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Real Estate Listing Syndication

Get Your “For Sale” and “For Rent” Properties in Front of the Widest Possible Audience by Syndicating to the Right Sites


The goal of Listing Syndication is to systematically ensure every property you’re ever selling is seeing the widest possible audience of potential Buyers, by syndicating it to all the best Listing & Property Marketing Websites.

How It Works:

Depending on the types of properties you’re typically going to be selling, there are a variety of tools to leverage for your Real Estate Listing Syndication.

In addition to distinguishing on Property Type, you’ll also need to drill down on the best marketplaces for your Listing Syndication depending on whether your properties are For Sale, or For Rent / For Lease.

Essentially, the role of a Listing Syndication Virtual Assistant will be getting your Properties For Sale uploaded with the best possible marketing message & formatting, to some combination of sites like:

  • Zillow
  • Trulia
  • com
  • com
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • RealtyTrac
  • LandWatch
  • Craigslist
  • Loopnet
  • Crexi
  • ActiveRain
  • BiggerPockets
  • com
  • com
  • Brevitas
  • And more…

Depending on the mix of sites you want to target for your Listing Syndications, you might use tools like:

  • ListHub
  • Point2
  • RealBird

Or, you might just have a step-by-step Standard Operating Procedure that your Real Estate Virtual Assistant follows, to manually Syndicate your Listings to an in-house curated list of sites.

The key is having an efficient system to both:

a.) Get your Listings Syndicated to all the right sites, and

b.) Make sure your Listing Syndications look cleanly formatted, regardless of where they’re uploaded!

That second item is easy to overlook, and it’s likely you’ve seen Syndicated Listings that visually appear to be broken (due to formatting issues, trying to clone a Listing from one site to another).

Make sure the Listing Syndication tools you’re using get the formatting right, or otherwise make sure to upload on those sites manually (using an Overseas VA), so that your brand is being presented well, regardless of where potential Clients encounter you!


The main benefit of Listing Syndication is greater exposure for your Listings!

If you’re an Agent, then your properties are already getting posted to the MLS… which means you’re probably doing some Syndication automatically (usually to at least Zillow & Realtor.com, who have agreements with most MLSs to re-share all Listings).

However, even if you’re automatically getting some Listing Syndications due to your MLS (and especially if you’re not posting to the MLS at all)…

… Listing Syndication is the most efficient way to maximize eyeballs to your Listings, ensuring your properties sell (or are leased) as fast as possible, for the best price!


As with many technical Workflows assigned to Virtual Assistants, the biggest downside of Listing Syndication is the initial setup process.

That’s because you’ll have to carefully weigh your options, deciding on the right sites you want to use for Syndication, as well as whether there are any Syndication tools that can make your process more automated.

However, the good news is, this is mostly a one-time investment of time & energy.

Once you have a good process for Listing Syndication, maybe including multiple variations depending on what type of property is For Sale or For Lease, you’ll mostly just need to set up your accounts & SOP(s) once!

The only ongoing headache will be when sites are majorly updated, or different Listing Websites get merged or retired. You’ll need to keep an eye on sites to which you’re Syndicating, to ensure that all your posts are continuing to stay live & look correct (especially when those destination sites receive a major update).

Work Estimate:

Listing Syndication can be very quick, or relatively time consuming, depending on your types of Listings and the sites to which you plan on Syndicating.

For example, the easiest scenario is for a Realtor, who is already going to be Listing on the MLS. This type of Listing Syndication is going to most likely automatically reach places like Zillow & Realtor.com due to agreements your local MLS already has in place.

Therefore, you’ll only need to be Syndicating to a few additional targeted sites (like Social Media and maybe a few more Listing sites).

Plus, Residential Listing Agents are the best served by 3rd party Listing Syndication Software… meaning you might be able to hit all the additional sites in your target list by just uploading your Listing to one additional Syndication Software, and you’re done!

On the other side of the coin, if you’re an Investor selling properties FSBO (not on the MLS), or you’re selling niche types of Commercial Real Estate, you might have a manual Listing Syndication process that takes an Overseas Virtual Assistant as much as 10+ Work Hours Per Listing!

Either way, once your Listing Syndication SOP is clear, this is almost always a good investment, since in the worst case scenario it might cost $50 – $75 to have your Virtual Assistant get your Listings posted everywhere your potential Buyers might be looking (but you are likely making orders of magnitude more than that once your Listing is Sold!).


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