company’s unique operations & existing systems.

To this end, consider your Mortgage Virtual Assistants as human computers, here to follow your instructions step-by-step, and relieve you & your local teams from wasting time on repetitive, menial duties (to keep you focused on what really matters: growing your business & closing more sales).