Lead Magnet Creation

Real Estate Lead Magnet Creation

Real Estate eBook Writing – Compelling Bribes to Attract More People Into Your Pipeline


Real estate Lead Magnet Creation means creating ethical bribes to get your website visitors and in-person contacts to opt-in to your marketing follow-up & to your drip email. The most important value you’ll get from a new lead magnet.

It will help you capture more leads and add more people onto your database.

How It Works:

Like many of our Content Creation services, Lead Magnet Creation uses a combination of U.S.-based copywriters, graphic designers, and a consultative setup process to ensure that we’re going to create a lead magnet that will really resonate with your target market.

The first decision to be made is what format of a lead magnet are we creating. The most common and popular lead magnet formats include:

  • ebooks or white papers,
  • research & reports, infographics and,
  • other informative resources like a video course or an interesting webinar.

What we will do is first determine the best type of content and format to create your lead magnet collaboratively with you and your senior salespeople. Then we’ll get to work creating the lead magnet in that format, using your branding, your color schemes in your design guidance, ultimately resulting in a customized, totally unique product that you can use to entice more prospects, website visitors, and in person networking contacts into your drip email & automated follow-up database.


One of the greatest values of having more & better lead magnets is that it will get more people onto your followup list.

It will have more people on your database and it will have more people looking to you as an authority. One of the more hidden benefits, that’s often underestimated, is that last factor.

The better & higher quality lead magnets that you have to share with your prospects and clients, the more they’ll see you as a respected authority.

Ultimately, one of the best quality lead magnets you can consider creating is actually authoring a book which you can get properly published or self-published, so you have a book for sale on Amazon.

If you have your book for sale on e-commerce stores and in physical shelves alike, then offering that as a free bonus or opt-in will create even more value & authority in your client’s eyes.


By far the biggest downside of Lead Magnet Creation is the cost.

Even for the simplest type of lead magnet creation, which would be a very simple infographic or white paper, you’re still talking about multiple talented individuals whose work is required to accomplish it.

At least a copywriter, a graphic designer, & some of our managers to work with your senior leadership to figure out exactly what to focus on in the content in the first place.

None of that is cheap. Worse yet, once you have created your Lead Magnet, it won’t directly lead to new revenue. It’s an important value proposition in your sales funnel, but it is not something that’s going to generate revenue or sales directly for you.

Work Estimate:

It varies widely depending on exactly what type of Lead Magnet you’re creating.

On the low end, you might be able to get a Lead Magnet created in 5 – 10 work hours using a combination of U.S.-based and Overseas. This will be a very small, simple white paper, maybe only a few pages long with a nice cover and perhaps some graphic design and layout as a PDF.

On the more expensive scale, we can go all the way up to book-authoring services where you should expect to spend between $10,000 – $15,000 to cover the approximately 400 – 500 work hours that might go into a project like that.

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