Mortgage Lead Generation

Mortgage Lead Generation

Real Estate Lender Lead Generation – Mortgage Leads for Real Estate Lenders


Every mortgage business lives and dies on your leads. If you need help with Mortgage Lead Generation

REVAS has you covered.

We can help with lead generation campaigns from:

  • online ad management,
  • to printed content,
  • and handling your Facebook and AdWords campaigns.

We’ll use our vast experience in direct marketing techniques like:

  • telemarketing,
  • direct mail,
  • and even SMS text marketing.

The ultimate goal of REVAS Mortgage Lead Generation services is to help you generate a steady flow of qualified borrower leads.

How It Works:

Ultimately, we specialize in working with:

  • real estate brokers,
  • agents,
  • investors,
  • and property managers.

This service takes what we know from the more broad real estate market…

…and focuses it down to marketing and lead generation specialties in the mortgage business.

Therefore, this service has very broad potential as a “jack of all trades”, essentially.

You could implement all of the following and more:

  • simple telemarketing campaigns
  • complex joint ventures
  • referral partnership campaigns with both real estate agents and investors.

The most important thing to remember is that every task at REVAS always follows a detailed, step-by-step Standard Operating Procedure.

This guarantees your Virtual Assistants are working up to your existing standards…

along with handling your tasks in a way that will be easy to integrate with your existing workflows.

This is the kind of work that could span all the difficulty levels from requiring a simple Overseas Virtual Assistant for admin tasks or basic telemarketing…

…all the way up to working with the REVAS founder and CEO for Consulting Services.

You might even prefer hiring U.S.-based Virtual Assistants for high-level sales and lead-nurturing tasks in your business.

Again, our goal is to generate a steady flow of qualified borrower leads for your business.


The biggest pro of REVAS Mortgage Lead Generation services is that you’ll be able to draw on our immense experience.

We have worked with brokerages and investors so you can apply what’s working for them into your business.

This means you’ll be able to generate qualified borrower leads right out the gate as soon as you get started…

…especially with any of a variety of proven marketing and lead generation systems we already have available.


The biggest downside to these services is the potential for what we call ‘Analysis Paralysis’.

As a mortgage broker or lender, you have a lot of options when it comes to lead generation.

Even with REVAS, we can provide a variety of proven lead generation systems implemented on your behalf…

…done-for-you, fully-managed, without you really needing to lift a finger.

So how do we decide where to start?

Finding the full answer to this question necessitates:

  • tracking
  • monitoring,
  • modifying, and
  • optimizing your campaign over time.

This can be a ton of work and it’s easy to get overwhelmed, but we’re with you every step of the way.

Work Estimate:

Mortgage Lead Generation is both complex and diverse in its variety of options…

…so that the most important component of your work estimate will be figuring out exactly what tasks or workflows you’ll be starting out delegating to the Virtual Assistant.

Click here to schedule a no cost, no-obligation Opportunity Analysis Consultation.

You can discuss with one of our experts exactly what options might be best for your business.

The key to understand is that no matter what lead generation option you choose, your leads are going to require follow-up.

Your leads are going to take nurturing.

Therefore, keep in mind that the more leads you generate, the more follow-up work you’re creating for yourself and your sales associates.